Subtleties storage watermelon at home

• Subtleties storage watermelon at home

Autumn - time yielding abundance on the shelves. The most popular is everyone's favorite berry giant, whose season is in full swing. In this article you will find some useful life hacking, to help extend the freshness of watermelon as long as possible.

Subtleties storage watermelon at home

Save untouched watermelon for a long time - a very real challenge. When the condition is true whole watermelon can remain fresh for up to three months! To favorite berry is not spoiled as long as possible, you must remember a few highlights.

As a long time to keep watermelon at home

  • When buying pay attention to the appearance of watermelon: choose skinned late-ripening varieties.
  • The watermelon should weigh no more than 4-5 kg.
  • Choose fruit with smooth skin without dents and damages.
  • It is best to choose the watermelon, which lay close to the surface among its fellows, it will help to avoid internal injuries.
  • Keep the watermelon in a dark place on a soft surface and do not forget to turn it more often.

How long to retain notched watermelon at home

Cut or slightly notched watermelon long will not be stored.

Very often large watermelon is not eaten immediately, so the rest of the need to preserve the fresh and suitable for human consumption.

  • Watermelon half notched or stored at low temperatures for about two-three days. If you leave the watermelon in the cold even longer, it will lose flavor and juiciness.
  • Keep watermelon notched side facing down: the moisture will not accumulate, and the longer it will retain its flavor.
  • Hold a watermelon away from other fruits and vegetables, because all fruits secrete their substances that may affect the state of watermelon.
  • Do not hold anything near strongly smelling, or watermelon absorb foreign odors.
  • Do not wrap side incision film or package: as watermelon will be stronger flow and pulp will rot. Better Wrap cellophane plate itself and outside of the watermelon peel upwards.
  • If it is possible to store watermelon in a basement or cellar, it is better to move it back to the pre-podsteliv sawdust or straw.

How to keep fresh watermelon until the New Year

Many have repeatedly asked this question, because the winter assortment of berries, to put it mildly, not so ample, and the taste leaves much to be desired. Yes, you can buy a slice sliced ​​watermelon, but much nicer to get to the holiday table all the fruit whole, as a reminder of the summer sun. Save watermelon in the winter at home is possible, if you buy it at the very end of the season.

To watermelon preserved to the winter holidays, storage shall comply with the following requirements:

  • Keep the watermelon in a closet, on a balcony or loggia, bathroom. The room should be cool and dark enough.
  • Fully wrapped melon natural fabric (cotton, linen), put in a mesh or canvas shopping bag and rootstock on the hook. It is important that watermelon does not touch the solid surface.
  • Also, watermelon can be stored in the straw, as mentioned above. If some fruits, then divide them among themselves straw rolls, so they do not touch each other.
  • Fill a wooden box with dry sand, submerge the stem watermelon down. Fully grist sand watermelon. Instead of sand, you can use seed or grain. Sand and grains can replace the furnace ash on th same principle.
  • It is possible to store the watermelon in the icy water. This requires the capacity or the hole with water temperatures below zero, so that it can completely cover the fruit.
  • Save watermelon helps clay: knead it until the consistency of a paste and apply to the fruit. Obmazh watermelon several times, giving each the previous layer to dry. Instead of clay, you can use a candle or paraffin wax. The coating layer in both cases should be not less than 1 cm. Store smeared watermelon must cool.

Secrets watermelons storage at home

To save the watermelon for a few months in an edible condition, sellers and melon growers recommend:

  • Buy for the long-term storage need only only moderately ripe watermelons.
  • Unripe watermelons do not ripen after storage, so buy them just not worth it.
  • In all cases, the storage watermelons, described above, must be low outdoor temperature or room.
  • During storage, watermelons should not come into contact with hard surfaces and to each other.
  • flips melon as often as possible so it does not zalozhivalsya in one position.