What you need to know everyone: first aid skills

• What you need to know everyone: first aid skills

What you need to know everyone: first aid skills

Our lives every year less and less like a piece of sweet cake. Trouble everywhere persecuted person - sad, but true. Therefore, we must be prepared for any situation, especially one where on your skills may depend on the existence of another person. Here are five basic principles of first aid, it is necessary to know that to everyone.

Artificial respiration

CPR refers to basic CPR, which is obliged to know everyone. Do not think that it will be enough just to breathe the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, to provide the necessary access of oxygen to the victim: first of all, check the airway and remove, if necessary, foreign bodies, blood or mucus. The first 10 breaths do quickly, then keep the rhythm of 20 breaths per minute. Remember: if the human thorax rises - you're doing it right.

Indirect cardiac massage

This must be done if the victim's pulse is absent. Determine the portion of the shortest and narrowest part of the sternum and measure 2-3 centimeters from the edges - this will be the compression point, the point of force application. Put here the base of the palm, cover it with the other palm - the pressure will be carried out by these parts. Rhythmic tremors do strongly and smoothly driving direction - vertically. I have to try: frequency should fluctuate at 110 compressions per minute. Do not be afraid, chest under your palms will sag to 3-4 centimeters. In the presence of heart cardiac massage should not be performed.

The reception Geymliha

This technique is like to show in American movies: there every now and then someone chokes on a hamburger. So, get up behind the sufferer and clasp his hands just above the navel, closed their hands just under the ribs. Now, with the power to push unfortunate stomach - will likely have to crank this trick several times.


Syncope happens in oxygen - the cerebral blood flow is disturbed and the body sends a command to disable the body. It is important to understand that the fastest man wakes up in the excessive entry of life-giving air. Lay the victim near the window and release it from the oppressive garments. It is advisable to splash your face with water, and if there is a first aid kit on hand - do not hesitate to use ammonia.