Rating of the most expensive liquids

Rating of the most expensive liquids

The most expensive liquid used by people.

Every man knows that gold and platinum are among the most expensive metals on the planet. Hardly anyone will be able to tell them the exact cost, if it just does not work on the stock exchange. However, it does not matter. Much more important is that there are a lot of expensive liquids in our world, far exceeding the price of any known metal. What are these substances are, we learn in this review.

1. Human blood

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Yes, blood is indeed very expensive.

Human blood is very expensive liquid. One liter of this substance will cost about 23 thousand Russian rubles. Blood is the only liquid in this list, which is the high cost due to the complexity of collection and not at all uncommon. For collecting blood need too many different specialists, equipment and time.

2. Gamma hydroxybutyrate

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Now this drug is prohibited.

This material is worth about 160 thousand rubles per liter. Initially, it was used in medicine as an anesthetic drug, and also as a remedy for insomnia and depression. At the moment, the production and distribution of the substance outlawed. The reason for that - the addictive patients to hydroxybutyrate. Also, the drug gained notoriety as rapists became widely used. The thing is that hydroxybutyrate has a pronounced flavor and color. Once in the human food or drink, he does it absolutely helpless.

3. Paint for the printer

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Who would have thought, but it's true.

Hard to believe, but the paint for the printer stands at 165 thousand rubles per liter. Thus, a single drop of ink for the printer more drops almost any premium champagne! It is noteworthy that the very production of paints is very cheap. The high price is due to the need to raise funds for further printing research and development of new types of inks and paints.

4. Mercury

Rating of the most expensive liquids

To extract the mercury difficult, but look for it in the bowels of the earth - even more difficult.

Heavy metal, which uses in numerous industries. Per liter will have to pay about 50 thousand rubles. It will be recalled that the mercury is the only metal in the periodic table, which is liquid at room temperature. Expensive mercury mainly dictated by the complexity of the geological exploration of its natural deposits and slow process of its production and subsequent chemical treatment.

5. Insulin

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Today, insulin is produced in many different ways, but it is still very expensive.

For one liter of insulin you need to pay 140 thousand rubles per liter. This substance naturally produced by the human pancreas. It supports glucose in the blood at the required level, and is also involved in the metabolism of fats. Previously insulin prepared from pancreas of pigs and cows. But Bole road, but at the same time and more efficient synthetic insulin it has been synthesized only in 1963.

6. Chanel No. 5,

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Spirits too liquid!

For one liter of perfume Chanel No. 5 will have to pay a shocking 400 thousand rubles per liter! The prestigious brand has won her international fame in the 20's of the last century. Today this brand perfume is considered one of the best in the world.

7. The blood of horseshoe crabs

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Due to the acquisition of these animals are dying of blood.

Horseshoe crabs - a marine arthropods, whose blood has been widely used in pharmacology. The thing is that because of their blood is a chemical reagent that is used to test the purity of medicines. The secret is that the blood of horseshoe crabs quickly collapses when hit by the bacteria. This feature allows you to identify and bacteriological toxins. Per liter of blood is necessary to pay 900 thousand rubles.

8. LSD

Rating of the most expensive liquids

terrible and very dangerous hallucinogen.

The strongest hallucinogen and a favorite hippy drug obtained by semisynthesis red ergot, which is a parasite on the ears of rye.

9. The venom of the king cobra

Rating of the most expensive liquids

Cobra venom is incredibly expensive and useful.

King Cobra is the largest in the world (in a form), and at the same time very poisonous. One bite of the cobra is able to dump a healthy adult elephant! This liquid killer found wide application in pharmacology. From this in particular makes money from Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's syndrome and schizophrenia.

10. scorpion venom

Rating of the most expensive liquids

A rare and expensive substance.

Per liter scorpion venom can be given to a staggering 587 million rubles. Thus, it is a poison these tiny arthropods is the most expensive liquid on the planet. In addition to its murderous effects of scorpion venom has also anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. He is even able to stop the growth of cancerous tumors! The high price of fluid due to the fact that it is incredibly difficult to get.