The most unusual contents turned over trucks

Transporting large quantities of goods or unusual contents of heavy machines, too, unfortunately, get into an accident. And when the whole load is on the road, scattering a few meters along the road, passers-by could witness the most unusual spectacle.

From the middle of the street exploded 60 ton sperm whale before running up the road piglets - in front of you a most unusual cargo truck turned over!

1. 60-ton sperm whale

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

In 2004, in the southern Chinese city of Tainan (Tainan) in a truck in the science lab for an autopsy transported 7-meter dead sperm whale. Suddenly gases formed during the decomposition, led to an explosion of the carcass.

Residents were forced to receive biology lesson, which they never wanted to attend, given that the decaying remains of exploded on a busy street, showering nearby cars and shops with blood, fat and internal organs of a giant animal, stopping the traffic on the street for a few hours.

2. 20 tons pence

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

45,000 lbs (20, 41 t) unmarked pennies spilled on the roadway Delaware after semi hit a barrier in the construction zone of the path I-95 in the district of New Castle (New Castle County) in September 2016 .

Nearly 8 million coins covered roadway - if they are stamped, they would be spilled in the amount of 81.600 US dollars.

3. The tractor and trailer laden noodles "Ramen"

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

Students College in North Carolina mourned the loss of a tractor with a trailer fully laden noodle "ramen", when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the bridge, creating a mess on the southbound highway I-95 near Rocky Mount (Rocky Mount) to January 2015.

Noodles was taken to the local landfill, but this accident is considered legendary because meme spawned upstream. ( "Crash truck transporting noodles" ramen ", brought the company's loss in the amount of $ 38")

4. piglets 2600

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

In 2015, in Raleigh (Raleigh), North Carolina, USA, on the way to the slaughterhouse in the accident hit the pigs. Semitrailer, aptly named "Pork Chop" ( "Pork Chop"), from 2600 pink passengers flipped over on its side and drove into the fence.

Police and control services over the animals arriving at the scene reported that some of the pigs were "seriously injured". The surviving animals, which are scattered along the roadway, were collected by employees. Hopefully, many of the pigs escaped the sad fate to get to the dining table.

5. A pile of intestines

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

In October 2016 at the exit from the highway I-85 near the town of Gaston (Gaston), NC, United States, overturned tractor-trailer carrying a pig intestines. As a result of the accident spread a horrible stench, which was difficult to bear. Someone may ask, why use pig intestines. According to the police officer, Sergeant Quinn, it's "dog food and some of the products that are used in make-up or human food are many options A lot of this -.. Just a waste of production."

6. Two different goods - beer and chips

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

Two trucks, one carrying a beer and the other - chips encountered in Florida in March, scattered on the highway, which is the dream of many.

Crash between tractor and trailer laden beer "Busch", and the truck filled with products "Frito-Lay", took place on the highway I-95 in Brevard County (Brevard County).

Not a word is said about whether the bystanders tried to pick up the accident survived the precious cargo to replenish their food stocks, but in the end it was towed to the dump.

7. A truck full of chocolate sweets

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

In September 2016 appeared on the Internet a video showing the consequences of an accident involving a truck transporting chocolate products.

Almost half a mile, "Kinder Surprise", "Kinder Bueno" and "Nutella", as well as other tasty treats were scattered across three freeways in an unidentified European country.

Although some sweets were crushed by a passing car, others remained in good enough condition to be fit for human consumption, and the couple in the video does just that. After all, who would not refrain from it?!.

8. 17 tonnes of explosives

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

This is like a scene from an action movie: metal fragments, frayed pieces of tire and engine block - that is all that remains of the truck which contained 38,000 pounds (17 to 24 tons) of explosives, after its cargo detonated on the road I -6 in the canyon of Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah, USA, in 2005.

He drove a few meters to the side and caught fire on the hillside.

Motorists who stopped to help the truck driver to get out of the car and began to run away or move off in their cars as soon realized that he was laden with explosives. The explosion injured at least 10 people.

9. The semi-separate ingredients for sandwiches

The most unusual contents turned over trucks

In June 2016 in New Jersey (New Jersey) truck carrying meat delicacies, collided with a tractor, transporting bread.

"Sandwich" accident led to a major traffic jam on the road I-287 in a southerly direction to the road Piscataway (Piscataway). At least, the workers did not experience shortage of food during the clearing of the scene.