10 tallest people in the world

• 10 tallest people in the world

10 tallest people in the world

Did you know that the growth of the highest nowadays living person more than the average European growth by 46%? Almost one and a half times! And what is the growth of the tallest person in history? At the end of the post you will learn.

10. Igor Vovkovinsky (Ukraine) - 235 cm.

Igor was born in 1982 in the town Bar in Vinnitsa region, a few years later he moved to Kiev together with his parents. Igor was a pituitary disease that led to gigantism, and he needed urgent treatment. Therefore, when he was 7 years old, the parents decided to move to the US. Since then, Igor with his mother and elder brother live in Rochester, Minnesota.

US doctors have done everything possible: Igor treated medically, conducted 16 operations, so Vovkovinskogo growth stood at 235 centimeters. Igor Vovkovinsky suffers from his gigantic stature - he is constantly aching back and legs.

Every two years, Igor and his family arrive in Ukraine to the family and friends. In 2013, Igor took part in the presentation of Zlata Ognevich at Eurovision.

10 tallest people in the world

№9. Nikolai Pankratov (Russia) - 235 cm.

Nikolai Pankratov -. The tallest man in Russia, the growth of which is equal to 235 cm Born April 17, 1989 in the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region. Nicholas had surgery on his leg, which he did in the name of the Ilizarov Scientific Center.

10 tallest people in the world

№8 Radwan Charbiba (Tunisia) - 236 cm.

Height Radwan Charbiba from Tunisia -. 236 cm Born Radwan Charbiba in 1968 in Ras Zhbel. As a child, he was lively and sociable child. But in the 12 abnormal growth began, and Radwan kept to himself. In the 5th grade, he dropped out of school. Up to 22 years he was fond of basketball, but then gave up, as he said, he was sorry.

Radwan Charbiba played a small role in the second film epic "Star Wars." But acting career at Radwan has not worked.

10 tallest people in the world

№7. Sun Mingming (China) - 236 cm.

Sun Mingming was born August 23, 1983 in China. Sun began playing basketball at age 15, when it reached a height of 2 meters. he was a professional basketball player now plays for the Chinese Basketball Association club "Beijing Ducks." Also participated in the filming of several movies. Its height is 236 cm and weight - 168 kg.

10 tallest people in the world

№6. Mr Bao (China) - 236 cm.

Mr Bao was born in 1951 in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. From 2005 to 2007, he admitted to the tallest man in the world of living people.

March 24, 2007 married 28-year-old saleswoman, a woman of normal growth.

10 tallest people in the world

№5. Nasir Ahmed Soomro (Pakistan) - 238 cm.

Nasir Ahmed Soomro has a height 238 cm. He was born in 1975 in Pakistan. A children's basketball coach. From 1999 to 2000 he worked as a live exhibit in the Museum of Guinness World Records in Taiwan.

10 tallest people in the world

№4. Zhang Juncai (China) - 242 cm.

Zhang Juncai - one of the tallest people in the world. Its height is 242 cm.

Zhang was born in China to a peasant family. His parents and other relatives have normal growth. Zhang growth began to increase from 16 years. In 1999 he was admitted to hospital because of persistent headaches. Zhang underwent surgery to remove the pituitary tumor, after which its growth is stopped at 242 cm.

The main problem for Zhang - search for suitable clothing and footwear.

10 tallest people in the world

№3. Morteza Mehrzad Selakyani (Iran) - 246 cm.

Morteza Mehrzad Selakyani - the highest Iranian people and the highest athlete volleyball player in the history of the Paralympic Games. Morteza suffering acromegaly and its growth is 246 cm. Morteza was born in 1987 in northern Iran.

At 16 years of age Morteza fell off his bicycle and suffered an injury of the pelvis. Now Morteza right leg 15 cm shorter than the left

10 tallest people in the world

№2. Takiolah Brahim (Morocco) - 246 cm.

Height Brahim Takiolaha -. 246 cm Brahim ranks second highest rating from living people. Brahim was born January 26, 1982 in Morocco. Abnormal growth emerged since 13 years.

Brahim, the owner of the longest foot on the planet - 38, 1 cm.

10 tallest people in the world

№1. Kesene Sultan (Turkey) - 251 cm.

Sultan Kesene -. Today the tallest man of the people living in the world, its growth is 251 cm Sultan was born on December 10, 1982 in Turkey. The length of his foot - 36 centimeters, it is 2 centimeters less than that of Moroccans Brahim Takiolaha. High growth Sultan associated with pituitary tumors. Currently it can only move on crutches. Parents have the Sultan normal growth. Due to the high growth of the Sultan he could not graduate from high school and is now engaged in farming. Sultan is looking for the positive side of his tall: the opportunity to work with tall trees in the garden, easy replacement of lamps and other kinds of help on the farm. Among the shortcomings, he says: It's hard to find clothes and shoes, because he needs pants length 113 cm and outerwear with sleeves 93 cm, as well as the size of the shoes 62, and it is difficult to fit into a standard car.

Since 2010, the Sultan successfully undergoing treatment in medical school at the University of Virginia. In 2013, he married Merwe dibo that barely gets him to the elbow.