Utility for decorating a small bath in the "Khrushchev"

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

The majority of our fellow citizens aware of the problem of small bathrooms. Sometimes they are not even enough space to install the necessary plumbing elements, not to mention the accompanying gizmos in the form of towels, and household chemicals. But modern designers do not sit idly by and offer a compact and functional pieces of furniture and rational ways of its location ..

1. Floating furniture

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Raised furniture. | Photo: Dekor Cenneti.

When it comes to small spaces, designers recommend the use of a suspended furniture, and bathroom - is no exception. Well, in order to room looked interesting and voluminous, decorate the bottom of the screen under the cabinets and bathroom illuminated strips.

2. Tile imitating wallpaper

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Tile, stylized wallpaper. | Photo: Prorab.Help.

According to Novate.ru, one of the problems faced by owners of small bathrooms is the lack of comfort. However, modern materials make it easy to resolve this issue. Here we are talking about the tile, stylized wallpaper. Sophisticated prints will help to create fashionable design, and the coating itself firmly transfer high humidity, characteristic of this room.

3. Accent parts

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

The bright accents. | Photo: house-biz.ru.

Play with the scale or divide the space into zones to help bright accents. It is best suited for this square tiles, which can be used to create any combination. Also impressive look with contrasting-colored walls ceiling and floor. And finally, you can pokleit tiles to the height of the doorway, and the rest of the wall paint in bright colors.

4. Open shelves

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Bath with open shelves. | Photo: house-biz.ru.

prefer open shelves instead of a blind screen. Open store them bottles of household cleaning products is not necessary, otherwise spoil the whole effect. Therefore, for the aesthetics previously put all on a beautiful box and baskets, and then they fill the shelves.

5. The glass curtain

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

The glass curtain in the bath. | Photo: InMyRoom.

Glass, like mirrors, the best friend of small spaces. The shutter glass looks much more solid textile and much better protects the floor from splashes. Moreover, such a blind practically invisible, and it does not divide and therefore does not cut space.

6. The original mixer

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Unusual mixers. | Photos: about the bathrooms, Rilane.

To divert attention from the modest size of the room will help to unusual details. One of these gizmos can be unusual mixer. Options in the form of seashells, round backlit, flat and other options cranes adorn the bathroom and will engage the attention.

7. Monochrome Design

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Monochrome bathroom. | Photo: Good Housekeeping, Pinterest.

Making different zones bathrooms, use a single color for each. Meaning not only the color of the walls, but the floor, walls, bathroom equipment, textiles and accessories. According to Novate.ru, this method is not only suitable for the design of individual zones, but for the entire bathroom. This trick allows visually enlarge the size of a modest flat and avoid unnecessary noise, as too bright accessories.

8. Containers

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Storage details. | Photo: InteriorSherpa, life optimization. The order - it is a prerequisite of a small bathroom beauty. Well, the best allies of the order - sorting. For these purposes should acquire a variety of containers picked up in the same style. Plastic or glass containers will help to get rid of the cellophane packages and purchased plastic bottles.

9. Functional cabinets

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Ergonomic and functional cabinets. | Photo: psk-remont.ru.

When choosing a stone for small bathrooms, with an emphasis on functional and sleek design. Cabinets with drawers and open drawers, as well as a towel warmer side will significantly improve the situation a little bath.

10. Storage towels

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

The original system for storing towels. | Photo: Design-Repair. Info.

Decor bathrooms can be a problem, because for bath accessories are not so many, and not always have the opportunity to use them. That less, in your bath be sure to find a place for towels. So why not to focus on them. All that is needed for the conversion of towels in the decorative details - the original shelf for towels.

11. Nishi

Utility for decorating a small bath in the

Niche in the interior. | Photo: Pinterest.

Bulky furniture quite suitable for decorating small bathrooms, but the niche perfectly suited for it! With their help it is possible not only to organize the storage, but also accents. To do this, select regiments in niches border of a contrasting texture of the wall decoration.