US Marines: the coolest commandos world

• US Marines: the coolest special forces of the world

Americans have good reason proud of their special forces. Detachment "Navy SEALs" is considered almost an elite unit of the best in the world: in 1962 a few men of this detachment have sown chaos in the whole country and point the US eliminated opponents. Join the ranks of "Navy SEALs" is considered as prestigious as Harvard and unlearn - thing to remember is that in the Ivy League, you are unlikely to run the risk of getting shot.

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

Creating a legend

Kennedy signed a decree on the establishment of the detachment "Navy SEALs" after the failure of a major military operation in the Bay of Pigs. At that time, the High Command realized that require real specialists, ready-to-long raids on enemy territory for point operations. For a basis of the group were adopted Royal Navy special forces, and the first baptism of fire took place Navy SEALs in Vietnam.

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

The selection of candidates

Americans joke that get in the SWAT team harder than learning to fly - and almost as dangerous. Candidate for "Navy SEALs" can only become valid Navy servicemen not older than 28 years. Training lasts for six months and ends with the so-called "A week in hell": 7 days without sleep, in the hardest conditions. Most often, the last stage of selection takes place on two bases - Coronado, CA, and Little Creek, Virginia.

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

Who gets stripe

90% do not pass the selection of candidates. Professional warriors, trained, trained, are not able to survive the "hellish week" and following "final exams". And who could? 24 kilometer run, 3 km swimming (open water), the fight with the existing commandos and an obstacle course, more like a nightmare. But the successful completion of these tests is not the end. The candidate is sent to the next training (in general, it takes about half a year), and then another year to serve in the unit and then obtains the right to go to the first combat mission.

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

Compact Group

Most often "seals" are working in small groups of 8 people. SWAT easily adapts to the nature of the operation: each soldier platoon own specialization, from the disruptive business to electronics and medical assistance. This division of labor allows soldiers to concentrate fully on their part of the work and not worry about the cover from the rear.

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

SEAL Team Six

Anti-terrorist operations in the territory of the enemy demanded their specialists. And now, after the failure of "Operation Eagle Claw" (Tehran, 1980) Captain of Marines Robert Marcinko has formulated the need to create a special unit, ready to perform the most dangerous tasks. Mobile group received a call SEAL Team Six. To date, its composition is formed of the best sea lions: 200 people based at Fort Shadow, Kansas, ready at the first order of command to go anywhere in the world and show in practice what democracy is and how to love her.

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

Rifle SWAT weapons

Pistols: MK23 Mod 0 .45Cal SOCOM; M11 Sig Sauer r228 (9mm)

Assault Rifle: M4A1 (5.56mm)

Sniper Rifle: M82A1

Submachine Gun: HK MP5 Submachine Gun (9mm)

Combat Shotgun: Benelli M4 Super 90

US Marines: the coolest commandos world

The main operations of fur seals

The very first successful outing "sea lions" can be considered the Cuban operation in 1962. Commander of Roy Boehm was able to spend in Cuba thorough reconnaissance and unloading photographed Soviet nuclear missiles. These pictures were of strategic importance for the country. During the Second Indochina War (1968) killed a total of 48 special forces, which have caused infinitely more damage to the North Vietnamese army. And, of course, the main achievement is the elimination of the terrorist №1 in Abbottabad: May 2, 2011 Marines from SEAL Team Six hunted down and shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.