Celebrities who died without having gone through a divorce

Nothing human is alien to the stars. Divorce for them is not the most pleasant event in life. All carry it in different ways: some with the head immersed in the work, others find solace in a new love or a child, and some have not obtained after a failed marriage to begin life with a clean slate. "Till death do you part" - for anyone from celebrities, this phrase became prophetic?

Keith Flint

Celebrities who died without having gone through a divorce

Perhaps one of the most sensational and unexpected suicides in recent years - the death of 50-year-old singer The Prodigy Keith Flint. March 4, 2019 shocked the public media, telling the tragic news: the musician was found hanged in his own house in the UK. fans wondered heartbroken that could be the cause for such a horrible last decision.

The answer lay in the emotional experiences of the singer. It has long been tormented by depression. And let around have always been loyal fans, and band mates, no glory can not replace love. And her Flint lost late last year. His wife, DJ Mayumi Kai, after 12 years of marriage, filed for divorce. Joint life of the spouses can not be called perfect. The musician was suffering from drug addiction and could not overcome it. There were moments when it seemed that with the couple able to pass any test. But, apparently, patience Mayumi one still came to an end. The woman returned to Japan, saying goodbye to her husband in English, without further ado and with the demand for the sale of their house.

From the words of the singer friends, shortly before the death of Flint attempted to reunite again with a former lover, but she gave him a firm refusal. Perhaps it finally broke guy. Confirmation of this can be found in the words of frontman Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten, who eloquently commented edition of TMZ death of a friend: "He loved no one, his left, and it destroyed him."

Kate Spade

Celebrities who died without having gone through a divorce

Is looking at a bright bag from Kate Spade New York, had dreamed of every fashionista Manhattan, it was possible to think about what a horrible death awaits its creator?

Worldwide Kate Spade remembered as cheerful and talented woman, the founder of the two fashion brands, as well as a loving mother and wife. But it turned out that behind a smile hid designer prolonged depression, which was unable to cope. Her body was found on June 5 last year. A woman committed suicide in the bedroom of his house at the age of 55 years; Kate hung up, wrapping around the neck scarf that was tied to the door handle. What prompted the celebrity to such a desperate step?

At first, many fans thought that a possible cause of suicide - financial problems faced by the designer. But soon, the media leaked from the inner circle of the deceased: it turns out, a suicide note, addressed to the 13-year-old daughter Kate was found near the body. "I've always loved you. It is not your fault. Ask your father. "

After the news became known that her husband and business partner-time celebrities have recently filed for divorce and moved out of their shared apartment. It seems that the cause of the tragic death opened, but Andy Spade in an interview with The New York Times rushed to deny the news. "We did not disperse and never officially discussed divorce. We were best friends, who were trying to solve their problems in the best way possible. We were together for 35 years. We were very fond of each other and just needed a respite, "- said the man. Who is right - still remains a mystery.

Alexander Barykin

Celebrities who died without having gone through a divorce

When the March 26, 2011, Russian media reported that the actor's sudden death, relatives and admirers of the actor could not believe it. Artist and author of hits "Bouquet" and "Airport" died of a massive heart attack at the age of 59 years. Barykin until recently performed on stage. On the eve of his death, he took part in the gala concert in Orenburg. After the speech, the singer was taken to hospital, where local surgeons successfully carried out the operation, but Alexander was not to wake up. So why the heart stopped beating the actor so early? Perhaps the man could not survive treason young wife. It was the second wife, Nelly Vlasova, then the public blamed the sudden death of the musician. A year before the tragic events Barykin learned of the infidelity of the beloved. Then he suffered a minor stroke, which, perhaps, was a harbinger of further heart problems. That's how much the betrayal of a loved one wounded soul musician. We can say that their feelings Alexander reduced life for a few years.

Mary Kennedy

Celebrities who died without having gone through a divorce

There is hardly a person has not heard about the mysterious curse of the Kennedy clan. In May 2012, a list of famous dead family members expanded the wife of Robert F. Kennedy - the younger, nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy. The life of 55-year-old woman broke into a shed near her home in upstate New York. Mary Kennedy hanged herself, leaving a suicide note beside her, the contents of which were not disclosed.

According to the relatives and friends of the deceased, she was very cheerful and calm person. But in recent years, women are often the heroine tabloids. Many publications have written about her drug and alcohol addiction. She was even arrested for driving under the influence. It seemed that Mary Kennedy during the life slowly drove himself to the grave.

The logic of its actions, it became clear after the journalists remembered the many infidelities of her husband. Robert F. Kennedy - Jr. filed for divorce back in 2010, but the process was delayed until the death of the woman. Perhaps it served as infidelity to blame.

Nikita Leonid Razvozzhayev

Celebrities who died without having gone through a divorce

For the first time a young correspondent of NTV public learned after a fight with his participation, which hit the lens camera operator. The report about the celebration of the Airborne Forces ended for Razvozzhaeva unexpected blow to the jaw from a certain Dmitry Orlov. Later rowdy apologized to the journalist, and the conflict was settled. But after a while Nikita's name reappeared in the headlines. At this time, the final history was more sad. In October 2018 a young man was found dead under the windows of his house. Colleagues and relatives could not understand what caused 25-year-old successful Razvozzhaeva make fateful step into the abyss. Answers were found in the suicide note and posts in social networks.

It turned out that the young man was in the process of divorce and separation from his wife was too ordeal for him. How severe, it is clear from his recent posts in the "VKontakte" and "Instagrame". All of them were dedicated to his ex-wife and full of sensual confession and repentance.