Rules of life the actress and singer Jane Birkin

• Rules of life the actress and singer Jane Birkin

Rules of life the actress and singer Jane Birkin

I must admit, I always liked to be a girl-issue.

I would be offended if Serge (Gainsbourg, -. Esquire) sang Je t'aime ... moi non plus with someone else.

I was forgiven much, because everyone loved Serge.

The worst thing - it's indifference.

Serge was an important part of my life. He was my friend, my best friend. He could roll up to me at any time, day or night, and we have always had a room for him. I cooked him dinner or bring a cup of tea - and sat and chatted with him. I was lucky: in fact, I never lost Serge.

My kind of man - is, of course, not a gift.

When I arrived in France in 1968, I do not speak French. I learned the language with Serge - and it was slang. I knew nothing about the masculine and feminine gender, nor about the time. When I made mistakes, everyone laughed. Of course, I could be better and learn the language, but I always liked to make people laugh.

At school, on my figure I laughed, saying: "Are you a boy or a girl?"

I prefer just to old jeans, Converse and men's sweater. My best friend cuts my kitchen scissors.

My look - a cocktail. I'm not as elegant as the French, but I'm still in this - in contrast to the Englishwomen.

My distinguishing feature - the gap between the front teeth. Once I had to wear braces on your teeth, because it stuck out of his mouth like a gun out of the fortress. At Hermès Kelly bag it was, named after Grace Kelly, and it does not get anything. And I wanted a bag that would be four times more than Kelly, but smaller than a suitcase. So they did it for me.

I myself now I can not buy a Birkin. I just can not afford it and even though I came up with.

When I flew to New York for a tour, I was asked to repeat the name of the phone and said Birkin? Written as well as a bag? Well, I say, a bag and you will sing.

My father was a hero of the French Resistance. When I sat in the tank in Sarajevo, Rwanda, or Burma, where went on a humanitarian mission, I thought that my father would be proud of me, or at least would not be disappointed (and he was disappointed when he learned that I was the actress).

I gave birth, when I was 19, and became a grandmother of 39.

I know how to bring to mind his mother.

Real life - it's what I really professional.

When I was a schoolgirl, I went out into the vestibule of the train to poorat. I just tried to be a good girl, that sometimes I felt sick from it.

My mother was right: when all is lost, just put on your silk underwear and uncover a volume of Proust.

Sadness me as a closer. I feel it is better. No wonder I've always liked men melancholic.

Serge was a Russian Jew and always intended to sound as much as possible in Russian, and generally be as much Russian. Essentially, I'm not a fan of travel, but always dreamed of a trip to Russia by train. I would take with him only a pencil and paper - as a company.

When my Charlotte starred in "Antichrist", she once came to me and told me how her day - she had to masturbate in the forest, cut off someone's legs and stuff like that. I told her of my day was more cheerful.

The most expensive item to me - this is my felt monkey. She's appeared in six years, I sewed her clothes and made for her textbooks, forced my sister to believe that she is alive. I slept with her, had never traveled without her. I put it in the coffin of Serge, it is now up there with him, in the cemetery of Montparnasse.

I do not like to grow old, but there is nothing we can do about it. I think I was lucky that I was not so beautiful. Aging can become unbearable for attractive people.

My skin is my great two sizes! Give me back my skin 38-year-old.

This is a very nice feeling to be someone's muse.

My whole life is connected with Serge, nowhere on it does not go.