List of strange things that accompany us through life

Ever noticed that when you look at your fingers are long enough, they begin to alien appendages transformed right before your eyes?

List of strange things that accompany us through life

The same goes for the rest of our limbs. We take for granted that funny things make us laugh and spend half a day in suspended animation, which we affectionately called "sleep." But if you think for a moment, our reality will seem really strange thing.


How strange, but what causes sadness causes our body to shed water out of our eyes. Among all mammals, by the way, we are the only ones who can cry tears of emotion. And it's even more strange feature.

Scientists also believe that the tears have certain unwanted hormones and other proteins that are produced during periods of high stress. This can explain a little relief, which brings us to tears.


Hiccups - involuntary spasms of the diaphragm. It infuriates everyone and

it is often associated with too much food in the stomach, or too small quantity.

Strangely, however, if you think about it a hiccup useless. She just annoying and serves no apparent purpose. One hypothesis suggests that hiccups may be a remnant of the primitive sucking reflexes. Whatever the ancient hiccup function, it is nothing more than a nuisance that causes discomfort.


We spend about a third of our lives in a dream. No one person can not do without it for more than a few days, and yet the dream may be the least understood of all our actions.

Of course, sleep allows the body to produce something like a small "repairs". A few theories suggests that sleep - a vital condition for memory and learning. But no matter how much it was free time, if not a dream.


Well, technically speaking, death is not our everyday activities. But this, however, happens every day with thousands of people. Why?

We die because our cells die. Although they themselves, without our help, replaces itself over and over again for more than 70 years, what they do not do it forever? Within each cell there are telomeres, which contain genetic information, which is trimmed with each cell division. Sooner or later, the telomeres simply can not be divided further (there is nothing to cut).

Fortunately, scientists are working on how to extend the life of a person, and I think that they will soon be able to double the life expectancy.


It turns out that the redness of the cheeks - the human response to social attention. Different people have this effect varies in intensity.

Blush biologically works as pendants and pendants made of silver, it attracts attention. The pores on the face dilate, as a result, more blood flows into your cheeks, that gives your face pink. However, scientists can not find a logical explanation as to why this is happening.


Why do we associate the kiss with something romantic? In fact, it is a biological instinct.

Kissing allows people to smell and taste, to appreciate each other as a potential partner. Breath, saliva carries chemical signals as to whether a person is healthy or not, and in the case of women, the brain can feel the man between woman, whether she ovulating or not.

In addition, the skin around the nose and mouth covered with oils which contain pheromones. Have you ever wondered why the friendship between a man and a woman often ends after the kiss ??? Here's the answer.


Punchline. Strange laugh. Why are we doing this?

Psychologists believe that this behavioral response is a signal to others to spread positive emotions, reduce stress, and this contributes to the unity of the group. For the same reasons, chimpanzees and orangutans are smiling and laughing while social games.


Of course, nothing strange. Yes, we all know that as we clear the eyes from dust and dirt, but you thought that when in fact we opened our eyes, we see the world around 5% of the time, the time spent on the blink.

Scientists have discovered that the human brain has a talent to ignore momentary blackout. The very act of blinking suppresses activity in certain areas of the brain responsible for detecting changes in the environment, so you experience the world around them as continuous.


No matter how much we want to try to focus on daily tasks, such as brushing your teeth or waiting in line, we just can not stop our minds from the constant wandering of thoughts. Fortunately, as scientists say, this thing called "zoning" is a very good thing. It is vital for creativity and creative thinking.

Instead of having to sit completely focused on a boring task, we unconsciously spend 13% of time for wandering thoughts. During this time, we can travel freely on the inner stream of consciousness, following wherever your brain by accident we buried. And only thanks to the "zoning" is possible moment, "eureka".

Browse 3D

Stop ... As the two eyes can see 3D? This is actually a trick of the brain (or three tricks, to be exact). Our brain uses "binocular disparity" in order to build up in the brain image and determine the distance of objects. This is nothing but a small difference between the images, which sees our left and right eyes. Our brain uses only two points to construct the image and determining the distance of objects.

The brain notices the slightest changes and constantly analyzes them, and without our thought appears in the mind that the fat man is about ten meters.

When we only glimpse of the thing, we unconsciously assess the distance, recording the so-called "parallax". In fact, the brain evaluates the speed of light, and the change in the object.

Tingling limbs

Remember this terrible and unpleasant tingling "needles" as long sit or lie down hand. Sometimes it is very scary, but the other side is stupid.

This occurs when the nerve is prolonged pressure, and then the pressure is removed. These "needles" brain verifies that the nerve endings, which he did not feel for a long time.


It would be good if the girls did not have to shave your intimate areas, underarms and legs. Is not it? And men shave stubble each morning ... What for it is necessary? The hair on the intimate area gradually become something more than the human body. Evolution...

In the end, axillary and pubic hair has evolved to become a trap for pheromones. Given that they only need to do, but today they seem superfluous. In addition, the beards have evolved to help women distinguish the men from the boys, they point to human maturity, and increase men's jaw line. However, to date, the majority of men are choosing freshly shaven cheeks.


Risk, by definition, something deadly, as evidenced by the frequency of fatal accidents among climbers and skydivers. So why do not we all just stay home and watch TV shows?

Psychologists say that the desire to take risks associated with our need to impress potential partners. Men are faced with a great internal competition, and therefore they have to advertise his abilities as soon as possible. This explains why men tend to take the risk and do stupid and dangerous things more when they are in groups, especially when they drink.


Yes, sex - is also a strange thing ... So why the two sexes? It is much easier to populate the earth and multiply the same sex, for example, by budding? ;)

Biologists best answer to these questions, you can call the hypothesis of the "Red Queen". It is believed that organisms with two floors initially designed for times of reproduction, ie. To. It turns into something like a race.