Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

• Celebrities who forgive infidelity husbands

Famous women of our selections are sure that cheating lover is not a reason for divorce. About how they managed to survive the betrayal of a loved one, and what came of it - in the material of Cosmo.

Sharon Osbourne

Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

Sharon Osbourne have iron nerves. For many years it remained in the shadow of the famous husband, helping him deal with alcohol and drug addictions, as well as patient and forgiving infidelity. Ozzy is not too worried about the morale of his wife and continued to bring young mistresses.

In 2016, Sharon patience snapped: she filed for divorce after 33 years of marriage and told reporters about how she had to share her husband with different women. Fans of the pair have been assured that this marriage can not be saved, but the wife of the musician once again was able to transcend his own pride for the family well-being.

Jennifer Garner

Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

Jennifer Garner was also prepared to turn a blind eye to her husband's infidelity in order to have their common children had a father. She did not immediately file for divorce when she found out that Ben Affleck is cheating on her with the nanny. The actress attended a family psychologist and tried several times to talk to her husband, but it did not give the desired result. The situation is exacerbated alcohol dependence Ben. As a result, marriage is still collapsed. Now the stars try to keep friendly relations for the sake of children.

Princess Diana

Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

Princess Diana married, knowing that her future husband for many years in love with another woman. But the circumstances were such that Lady Di had no other choice but to join the royal family.

Their marriage was not a happy one: Charles still seek a meeting with Camilla Parker Bowles, while Diana was trying to find solace in children and social activities. Only when the fictitious nature of this union became apparent not only an approximation to the court, Elizabeth II gave the couple permission to divorce.


Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

Beyonce is not only a very talented woman, but also incredibly strong. In his album Lemonade she decided to share with the fans the most intimate: the singer told of her husband's betrayal and how she managed to survive his betrayal. And while many accused the star of wanting propiaritsya, endure dirty linen in public, Jay-Z admitted that he really had a relationship with several women, and sincerely repents.

Now all the trouble in the couple behind. Bay forgave her husband, and their relations have serious restart.

Gwen Stefani

Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

Going to marry Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani and could not think how much suffering it will bring the marriage. First, the web broke the scandal because of the fact that the journalists learned about the change of the musician with a transvestite. Stephanie chose to dismiss it, and continued to build a relationship with her husband.

However, the visibility of family idyll spouses managed to create long. Soon exposed new cases of infidelity Rossdale. Even when it became clear that the rocker has a grown natural daughter Daisy, Gwen was not able to put an end to unhealthy relationships. Stars divorced only in 2016, badly battered each other nerves.

Cindy Costner

Celebrities who forgave their husbands infidelity

The first wife of Kevin Costner Cindy tolerate his infidelity and the eternal lack of time for a family for fifteen years.

Patience women ran out in 1994, she filed for divorce. Adulteress had to repent and to pay his ex-wife $ 80 million compensation.