What men should do to their women it was easier to build a career

What men should do to their women it was easier to build a career

The Company Kontakt InterSearch Russia surveyed 948 female managers to find out how much support they expect men. Is it better not to interfere with or to ensure all necessary conditions for implementation?

If the professional life, many women do not see any gender issues and some do believe the problem of discrimination far-fetched, in private life they would like to count on more understanding. Which once again shows how important the rear in any career.

What are the most popular wishes of the partner in private life, boss and colleagues?

Maintain career ambitions

89% of women said they would like to receive the full moral support from a partner. I think this is a very important point. Still, stereotypes are still strong that the woman "defective" in our society, if you do not give birth to a child, and careerists often condemn.

Women are constantly struggling with the guilt complex. Or she is not a good employee, or not enough good mother or wife. Therefore it helps every good word said with pride for the achievements of his wife. The ideal family life is built taking into account both careers. My friend is so burnt out on my job, it started to influence the microclimate of the family. Change the vector of its nudged her husband, who asked her to leave a toxic place to relax and look yourself again. Period of searching itself lasted almost six months, and I must say, the family, accustomed to live in grand style, was forced to moderate their demands. But during this time the heroine to educate ourselves, gone from the construction sector, has found a new job, "pump over", has launched an e-learning start-up and feels completely different. That had an impact on family relationships as well.

Share household responsibilities

84% of women offered to share household duties - a priori, they still lie to them. But the development of technology only helps career once created a revolution in the family refrigerator, but about today and say nothing. We live in a wonderful time when cleaning and cooking can be trusted with special services that are even cheaper hiring domestic helpers. To organize all this may well be men. Also, I know several men who have taken upon themselves fully cooking, and so one got a taste of what started instagram, which publishes desserts recipes. From his wife's birthday, he receives, among other things, a set of confectionery syringe. In another family, the woman herself does handicraft cabinet cottages and asks on March 8 to give her a drill. And technology, and a large degree of openness, and focus on the Western trend one way or another affect the change of role models in the family, erasing in patriarchal relations. Of course, while all this is more for the larger cities.

to take sick leave in case of illness of the child

If a child is sick, it usually stays with him to stay at home mom. Almost 60% of respondents noted that it could do and father. Any obstacle I do not see today more and more companies come to flexible hours and remote work, and the employee may well effectively deal with the affairs of the house. Here, of course, much depends on the corporate policy and the nature of the work.

Take maternity leave

24% of women would be happy if left on maternity leave and the child's father. On the one hand, a significant figure, but if we conducted a survey in the western countries, the percentage would have been higher. I think that 99% of women and the process of the birth of children would love to have shifted to the men.

The Russian men take maternity leave has not been made widely and outside the capital city of heroes and all are subjected to ridicule. However, I know the managing partner of the advertising agency, which is specially took a few months off after the birth of the child, which in advance prepared a successor to the operational objectives. Now his daughter just over a year, and it takes a couple of days a week to sit with your child at home, while managing operational issues. At the same time my mother does not work and is engaged in online learning. In the West, to go on maternity leave men stimulates the state and the corporation itself. For example, in Canada, in the words of our former employee, maternity leave (15 weeks) takes only a woman, and she is paid 55% of salary. But leave to care for newborns can take both parents or the adoptive father: a little over a year at the same rate, or one and a half years with the payment of 30% of salary. This period parents Canadians are divided in different proportions between them, counting money and taking the most advantageous solution.

In practice, adhere to the principle of equality, including wage

80% of women would like to see in practice management principle of "gender does not matter." This also applies to business owners, and the boss and colleagues. This can be attributed, and respect for the achievements, and the lack of sexist jokes, and equal career opportunities and pay. Unfortunately, many companies still a gap between the salaries of men and women. By the way, and women themselves, as I see in the interviews are not always willing to negotiate, preferring to focus on motivation interesting projects and stable operation.

To give an opportunity to work in a decree remotely

62% of women do not want to completely "off" during the decree and would be happy to receive from the Chief of the opportunity to work remotely. Periodically or continuously udalenku also welcome many women with the grown children. It often runs a guilt complex: a woman is afraid to bring his company, was excommunicated for a long time to leave. On the other hand, the business realities of today are changing so rapidly that any ambitious woman does not want to permanently drop out of active work schedule.

And in this case, the supervisor or employer's position could play a huge role, which is especially important in postdekretnoy adaptation. If a company (or department) there are plans to introduce a mild employee in a business process, it developed the principle of feedback and not put obstacles flexible schedule, the women will be able to easier and faster to restore the old efficiency. Before leaving the decree women have mixed feelings, including the uncertainty in their own abilities. Western companies often set up a mentoring program for women who were of maternity leave, or "support group" meetings where you can discuss pressing issues.

To act as a mentor or mentor, inspire and support the

Women need inspiration on all fronts and in their personal lives and in their work. 56% chairwoman would like to see the chief mentor, 51% would be happy to support and from the head and from colleagues. Especially valuable it becomes in a purely male team. A friend of mine admitted that very much obliged to his colleague in the department, which is the first time in the general meetings of the specially offered to listen to her opinion, t. To. She felt embarrassed at the idea of ​​the need to articulate in a new place.

Separately want to touch the issue of relations between the owner and CEO. In fact the CEO - is the most deprived people inspiration. They drive and charge the team, discuss with employees the motivation and development, but who will talk about the development of his career and with himself general director? Woman to hold the highest level in the company's most urgently needs the support of shareholders, the husband or colleagues.

To help with the formation of

44% of women would be happy to support the Chief in the matter of education. Emotional - when the manager welcomed additional training, organizational - when he, along with the subject of personal development plan, the material - when provides (as an owner or CEO) and promotes the idea of ​​a partial payment of courses or trainings.

All this makes it possible to increase a woman "on the job", and directly apply the knowledge in practice.

To help with the children's questions

In this block the responses it was a policy of the employer. 27% of women would like to get an enhanced benefits package for the child / children. 24% would be happy to pay for maternity care at a rate of 100%. In 22% of women "voted" for increased financial assistance in the period of the decree, 20% - for the corporate kindergarten.

Do not interfere with

One popular answer - do not do anything that would prevent or make it difficult. Only in this case, open communication can tell others how much you need in certain things.

In conclusion, I wish to note that no one owes nothing to. But attention, communication, emotional support and responsibility for the other person necessarily will bring great benefits to all parties.