Sound advice for effective treatment

Sound advice for effective treatment

Tips to help you easily cope with the laundry.

Washing machine greatly facilitate the life of modern housewives. Because now they do not need to rinse the laundry by hand, pressing it as it did before, our mothers and grandmothers. However, this does not mean that the washing does not have its subtleties that may damage the laundry and the machine. We've put together 10 tips that will help keep bright linen, and the machine will last for years to come.

1. Tea without softener

Sound advice for effective treatment

Do not add fabric softener when washing towels. | Photos: Our Bumble.

Many specifically add softener, wiping towels. This is a big mistake. As it turned out, fabric softening agents reduces wicking properties of the fabric. To towels as long as possible, and please you perform well, give up the use of softeners and conditioners, conditioners.

2. Pillows and blankets

Sound advice for effective treatment

A double rinse pillows and blankets. | Photos: Our Bumble.

If you are washing in the machine pillows and blankets, not too lazy to start another round of rinsing. Lather poorly eluted from the fillers, especially natural, and a rinsing cycle may be small.

3. Clothing with zippers and buttons

Sound advice for effective treatment

is fastened on all fasteners. | Photo:

Clothing clasps should be washed only in a buttoned. zipper teeth during washing can damage other clothes. With regard to things with buttons, they must not only be fastened, but are turned inside out. Otherwise, some after washing can not be counted.

4. Load the drum

Sound advice for effective treatment

Competent drum loading. | Photo:

It is not necessary to load the drum washing machine to capacity. According, regular washing a lot of things will damage the cars. At the same time it is not recommended and a small loading washing machine. In this case, the machine will not be able to fully cope with the spin function.

5. Washing powder

Sound advice for effective treatment

Clearly regulating the amount of washing powder. | Photo:

Some people seriously believe that by pouring more powder, it is possible to wash clothes better. However, this reasoning is fundamentally wrong. The more powder, the foam is formed more and your washing machine can not cope with it. After a wash instead of pure things you get clothes with stains of powder. In addition, excess powder retains remnants of dirt in the folds and under the collar.

6. Several washing cycles

Sound advice for effective treatment

Do not let the washing machine to rest. | Photo: Terrafemina.

Do not let the washing machine to rest. If you need to run a second or third wash, do it immediately. In such case the unit will spend less energy for water heating, and hence spend less electricity.

7. Swimwear

Sound advice for effective treatment

Wash swimsuits. | Photo: women's talk.

Unfortunately, the washing machine does not suit for washing bathing suits and other clothing spandex or elastane. Machine wash lead to deformation of the fabric and its fading. Therefore, bathing suits, swimming trunks, sport leggings and other things of this kind need to wash only hands in the cool water.

8. Folk remedies

Sound advice for effective treatment

Budget analogues cleaners. | Photo:

Do not try to buy the expensive cleaners. High price - is not an indicator of quality. In addition, many of the tools can be replaced with available analogs. Alternatively, you can pay attention to folk remedies. For example, salt helps to restore the brightness of things, lemon juice whitens and softens the tissue, and with the help of chalk can get rid of greasy stains.

9. How to load

Sound advice for effective treatment

The correct boot order of things. | Photos: Best-compare.

To socks and underwear are not lost in the drum of a washing machine among other things, put them first drum. Believe me, this simple trick will save you from all the problems associated with finding small things inside the machine.

10. Clean the machine

Sound advice for effective treatment

Maintenance and cleanliness inside the washing machine. | Photo: Home.

Do not neglect the cleanliness of the washing machine. Experts say that proper and regular maintenance helps to avoid serious damage in the future. Be sure to rinse the powder compartment and the air conditioner, thoroughly scrub dirt under gum rinse drum via vinegar. Also, do not forget to leave the door open after washing so that the system time to dry completely.