How is life in China

Cervo Yuliya lives and works in China, so do not know firsthand about the everyday life the inhabitants of the largest countries in the world. Read her story about life in the Middle Kingdom. Some facts are striking.

How is life in China

I'm trying to understand China as an example of a small (by Chinese standards) he four county town in the southwest of China. Guiyang city is called, it is located in the province of Gudzhou - for some time now I have been working there a teacher of Russian language. These are my observations, please do not throw rotten tomatoes at me, if something goes wrong.

How is life in China


So, I perceive China, living, working, and as far as possible when dealing with the local population (if you can call communication poking a finger at pictures of food and inarticulate sounds like bellowing that I publish, trying to copy the electronic dictionary, in the hope, that someone will identify them at least some familiar to the Chinese ear word).

By the way, the sounds I dared to publish only after she could not look at the soluble noodles from the store. Hunger is not my aunt, and the lure of food smells from all sides (smelly tofu does not count - this product smells so strange that I do not breathe, he passed). The first experience of self-purchase edible proved to be successful - I spent 10 minutes to explain, four electronic translators were involved: my person receiving the order, the visitor and cook, but the result was worth it - I got a freshly prepared homemade food and even avoided esophageal burns, so as the custom of the food in Gudzhou not sharp, and megasuperostraya. They then grow chili, so eat it kgs.

China - is food. Population can be classified as follows: 50% of the cook, and the remaining 50% are eating. Eat everything, always and everywhere. The Chinese go with thermoses, bags, plates, bowls, chopsticks. And eat, eat and eat again. And when you do not eat, then talk about the food. Second France.

How is life in China

pajama party

Pajamas - a very common clothes in China. You can find whole families strolling in pajamas and slippers. Some replace the slippers to the other shoes, pajamas but remains unchanged. The impression is that people are returning to the big pajama party.

Pajamas all colors and styles, shaggy and quilted, with arms, bears and lions. And it is in adults - cool!

How is life in China


Heels - an integral part of the women's restroom. With bows, lace, sequins, beads, pendants and do not ask, even with nothing.

How is life in China


This is the real fashion. You can not be a trend, if you do not wear armlets. Armlets - is not only a good thing, preventing wear and dust on the sleeves, but also an accessory that should emphasize your individuality: Beads, lace, rhinestones lurex, fur ...

How is life in China

Women's tights

Such a riot of imagination is impossible to imagine. Who said that the tights have to be boring? Most squeak - a variant on the insulated batting, covered with black mesh.

How is life in China


Rhinestones, lace and lurex - without that clothes do not wear. Squeak season - leather shorts on women after 50, silly labels on clothes, hair color "eggplant extreme" and "six-month-chemistry". Of course, there are people who dress properly, t. E. Normal in our understanding, but most decisively experimenting.

How is life in China


All residents of China all the time myself patting, stroking, tapping and graze on. To this end, they sold all sorts of things. But usually, the Chinese do not use them, and slapped and pinched her arms - do self-massage. Almost every house has a massage room, mainly for foot massage and pedicure.

How is life in China

and Rygaliki plevaliki

They burp and spit. Relish and humor, to the bitter, because "you can not keep to myself any muck!". Trying to spit to one side (thank you!). In public transport there is garbage - to spit. What a joy that is not under his feet.

How is life in China


There is much rubbish, but also clean. Many cleaners are constantly sweeping and wash with soap and asphalt (the government cares about the employment of poorly educated segments of the population). Children are taught to throw garbage in the trash, kids do it with pleasure. As a rule, most of all debris and do not follow the rules of "socialist conduct" villagers, provincials - Well, such and we have found.

How is life in China

My Chinese

Bustling, friendly, very caring - good! Always try to help you understand and what can not throw in trouble. Outwardly calm, but in reality very temperamental when it comes down to it. They simply have not really decided to show their emotions.

Young and old walking around with huge phones, constantly buried in them. Talking on the phone is very loud (especially tonal language system). If you select the phone, I do not even know that China will.

How is life in China


Wow! Drink tea anywhere, anytime. Hot and cold. Everyone has their own personal mini-thermos of tea. During the day to pour the boiling water. Boiling water in China can be found everywhere for free.

How is life in China

Boiling water

The surest remedy for all diseases. It is not joke. If you go to the doctor, most likely, you will register rest and warm water inside. Everyone knows that foreigners living in China. Warm boiled water served anytime and anywhere. Corporate Chinese drink.

How is life in China


Children very much. China has allowed a second child. Children constantly bear in her arms and carrying backpacks. Carriages used little. Nyankayutsya children mostly grandparents, it looks very touching. And parents earn money. Maternity leave the Chinese small - 8 months, because it is considered unfair to the entire financial burden fell on one family member.

How is life in China

pants with a slit

Now, very often from the slot in the children's pants sticking not bare ass and a diaper, but also asses enough. Countries of the European golopopyh eye to see the kids, wandering in a bold form in cold weather, but it is not necessary to accustom to the pot.

Yes, cap - it is also quite rare. In the yard 4, and a baby with a bare head and naked booty. And I have not heard that the local children overcomes cold or uhogorlonosnye problems.

Children, by the way, to carry with you everywhere, even in the night club where all mercilessly smoke, the music screams and infants sleep quietly. Due to such hardened average Chinese can sleep anywhere, in any position and at any time of the day.

How is life in China

Public transport

The public transport system is developed excellently in any case, in place of my temporary residence. Routes and travel time can be tracked by a special mobile application. By the way, there is very easy to specify the cost of travel by taxi.

Works and the system of private carting - Taxi, of course, a lot, but it was not enough. What is interesting, usually by taxi is cheaper than private traders, but it is if you're the first passenger, and if you have placed (which is normal), then you go on price, called a taxi driver, not on the counter. Bus fare cost 2 yuan, which is about 18 rubles. When using public transport be aware that you will not be putting as you do not give money to the driver, and throw in a special container, so take care of the little things necessary to advance themselves or to take delivery at the back who have come.

Keep in mind that the Chinese are beginning to actively move to the exit at the bus stop only when the bus stopped and opened the door, and the output is worth a lot of people, that's not going to go, but give place to not consider it necessary, so the locals are able to work with his elbows and knees .

How is life in China


If the Chinese, going down the avenue, decided to scratch my nose and think about eternity, nothing would induce him to step aside - will stand in bliss right there in the middle of foot traffic jam forms, but all his bypass, and no abuse will not happen.

In some ways they are very similar to us, but, of course, quite different. But do we have to be all the same?