Do you afford to unravel the puzzle of your favorite Elon Musk?

• Do you solve the puzzle favorite Elon Musk By virtue?

Elon Musk - Canadian-American engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and investor, founder of SpaceX company and To be employed in one of his companies - the dream of many who want to be as successful as he is. And for employment, as you know, you have to pass an interview. It is not known whether there is a vacancy in the companies Elon Musk, but it is known that he can ask for an interview. If you are interested, it is possible to prepare for this interview.

Do you afford to unravel the puzzle of your favorite Elon Musk?

Be aware that you will be quite difficult. Meeting with Elon Musk himself - it's exciting, but if you can cope with the emotion, that you have yet to answer his questions. And it is not easy to answer, and answer correctly, make sure he knows that you are really suited him. That's one of the "very important" issues of a successful business leader - "Tell me the story of his life, the decisions you take, and why you are taking, as well as tell us about some of the most difficult problems that you have worked and how you We solved them. "

We do not expect this? That's not all.


If you properly told what problems you faced and how did you solve them, the irrepressible entrepreneur can test you for ingenuity and ask you this question: "You are standing on the Earth's surface. You pass one mile south, one mile to the west and one mile to the north. At the end you find yourself in the same spot from which you started the movement. Where are you?"

Tip: There are two correct answers to this complex riddle.