10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

There are movies that are tearing all the templates, carried away from the very first frame, and do not let go during the whole action on the screen. And maybe that's because their story is far from boring everyday reality. This comical stories about unusual people, which are worth seeing.

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

1 "Separation," directed by Milos Forman

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

The debut work of the famous director from Czechoslovakia on American soil. It is symbolic that this comedy has become an outlet for the creative person who fled the communist country. That's the plot of a decent family with mind escapes daughter, leaving her father and mother in a light shock. And while their young child walks on a large New York, freedom tries to taste (It is worth recalling that the movie was filmed in the early seventies, the aftertaste "red May" '68 was still fresh), the parents started up in all serious, I am trying to find the girl, back home. They could not imagine that they would have to do, inadvertently causing the viewer question, who seized upon freedom, in fact, one of them. Teenage daughter and adult, serious people. And the director, meanwhile, will teach all how to smoke marijuana ... Perhaps this is one reason why the US still is a limit up to 18. But as the thin, slightly mad film in the box office flop, the director had to otherwise seemingly strict people try to reach. The result, perhaps, know all. "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" is much more direct impact on the viewer.

2 "La Vie de Bohème", directed by Aki Kaurismaki

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

Surname director is already causing a slight smile, and her film will stretch from ear to ear. This is the audience of the Finnish film director, the most easy to grasp (no coincidence that it has received the FIPRESCI prize at the Berlin Film Festival, and the actors - the European Oscars). Uncomplicated plot complication: the apartment settles three creative personalities - artist, musician and playwright. As true geniuses are almost destitute, but his spirit is not lost, help each other pitiful remnants of waste. Real life around these guys almost do not notice too passionate about their art and probably that's why I do not know how to make. At first glance, anything else they are not busy, but the food search, fear in front of his landlord, typical treatment miserable disease. However, the hardness of their moral principles, resourcefulness in trying to get up, and most importantly, a sense of freedom at the same time admired. Humor Kaurismaki - it is something special, exclusive copyright phenomenon in world cinema. Despite the black-and-white, deliberately meager shot, his work remains relevant so that does not even matter at what time interval the characters live. For Bohemia exists in another dimension. Although these people also love, they also have bad luck, the only difference is that they are possessed by other passion.

3. "Henry Fool," directed by Hal Hartley

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

His representatives have copyright individualism in American cinema. Hal Hartley with his peculiar sense of humor is a complete author of his thin, comedy films. He is like a man orchestra: writes, shoots, and then another, and promoting their works in the world. "Henry Fool", for example, won the award for the screenplay at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. In the story, a miserable existence young scavenger (well, someone else would, and then a movie at the cinema, to rush to extremes), whose life and money is spent on the maintenance of the two women is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious and slightly detached from the reality Man. Henry turns the familiar world of loving forgotten jar of beer with character and returns to the taste for real life. So much so that the guy wakes up talent and a hand is to submit a Nobel Prize. But it can also be with a pure heart to give it generously. Or is it his dream?

Anyway, the hero of life has changed dramatically. Plot remotely resembles something characters Goethe - Faust and Mephistopheles. Estrangement style director, his manner of writing ambivalent dialogue and plot design tragikomediynaya involuntarily leave the viewer with a question - so who is the author, who has a talent - a scavenger, Henry Fool Hal Hartley or himself?

4. "Amarcord" directed by Federico Fellini

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

Fellini - a common name in the world of cinema, it is a symbol. Guarantee of sparkling humor and colors. At this time, a five-time Oscar winner has decided to make a film about the city of his childhood, where he grew up (and, by the way, is now held in his name Film Festival). Nostalgia can be shown in many ways, the director decided to do it through the eyes of a child. In a sense, the story introduced in the kid and the example of his life presented his adolescence, as he remembered it. Incredibly moving footage and tragicomic touches simultaneously. Why are only the torture-old father of the Italian fascists. Do you remember what the fear of small children? That's right, castor oil.

So let me tell you now that those parents who force their offspring to drink castor oil - the most real Gestapo. And how to calm the drunken relatives at the wedding, you know? Who scream the whole district "Women want!", But not as sensitively as Mimino Larissa wants a much more insistent ... Of course, do not know. No one can beat the imagination of Fellini, advance his script to count. Yes, and all the episodes from his personal childhood. Most intimate film director, every single scene filmed with love, he sincerely splashes it on the screen.

5. "Do You Remember Dolly Bell?", Directed by Emir Kusturica

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

The first job reckless Yugoslav director, for which he received the Audience Award at the Venice Film Festival, as well as the main prize in the section of debut films. Already it can be seen all the rudiments of his style, the lyrics in the most inappropriate places, scoundrels in the bad light, the magic in the end. The film itself is about growing up a young man on his first love, the admission to the musical stage (yet know that Kusturica is not only the director, but also a guitarist in the folk group?), The way to get along with communism Tito. In particular, throughout the film to permeate his relationship with his father. hero of the film is mesmerizing not only rabbits, but also the viewer's screen with their affirmations in which he repeats like a zombie, "With every glance I get better." And indeed, the Emir with each film honors only add, he is now one of the few double-holder of the Palme d'Or. A girl Dolly - this is his first muse, his fickle fortune, which makes the brother to engage in prostitution. Very capacious metaphor, is not it? And maybe it was true. There is only one way to overcome this bitterness - synthesized in the fiery, fatal music! (Oh, the director loves to dance, or you would have seen it push-ups on stage ...)

