Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

• Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

They are jealous of millions of girls around the world and dreaming of the same fate. However, not all princesses life develops like a fairy tale. Heroines of our material is able to marry a prince, but, despite its apparent idyll, they were deeply unhappy.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

On marriage of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles have written so much that last for an entire library.

They married in 1981. Media immediately dubbed a celebration wedding of the century, however, for newly-made princess that day was the beginning of the worst period in my life. Diana knew that the husband all my life loved another woman - Camilla Parker Bowles, but continued to suffer betrayal and create the appearance of a happy family.

In an interview with Andrew Morton Lady Di admitted that the problems began immediately after the wedding ceremony. She suffered from bulimia, hated herself and vinyl around the opponent. There is information that the wife of Charles even tried to cut the veins, but fortunately nothing happened.

Diana soon, do not receive enough attention from her husband, she began to look for it in your environment. At the same time, the husband no longer hide the relationship with his mistress, and even went with her to journey together. This angered Elizabeth II, Diana and Charles asked a divorce.

The Princess and Shia Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

In late June of this year it became known that the Dubai Princess Shaya ran away from her husband - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the UK. The woman picked up with a $ 39 million, and children. Their actions, she explained that just wanted to save my life. According to the official, Sheikh wife caught on treason with a bodyguard. Alleged al-Maktoum without warning went back to his house, finding Chaillu suspiciously short distance from the guard. Mohammed before suspected princess in connection with this man: according to him, his wife spoiled that too luxurious gifts and spend time with him suspiciously long time.

Now the couple are trying in court to resolve questions of custody of common children.

Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones

Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

Elizabeth II's sister always loved only one man: the main groom late King - Captain Peter Townsend. Their relationship became known by chance during one of the official events of Margaret instinctively brushed him mote. This is noticed by reporters and suspicious. The man was not fit monarchs in the grooms: he was 16 years older, divorced and had no noble origin.

In 1960, Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones. She did not like this guy and did not try to create the appearance of a perfect marriage. And his wife Princess lived for 18 years. During this time, she changed the young lovers like gloves, but no one of them tried not to get attached. In her heart forever remained only one man - Peter.

The Danish Louise and Prince Friedrich of Lippe-Schaumburg

Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

Princess Louise in his youth suffered from severe depression. In order to somehow brighten up the bleak life of his granddaughter, the girl's grandmother decided to find her a husband. The ideal candidate has become Friedrich of Lippe-Schaumburg. The engagement took place in 1984. However, the marriage did Louise happier. On the contrary, it is even more left to itself. After the wedding, the couple moved into Bohemia. Princess bore her husband three children, but did not feel confident with him and severely homesick. She continued to suffer from mood swings and increasingly lonely.

In 1906, Louise was ill with meningitis. The illness took all the strength. That same year, the princess was gone.

The Princess and Tokhe Takeyuki Co

Princess, who were not happy in the marriage

The history of the last and most sad Korean princess in the East knows almost every second. She was sent to Japan at the age of 13 as a hostage. All my life she spent in exile, away from his family.

At the behest of the Japanese Empress Thame Tokhe married to Count Takeyuki. For both the marriage was a test. And if the princess was still trying to find comfort, engaging in raising the general's daughter, her husband did not hide his disappointment from the fact that he had to marry by force.

Due to the unfortunate marriage Tokhe began to develop depression. Soon, she was diagnosed with "schizophrenia." Her husband put his wife in a psychiatric hospital, but this time he started divorce proceedings. In an institution for the mentally ill Tokhe I spent many years: she had been treated with high doses of potassium bromide and electroshock.

In 1962, the princess returned to her homeland. Rest of his life she spent surrounded by her brother's family.