The fastest way to cool beer

• The quickest way to cool beer to

So are you ready to get in front of a TV and watch an exciting football match with a bottle of beer, and suddenly notice that you forgot to put the bottle in the refrigerator. A beer at room temperature does not suit you. You need to somehow cool it, and very, very fast. You can certainly throw a jar or bottle in the freezer, to bury it in the ice, but there is a way faster - put it in salted ice water.

The fastest way to cool beer

The fact that the salt lowers the freezing point of water.

Adding salt to the water will cause the ice that the ice will melt faster and accordingly, the temperature will drop too quickly. That, in turn, lead to acceleration of beer cooling.

Add approximately half a cup of salt per liter of iced water - so that it completely covers the bottle or jar. A few minutes - and your beer will be perfectly cold.