Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Japanese cartoons are popular with many, and their characters are always bribe your sweet, wide-eyed and childish, naive images. Due to the fact that the stories drawn characters have earned a huge global popularity in Japan, there was a very funny and charming kind of needlework. It's called amigurumi, which translated from Japanese means "knitted or wrapped."

Amigurumi - is the Japanese art of creating miniature crocheted toys with fine hooks or knitting needles, crochet art miniature soft toys in the form of animals, dolls and inanimate objects endowed with human qualities.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

When this direction has just appeared, masters portrayed only cartoon characters, which eventually joined by different men, animals, and even animate objects. Like everything that occurred in Japan, amigurumi endowed with a certain philosophical meaning, these little creatures are a symbol of good and beauty. Amigurumi - is often cute animals (rabbits, seals, bears, dogs, etc.), As well as men, fantasy creatures and other objects, endowed with anthropomorphic (human-like) features. Amigurumi are knitted or crocheted, but lately toys, crochet became more popular and more common. Size small toys: only 5-7 cm However, there are kids whose size - not more than 1 cm..

In order to knit the toy can be made to include in the art amigurumi, it must meet several criteria.

Firstly, it's tiny size of the product. Ideally, from 1 to 7 centimeters. Very seldom larger specimens. Secondly, it's good looks. Characters must have a nice and charming human features and be sure to carry a positive mood. This effect is created by the low and high set landing nose and mouth of the toy. And to create a shy blush, you can resort to the help of toning agents.

The third criterion is mandatory in the form of toys amigurumi is disproportionately her torso. In young heroes, almost always, a lot more head torso and limbs, on the contrary, small, which gives a certain charm to the toy.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

To create toys amigurumi fit any yarn, it all depends on the skills and abilities of the wizard. A hook or knitting needles is best to choose thinner than a strand of yarn selected, it will be easier to work with in the future. For decorations need a variety of sequins, buttons, beads, and will be needed in the form of ready-made elements of the eyes and nose, to draw faces. If the finished product is planned to be used as a pendant, keychain or hairpin will need a special metal fittings. Classic amigurumi tally simply and quickly. This gives a huge space and opens up new possibilities for creativity. Be creative and experiment as much as you can - and will achieve unexpected success.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

knitting technique to create toys is also unique and easily recognizable. Every detail of the future toys provyazyvaetsya spiral or circle, so that there was no connection seam. Required spherical shape achieves master by subtraction and addition of loops. To toy was more rounded and well kept form, should knit it for a full loop of the two walls. The first series of loops called amigurumi ring, followed by initial series that tally counter-clockwise. The wizard then turns the toys of the future, leaving the end of the thread inside, and the product has already dovyazyvaet clockwise. The technique amigurumi all ranks provyazyvayutsya without lifting loops, and to simplify the work of master marks the first loop in each row pin. All the details of the future toys provyazyvayutsya separately and then stuffed soft filler and sewn together common threads in the finished product. For more knitting scheme can be studied in the literature or available on the Internet.

Toys amigurumi completely unique creatures. Created with love and goodwill charged with positive energy, they are able to give it to everyone around. For good reason, these little cute characters, like a magnet, attract smiles and able to become a real talisman of the owner of the gray thoughts and bad mood.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Production amigurumi: rules and tips

Classic amigurumi tally simply and quickly. This gives a huge space and opens up new possibilities for creativity. Be creative and experiment as much as you can - and will achieve unexpected success.

To make it easier to cope with knitting amigurumi, use the basic rules and practical advice that will help you make the most toys neat and harmonious.

According to the rules Amigurumi are knitted from yarn knitting a simple way: in a spiral and, in contrast to the European way, circles are not usually connected. Occasionally the scheme indicates that a certain number to be knit for rear or front loop (this is done for the greater stability of the toy or convex parts of the body). But often fundamentally needlewoman knit toys for one loop. Oddly enough, it helps to make a miniature toy.

Pick hook for smaller size relative to the thickness of yarn to create a very dense web without any gaps through which the packing material can climb out. Any holes (especially if the yarn is dark, and the filler - light) spoil the appearance of any toys.

Before you start knitting the first row, make sure that at the bottom of your toy no hole. Otherwise, head toy is a hole through which will come out or will look through the filler. To avoid this, do not take as a basis the standard ring of air loops and ring amigurumi. It is recommended to start knitting the first row of toys with 6 columns. Knit should be tight enough but not so much so you could not stick a needle in the crosslinking of the individual parts.

Amigurumi are knitted from separate parts. Head - nape of the neck, the torso - from priests to the neck, arms - from hands to shoulders, feet - from the feet to the ground. Head and torso are stitched together. For convenience, precision stitching and saving time can end up mating with the same number of columns. This will allow make parts without allowances.

Certain details associated amigurumi packed filler and then sewn or fixedly connected by means of special hinges. This is done so that the head and limbs can rotate. The exceptions are some amigurumi which have no limbs: their head and body make up one whole.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Typically, the body stuffed toys quite tight, but the head should be well-springs and not be hard to not fall amigurumi (their head and so often disproportionately).

Use only the special filler for toys! Trim fabrics and remnants of yarn let them go to small crafts or - in the trash. Sintepon, hollofayber, sintepuh and other synthetic fillers allow the toy to fill evenly, not too hard. You can try different types of packing to feel the material. This will allow to create different effects and increase the level of quality and craftsmanship.

Sometimes when assembling toys limbs are filled with glass or plastic balls, to give them a live weight, while other parts - fiber filler.

