Curious about men and women

• Curious about men and women

Curious about men and women

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As many as 40% of girls prefer bald men. They have a higher than normal level of testosterone, so they seem to be more sexy.

On the men insomnia acts as a diet pill, but the woman from lack of sleep, on the contrary, gain extra kg.

Smile - the enemy of beauty. It provokes the appearance of wrinkles. But on the other hand, the smile is healthy, because it stimulates the release of happy hormones in the body.

The most beautiful people live in Sweden, Norway and Brazil. The most ugly nations were Germany and the United Kingdom.

Women age before, but, unlike men, live 15-20 years longer strong half of mankind.

Tall men more likely to receive higher education. However, it is low growth makes men to achieve success in life. Thus they prove to others that they are worth something. Low men also have more sexual partners.