6. "Three Colors: White", directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

Definitely the funniest film of the trilogy, Kieslowski's famous color. Initially designed for the Berlin Film Festival (the other two colors - brotherhood and freedom - were Kannskogom and Venice film festivals, respectively), the film was filled with interesting, almost unreadable political context. Where the hero, pobarahtatsya in the Western capitalist world, is forced to return back to the country of the former socialist camp. There he is much better at "nice" to live. Most likely, this is an allusion to the recent split of Germany itself into two unequal parts. And because the film is about equality, and the hero is busy that seeks justice, compassion for their sometimes difficult situation.

But how ridiculous he is doing as a virtuoso script registered in the movie! Almost gypsy burst of absurd fun, anecdotal plot somersaults make it the poor immigrant who is a criminal, a murderer, then the dishonest rich, easy to love asshole ... Maybe he just did not have love, only in a slightly distorted form ... Should not the same it all be the same, in fact! Reckless batch of sarcasm, lyricism and drama director, as well as a great success with the choice of actors. Thus, the wife of the hero plays a ne'er-do aristocratic Frenchwoman Julie Delpy. And it seems that with such a husband she would have a hard time ... Even after an official divorce. After all, it does not mean anything.

7. "The Adjuster," directed by Kira Muratova

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

Many people do not like this woman-director of Odessa, and even more so, consider it a film full of nonsense. And, as a rule, the commercial success of her paintings is very limited, as they say, for all of her films. However, this film has become something of a bomb. And it's not even the fact that he scored a basket full of various prizes at Russian film festivals, but the fact that he has become the most widespread, the most affordable project spectator in her career. Of course, it's a comedy in its purest form. Moreover, the main role is played by George Deliev, the most red "Zhorik", actor of "Masks" troupe. Who better than him to play comic characters! Well and constant muse postanovschitsy - alien Renata Litvinova.

The film is claimed to be a detective, as the film adaptation based on the memoirs of a detective. However, in reality it is funny adventures murderous (and literally!) A couple of robbers who rubbed the trust of the naive citizens, and then leave them with nothing. But how to make sure that they were happy with this? Paradox? No, rather anecdote, but in the final catharsis grateful audience still waits. After all, "people tend to love", as the director with the screen says. However, in the previous film Muratova the same actress says she is doing exactly the opposite: "No one likes anyone." Here's a duality of nature.

8. "Dreams of California," directed by Cristian Nemescu

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

Romanian film on the topic of the day suddenly became a winner Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival. Suddenly, just because it is not a drama from the category "Romanian new wave", and light comedy. However, it is the case that in every joke - the share of jokes, and everything else is true. All the events depicted in the film, one way or another have taken place in the political life of this country. Shortly before the film's release, Romania joined the NATO military bloc and American brave guys really came to the so-called military exercises (then only it comes to the deployment of missile defense system in the country, now it is a reality). And now, looking at the behavior in connection with the event of the ruling elite, the young director had an idea how it can be beat. It get easy, funny and sometimes lyrically, just like in the song of the same name cult band "The Mamas & the Papas". Where American fighters dream of post-socialist ghetto flee home to California, their necks hung Romanian girls, and only their fathers do not want anyone anywhere to let go, and let, in fact, too. On a local example of a small town showing the mechanism of bringing "light holiday" democracy by the people's revolution, when the unwanted down all the dogs, money gets elected, well, the people, as usual, just divorced.

But it all sounds so boring, same comedy sparks, poured by all stars of the American flag. Where do the two might in this world of hypocrisy fall in love with each other. The only trouble is, they do not know each other's language, an interpreter can not speak. And when this is the translator interested party - there can be problems ...

9. "The Wayward Cloud" directed by Tsai Ming-liang

10 irrationally-comedy films with light priduryu

The most tear film Taiwanese director, acclaimed author, shoot in the style of "slow cinema". When the dialogues are not played absolutely no role, everything must be understood without them. To do this, the most saturated by all the metaphors literally become carriers idea unbanal items. For example, such as watermelon (liquid films in general Ming-liang often plays the role of shortage or vice versa, an excess of something). In the same picture, in the city there are problems with ordinary drinking water, but the sweet watermelons heaps.

But the water symbolizes the sincere feelings ... A fruit sugar - consumer attitude to everything. Watermelon juice to wash, juicy halves of large berries are used as sex toys in general, as not only distorted. But even in this crazy world there are two who has not forgotten how to truly love. However, it works in porn, and she in the video. Yes, it's funny. Especially when the festival films (FIPRESCI prize of the Berlinale, after all) included klipovoy insert, where a naked (!) Character sweetly sings ... Thus for the rest of the film, they hardly utter a word. Total, original art-porn on the philosophical manner of a non-trivial happy.

10. "Going Places", directed by Bertrand Blier

Comedy with young Depardieu, who along with his partner appears as a young bully, daring small, capable of anything. If you need a car, it is necessary to steal if the ants in your pants, then you need someone urgently to sleep (even if it is a woman in years, does not matter). Cynicism and nihilism of the characters of this film just rolls over, they play in the modern world the true tragicomedy screen, provoking a mischievous smile. After all that is done easily - naturally. And if so, it should not be condemned. But this happens only in the movies.

However, even high-handed heroes bored casual female, and they are shifting their attention to one. This friend is not against, but there is one but plain. All their tricks for some reason do not work on it. These guys testosterone in shock, trying to film it all the puzzle to solve. Their immoral actions, of course, as veiled metaphor, yet it all happened not so long ago, in the 68th. Here are a director and decided in his own way to beat those events. Perhaps the key message - change of generations. Since commits suicide mature Moreau, and awakens the sensuality in their twenties Huppert. Or spinelessness dean of society, conformity of that same generation, against which students are on strike. Frankly, not so important.

We not why went to the cinema the millions of French, when the film was shown in theaters. This holiday stupidity, free will, life without plans and future. That's what's missing all adults on this planet.