7 powerful films about Russian history

• 7 powerful films about Russian history

Russian history is rich and ambiguous, the fate of the country was built as kings and emperors as well as ordinary people. Palace coups, wars, revolutions - events, against which administers human destiny. We are presenting a selection of paintings on historical episodes, of which the country will never forget.

7 powerful films about Russian history 7 powerful films about Russian history


The film tells about the first years of life in the future Russian Empress Catherine the Great. A young girl, a Prussian princess Sophia Frederic, goes to a new country for love and happiness. But finds the palace intrigue and betrayal. Heroine to learn to distinguish between genuine feelings and flattery and start fighting for the throne. She does not know what the future holds in store for her, and Russia.

7 powerful films about Russian history


Young Princess Vera and Lieutenant Andrew meet under strange circumstances. At the beginning of the new yard, XX century. Sympathy grows into true love, it seems that the heroes waiting for unlimited happiness. But the First World War begins, Andrei sent to the front. One disaster spills over into the other, giving the heroes together. In this historical tape starring debut Dima Bilan.

7 powerful films about Russian history


"The Quiet Don"

Legendary film adaptation of the immortal epic novel. The turning point destroys the fate of ordinary people in the history of Russia. All the events of the beginning of the XX century are shown here through the life story of Cossack Grigory Melekhov. Love and tragedy, the collapse of the ideals of the revolution, and - a heavy period of history has become a hero for the very heavy burden.

7 powerful films about Russian history


Spring 1917. Soldiers fighting on the fronts of the First World War, tired of the carnage. To lift their spirits, create a women's battalion, which was later called "death squads". The young girl, never held a weapon, go to the location of the Russian army. The history of these characters affect the heart of every viewer.

7 powerful films about Russian history

"The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..."

Is the Great Patriotic War, in May 1942. Fight trained saboteurs SS elite forces should give a small group of soldiers: sergeant Vaskov and the five young anti-aircraft gunner. If they are defeated, they will lose a strategically important area, he will be in the hands of the Nazis. Another great film adaptation of the novel by Boris Vasilyev.

7 powerful films about Russian history


The three-hour picture of Nikita Mikhalkov is based on the "sunstroke" and "Cursed Days" Bunin. The protagonist meets a beautiful stranger, the night which becomes for him a real sunstroke. Ahead - the war and the revolution, the death of the Russian Empire. "How did all this happen?" - Asks the hero of the whole country.

7 powerful films about Russian history


The real story that happened in 1942. Germans organize a football match between the local team and the Wehrmacht Kiev team. Obviously, the Nazis expected victory of the Wehrmacht, obviously, what happens if the team wins Nicholas Ranevicha. But the characters can not give in, they will fight to the last for the honor of their homeland.