To give shape to the head and torso, it is possible to use a container from the "Kinder-surprise". Felt, drape and felts used to draw its face (the face), the nose, the ears, the tail, as well as decorations for amigurumi. Assembly toys - a complex process. Here you need patience and experience. If amigurumi may initially stand or sit, it is very important to find the assembly center of gravity and balance the toy so that she could stand steadily and good to sit (or a combination of both). To do this, using pins, attach the legs, arms, and check whether confident enough should bear or bunny. Only then sew the body!

There are two ways to help balancing amigurumi depending on its configuration. They can apply both of them.

If the toy with the paws and tail, then we can put it, leaned on the legs and tail (as trohnogaya stool). This method makes it very stable support.

If the toy has no tail or no limbs, the base body during the filling must be put granulate (glass beads) or mineral stones to give more weight. This is especially important if you do a tiny body and huge head.

Sew parts of the body better than the same yarn that was used for knitting. If it is too thick, it can be divided into several parts. This will make the seam invisible as possible and accurate. You can also use a sturdy denim or dental floss. We must remember that the harder - the better.

Often used for limb various fillers and weighting agents: a hemisphere, beads, glass beads, plastic ovals or circles (for stability). Eye - beads of different sizes, purchased eyes for toys, remnants of felt, leather and fabric. The eyes can also be linked or embroider. For spouts can take buttons, pieces of skin or tissue. It can also be linked or embroider. For antennae - fishing line, wire or thread, grated beeswax.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

The spread of aesthetics amigurumi contributes to their good looks. Therefore, typical amigurumi little animals have a large spherical head on a cylindrical body with small limbs and different, necessary for a character decoration. To create a specific image used accessories: buttons, eyes, noses, as well as various means of tinting. Tinted faces and other body parts can be wax crayons, markers, acrylic paints, conventional female cosmetics (blush, eye shadow and eyeliner century, lipstick). However, it should be done very carefully so as not to spoil the appearance of the toy. Odyozhku for amigurumi better knit from yarn to be thinner than the one from which connected the toy itself. If your doll or bear an increase of up to 10 cm, it is ideal for light use iris odozhek.

All the ends of the yarn required to hide inside the toys. They should not be short, t. To. May eventually break out, it will ruin the appearance and spread sheet. If you change the colors do not tie knots. It - questions of appearance and quality of amigurumi.

If you're constantly knitting yarn about the same thickness and do not change the density of breeding, it is useful to make samplers (sample). This is a set of simple forms in advance related to amigurumi technique. Of these, then it will be possible to collect toys model of the future. This is very useful if you knit dolls professionally and to order. Due to the sampler, the customer can imagine a future model of the doll. Besides samplers allow you to choose the shape, size, quality, and that is very important - clearance face (faces) toys. With their help, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and dressings.

Use in your life experience and the skills that you have acquired in the art of needlework. Not to recognize any of the rules in the works and do not listen to those who you their dictates and sets conditions (unless of course it's not the customer or client). Amigurumi technique can always be used as a style, departing from the common rules and leaving only at the height of quality.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Basic mistakes in knitting amigurumi

Despite the simplicity of the technique of knitting, many newcomers still make mistakes. Next, we consider the most famous of them.

Create complex and beautiful toys - the first and the common mistake beginners. Of course, creating a crocheted toys motivates, but lack of experience, as a rule, does its job, and the result leaves much to be desired. Actually themselves experts recommend starting with the simplest elements and gradually raise the level of their skills. Usually knitted toy with their hands in amigurumi style knit for both loops wall. But due to lack of knowledge, themselves newcomers knit items are only the front or the rear wall. As a result, parts of toys produced and stretched thin, and therefore, will be significantly different from the sample.

Constant knitting counterclockwise, one more characteristic for beginners mistake. In fact, so only need to link the first three rows. After the product turned inside on the front side and continue to knit in the opposite direction. During the work on the reverse side will appear stripes, so err on is difficult. In addition, all allowances and subtraction appear on the wrong side in the form of sutures. And if you continue to crochet their own hands, not turning out the product as a result turn out ugly toy with lots of stitches.

When knitting a simple subtraction do not pass the loop. Need to link the necessary to pass a loop with the following loop, roofing felt in this case be able to avoid unnecessary openings.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

As for the holes, their presence is very spoils the overall appearance of the product. The most important rule when creating parts in the technique of amigurumi - a maximum density of the web. To create a dense fabric is better to take the tool, which is about twice thinner thread.

Uncorrected errors in the knitting process entails melting of the entire product. Very often pass one small mistakes when poured in the wrong pattern or shape. Therefore easier to pull one or more loops and with all the right restored, than eventually regret their strength and their time.

Fatten toys wool - it is fundamentally the wrong approach. Vata has slozhivatsya property, and there is a risk that the toy quickly deformed. In addition, the wool is very strong and fast syreet. Therefore it recommended to fill amigurumi silicone. Alternatively, you can also use infiltration of warm clothes.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

How to Knit amigurumi ring

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Make a loop at a distance of 2-3 cm. From the end of the thread. Place the working thread between the index and middle fingers.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Enter a hook into the loop, grab the working yarn and bring it before the loop.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Capture worker thread, and drag it through the loop.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Pull the working thread and tighten. This loop is not the first column in the annulus.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Bring the hook from underneath both strands, which form a large loop. Grab the working yarn.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Next, pull the loop and then grab hook working thread. Working thread is pulled through 2 loops, which are on the hook. So we tied the first column, without sc.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Knit the required number of columns, without sc.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

Pull the tail, thereby tighten the large loop. On it we knit columns without sc.

We got amigurumi ring.

Amigurumi - charming knitted creatures

In general, at first glance, nothing complicated. Of course, there are nuances, as in any other case, but patience and a desire to eventually do the trick. Amigurumi creation is akin to creating jewelry. With the same precision, imagination and an embedded part of the soul, these knitted toys are born. One can only hope that the form of these lovely creatures will continue to please the world.