Secret life Conan Doyle

Works of this author was read several generations. The heroes of his masterpieces have become immortal, glorified the one who gave birth to them in your mind. How dizzy success has caused bitter disappointment? Today, all of the real and the secret life of Conan Doyle.

Secret life Conan Doyle

When there is a shadow on the heels of

Could happen is that a fictional character becomes known than the real person who invented it. It turns out that it can. One striking example is the consummate detective Sherlock Holmes - is really just a literary hero. And the author, who collected this way - Arthur Conan Doyle. Throughout his life, the writer was trying to break away from his character. A relentless detective as criminals in each of the works of the writer, is now chasing him. Out of the Shadows Holmes, Doyle did not succeed.

Birthplace of Genius in 1859, in Edinburgh. His family belonged to the famous family, but broke. The boy's mother tried, that he knew where to go its roots, and despite the fact that the enormous wealth in the family was not, she kept sacred traditions.

Secret life Conan Doyle

The role of parents in the life of his son

About his father Arthur's possible to say that his son treated him with compassion. Most likely, it was a man with a sensitive nature, which fate has placed in difficult circumstances and it is not always able to resist them.

An artist at heart, he could not provide a decent standard of family life and found solace of alcohol, even more than aggravated the situation.

Unrealized and frustrated life, contributed to the fact that the character of the father has become controversial and aggressive. Fearing for the child, Arthur's mother was forced to give it more wealthy friend. It is possible that trying to escape from the real world, the boy excitedly reading books. He later wrote that it was a pleasure with nothing comparable to it.

Secret life Conan Doyle

The first attempts at writing

In six years, the future writer and invent their own story. His characters become a traveler and a tiger. The meeting of two characters end to human tragedy, and for a small author's lesson that is easy to put a character in a difficult situation, but it is difficult to bring him out.

Carefree childhood was over pretty quickly. I had to go back to his father's house and learn. School of the freedom-loving boy was not to their liking, but most of all he felt hatred for mathematics.

Attentive admirers Doyle will probably have noticed that the evil genius Professor Mariarti was precisely this subject.

Failure in school has led to the fact that it was necessary to change the educational organization, but among classmates began to appear admirers young talent. The boys were looking forward to, when Arthur invents a new adventure story.

The father, things went from bad to worse, and soon he was in a mental hospital. Taking care of children fell entirely on the shoulders of the mother. She was forced to take the guests to the room, to provide for his family.

Secret life Conan Doyle


Independent Living

Arthur with great respect and love belonged to her mother. And their future profession he had chosen only because she wanted so much.

In college, he was able to meet many interesting people. One of them was Joseph Bell. This doctor could use the deductive method to solve any puzzle, and much later, Sherlock Holmes will be similar on him.

Many years later, becoming a famous writer, Conan Doyle to write to his friend that he is grateful to both the inspiration and what Bella, it provides the right to be his most stringent critic. I was extremely pleased when characters are found not only in the books. Doyle was like that. Man, being in constant need, usually hardened. The writer had to constantly look for jobs, but he found the strength to help others, and simply could not get past a person in need.

His future genius saw only in medicine, but work occupies only a hobby. But the fate of this bill had other plans.

However, the first publication was symbolic.

Ahead life preparing many more surprises.

Secret life Conan Doyle

The doctor whaler

To open a private matter, we needed tools and communication, so for practice Doyle took a whaler. In this journey he will get a lot of unforgettable experiences, some of which would later be reflected in his works.

The Arctic has made an indelible impression on the writer, while, as Africa is completely the opposite.

With the money, he opened his own office, but the patient did not have much, again, made it possible to write.

Noble heart of the writer was the cause of another fateful turn. Experienced colleague, not daring to tell the patient about their own emergency imminent death of her brother, she has shifted this responsibility to Doyle. And he did not deny, and even moved the boy to his apartment that the child was under the supervision of a physician. However, even the care of the child is not saved and he died, as the coffin passed on from the doctor's house, a few has undermined its reputation among patients.

But such moments Arthur was not paying attention, he seemed to live in another world. In addition, between the patient's sister and the future writer he slipped a spark and soon they were married. The young wife was caring and took care of all the household affairs, and thereby free up time for creative work of her husband.

Secret life Conan Doyle

Arthur and his family

Doyle was grateful and soon released his first short story, "A Study in Scarlet", has earned widespread fame. It was one of the infrequent moments when the writer was happy.

But the more he was fond of this character, the more he begins to weigh. His mother and friend, he complained that Holmes does not give him the opportunity to write a decent piece. But the mother, knowing that these stories give his son's popularity, forbade him to give up the famous detective.

Unfortunately, celebrities life is full of worldly cares as well as ordinary people. Wife suffered heavy labor, but after traveling in the Alps has strengthened slightly. And Arthur, carried away by his own world, did not notice the close. And now, having reached the age of maturity, he fell in love. I fell in love with a young girl Jean Leckie. Candidate is, in fact, was worthy of love such a person, but love to be hidden.

Otherwise, the "Knight" could not do, it would be a betrayal to his wife and to himself. Eight years of struggling writer with his love, but did not change his wife. He was able to marry Jin only after his wife died.

Doyle died in 1930, with snowdrops in his hands for his wife and the words "You are the best ...".