"Dwarf" pig rose to 300 kilograms, forcing the owners to buy a new home

• "Dwarf" pig rose to 300 kilograms, forcing the owners to buy a new house

Pair of Canadians in 2012 took friends allegedly dwarf pig Esther in the hope that it will grow no more than 30 kilograms. They were deceived, and the baby to two years vymahala 300-pound giant. Already Esther heavier than an adult female polar bear and continues to grow. To place in the house of the pig, two dogs and two cats, the owners had to move out of town.

Hosts Esther - Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter Ontario. Steve says: "We have long denied the reality. Friends come to visit, we were told, "Look, it's getting bigger," and we are with Derek replied: "No, it is the same." But soon we noticed that she gained weight, began to steal food from the kitchen table and the sofa became her small. "

"We're just used to it and loved it even more. What else could we do? It's not her fault that we were expecting something else. We would never give up their pet. "

The site pairs is said that a veterinarian Esther does not know if it will grow again: "As they get older, it can become a little thicker."

Most of Esther spends the summer in the yard, not in the house.

The owners called Esther lazy pig: she likes to lie on their bed or on the couch.

Since the family moved to the village, the pig decided to be closer to the owners and now sleeps on the floor next to their bed. And in the afternoon, still climbs up on the bed to take a nap.

Another restless pig loves to burrow into a pile collected from around the home blankets, take a dog or a couch to collapse on the floor in the living room, leaving no room for anyone aisle.

Esther does well with two dogs and two cats living in the house.

On the porch of a new home.

Pork selfie.

The festive costume.

Pig taking a bath on a regular basis: every day the summer, and in winter once a week. She had grown accustomed to the fact that blow away the dust from it.

Derek and Steve - are vegetarians, so all pets couples also eat only plant food. On food every week, Esther leaves $ 36. Pig eating oatmeal, barley and corn, fresh fruit, ripe banana and peel of the vegetables, and in special cases enjoys ice cream and cakes.

Page "miracle pig" on Facebook gained nearly a million subscribers, and the owners Esther sell calendars, cards and mugs with her image.

In the wake of the popularity they brought a pig another page - "Kitchen Esther," which talk about vegetarian food, which is prepared for pitomitsy: for example, lasagna with spinach and slices of chocolate granola.