The most popular flavors along with a podium

The most popular flavors along with a podium

To elaborate wardrobe are extremely important, not only clothes and accessories, but also fragrant portrait. These help determine the recommendations of the leading perfume houses

Collection Les Exceptions - a new chapter in the history of perfume Mugler house, and it appeals to the legacy of haute couture fashion house brand. Before perfumers Olivier Polzh and Jean-Christophe Herault task was to convey by means of bold and unexpected combinations of olfactory emotions of dress haute couture, sometimes too fancy, does not fit in the many canons and affordable units.

So, aroma Oriental Express - enveloping and soft - turned out like a fur coat or fur-trimmed dress luxury road. Oriental notes of sandalwood and vanilla coexist in it with contrasting notes of carrot and basil carrying green freshness. Chyprissime fragrance born from a combination of chypre notes and juicy pear. Initially, the perfumer worked with raw and earthy scent of patchouli, and in the end turned out bright and complex flavor to the one that is the most noble of natural odors and loves natural fabrics. Fougère Furieuse - the result of mixing the traditional male fern composition (c moss notes) and neroli oil embodying the feminine. Coumarin notes of amber and a very high concentration of flavor make sense. The best composition for the one that wears a tuxedo on a naked body is not found. Extremely feminine Supra Floral built around a flower note - hyacinth. He's in aid of a mystic incense. This copy of the suit, which is called a witch. Animalistic sound flavor Over The Musk - the result of a combination of musk and ambrette seed. He will appeal to the person of an explosive and a little dangerous. A fragrance composition writing Cuir impertinent, perfumers have kept in mind the flavors svezhevydelannoy skin, reminiscent of Russian and Russian leather riding walk across the vast Siberian expanses. In the imagination and draws the image of Russian Amazons in neatly-cut traveling suit.

Dolce & Gabbana

Velvet Cypress

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are advised to throw doubt and combine into a single image and peas, and logos, and gold accessories. If you submit all with a sense of proportion, that in any gypsy or bad taste you will not suspect. Especially if you combine it all with a neat curls soft, gentle glow and pure, velvety fragrance, such as Velvet Cypress with notes of Italian cypress and Sicilian lemon.

The most popular flavors along with a podium

of Dior

J'Adore in Joy

Fans of the classic fragrance Dior J'Adore know that he - the very embodiment of femininity. Ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine - such a composition can be worn on a date, and give mom and daughter and absolutely not be afraid that he goes out of fashion, as well as dresses with flowers in the style diorovsky new look. But nothing stands still: Christian Dior clothing line is now creates a new creative director Maria Grazia Currie, offering mouth-watering top of the dress in roses outdoor clothing in safari style. That's a new version of the fragrance J'Adore In Joy is of particular facet in the character: to the colors added note of salt water in the south of Brittany. Fragrance for ladies gentle and ready to evolve.

The most popular flavors along with a podium

Salvatore Ferragamo

Signorina in Fiore

Large flowers, as in the paintings of expressionists, and green stripes, like a fruit-bearing fields, - the batch in a pastoral figure dress Salvatore Ferragamo did not detract from its laid-back chic. Almost in the same proportions in the fragrance Signorina in Fiore met, on the one hand, notes of cherry garden flower sorbet of pear and pomegranate juice, and on the other - music traditionally responsible for gloss jasmine, creamy sandalwood and white musk.

The most popular flavors along with a podium



Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate

Hermes c inception has been and remains the fashion house creating clothes for sophisticated and refined travel. For those persons who can and show yourself, and see the world. This spring oblachatsya traveler in comfortable dresses seemingly simple, but superzhenstvennogo style with smooth curves. Simple and refined and turned fragrance Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate: he evokes the memory of a stalk of rhubarb, which sniff before you rip. C when he removed the skin, the smell seemed to explode. Sour flavor some time after application becomes sweet and velvety.

The most popular flavors along with a podium

Jimmy Choo


For the second year designers repeat: in pajamas, as well as in combination, can and should go out and out and to work. The main thing is to choose the correct style. Especially this spring pajamas, for example, and at all easily confused with a relaxed suit. Their indisputable advantage - convenience. When you are comfortable, you and speak confidently and zhestikuliruete very attractive. And with the task of introducing the image of a healthy injection of femininity handle fresh fruity floral fragrance Jimmy Choo L'Eau with notes of nectarine, peony and musk.

The most popular flavors along with a podium

of Givenchy

L'Ange Noir

Dresses that are stitched into the new season, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, - model with double meaning. Like the fragrance L'Ange Noir: bright and mysterious, like a character in the style of film noir. It can be an angel, but remain elusive as a shadow. Its fragrant veil woven with notes of cedar, patchouli, Calabrian bergamot, pear, iris and peony. Perhaps now would be exactly emanated from Audrey Hepburn, the muse of perpetuating Monsieur Givenchy.

The most popular flavors along with a podium


angel Muse

Paradoxical combination - that's always been strong Thierry Mugler himself, and so is the fashion house's name. Love and futurism, and feminine neckline - means you into a universe of Mugler. Same story with the flavors: in a bottle in the shape of a meteorite lodged gourmet sweet fragrance Angel Muse with unexpected masculine note. Sweet essence of a woman Mugler embody notes of chocolate and nut pastes, and Steel notes that can sound in her speech, hints of vetiver. Force do not hide, even if it is surrounded by a fragrant veil.

The most popular flavors along with a podium

Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Fleur Musk

Admirer adore clothes designer Narciso Rodriguez for his ability to create styles that form a basic wardrobe. But even a purely basic things such as black pants and a white shirt, he obtained every time the calls and the modern. And with the scent of For Her Fleur Musc, which impresses with its simple elegance. It delicate pink flowers, which emphasize the sound notes pink pepper are mixed with a warm and clean musk, patchouli and the mixture was deep and ambergris fragrance gives resistance.

The most popular flavors along with a podium

Yves Saint Laurent


Attributes of a successful person: leather, silk, velvet, vinyl, even to a man's set of trousers and waistcoat did not look bored, and elegant and with a twist. Collection of evening fragrances Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Collection de Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent, inspired fabrics - a tribute to a favorite material of the Saint-Laurent. Couturier once wondered how to transform an elegant cloak exciting fantasy with the help of a mirror gloss vinyl. So I turned and vinyle new fragrance, inspired by this matter: creaking, cold and damn attractive.

The most popular flavors along with a podium