Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

Did you know that a simple dinner of boiled potatoes can result in tragic consequences? Especially when combined with a home preservation or tomatoes ... In general, everything we love! Why are your favorite and familiar foods we need to eat wisely, read below.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you


Everyone knows that you can not have a fly agaric toadstool and pale. But it turns out, even the ordinary, or boletus mushrooms can be dangerous if you use them properly. The fact that fungi tend to accumulate toxic substances. The older the mushroom, the more of these substances have time to accumulate it.

That is why it is not recommended to cook overripe mushrooms, which have already started to fall apart. Protein decomposition products are dangerous to health and can cause poisoning. Of course, one of the mushrooms will not be anything, but if there are enough of them on an ongoing basis, the risk is very great.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

In addition, experienced mushroom pickers know that there are conditionally edible mushrooms, which require special handling. For example, black cumin and volnushki need to pre soak boil and, changing the water several times.

Red Beans

Not for nothing harmless at first glance beans cooked long enough. The fact that it contains a large number of fitogemoglyutinina. This is a dangerous substance makes cell membranes vulnerable to other toxins.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

Rid of fitogemoglyutinina possible using presoaking (about 7-9 hours) and long cooking beans. By the way, the water in which you soaked beans, be sure to merge, and cook it in the fresh clean water.


The tomato contains solanine natural pesticide, which is needed to fight the plants with a fungus or mold. But that's for the person that substance is dangerous because it can cause nausea, vomiting and even hallucinations.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

Fortunately, only need to be afraid of green tomatoes! When the fruit matures, the number of solanine therein is reduced to an acceptable level.

But those who like to do from fried green tomatoes, you wonder whether an interesting taste to take such a risk? It is better to wait until the fruit begins to acquire milky - at this stage it will be safer.


The potato is present the same dangerous substance as in tomatoes, but in much larger quantities. And you can stumble upon it, even in seemingly ripened potatoes with a slightly greenish edges ... Remember, if you see the color of the potatoes immediately dispose of it. Cook something out of it is strictly forbidden!

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

But the potatoes are dangerous not only for that reason. It turns out that a person can easily get poisoned pairs of carbon dioxide emanating from spoiled tubers. This usually occurs when potatoes are stored in large quantities in closed rooms.

Home canned

If you love to roll the winter peppers or mushrooms, know that it is fraught with serious consequences. Together with mushrooms (and not only) in a jar fall bacterial spores that produce botulinum toxin. This material is capable of generating a dangerous disease that affects the nervous system - botulism.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

It is produced the toxin in the heat and in the absence of oxygen, and thus, slightly warmed up with a jar of pickles will be for him a great "home". Protect against bacterial growth may be an acid environment, so the conservation is best to use vinegar.


Cashew - nut most favorite fitonyashek. And this is understandable, since it is very useful. But only if we are not talking about raw nuts ... They contain organic toxin urushiol that can cause an allergic skin reaction.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

We would like to reassure you! Ostensibly raw cashew nuts, which can be seen in supermarkets, in fact treated in a special way, so do not be afraid of toxins. But here, if ever you suddenly want to eat really raw cashews, think it worth the risk for a new flavor?


Though oysters are not as common foods, like potatoes or tomatoes, to learn about their hazardous properties can not hurt. Especially that already several times recorded deaths from eating oysters in the United States. The thing is that these shellfish may contain bacteria of Vibrio genus, which cause disease vibriosis. This is a strong poison that can lead to septic shock and even death.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

In Europe, deaths poisoning oysters, fortunately, is not fixed yet. But we must bear in mind that the Vibrio bacterium lives not only in the United States ...


Another danger waiting for seafood lovers, lurking in mussels. Everyone knows that these clams filter the water and accumulate harmful substances out of it, so if you catch mussels themselves or are in doubt as their treatment, eating them is not necessary. There is a risk that with the clam into your body will get dangerous toxins.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

In addition, seafood is often found fragments of shells, especially mussels. Even a small fragment is able to injure the mouth, esophagus and even stomach. Therefore, the need to chew shellfish thoroughly.


Licorice is not very popular among Russians. But its a lot and do not have to! Eating just 57 grams of licorice for two weeks, you can earn serious heart problems, as in this plant contains glycyrrhizin - a substance that reduces the level of potassium in the body.

Familiar foods that can harm or even kill you

And as you know, potassium deficiency can lead to high blood pressure and even heart failure. Therefore, to get involved in this delicacy definitely not worth it.