Organization of children's holiday: help animators

• Organization of children's holiday: help animators

Organization of children's holiday: help animators

childhood should be every child is happy and full of pleasant experiences. Positive emotions and vivid memories - all these children then carry into adulthood. An important role for children to play various festivals:.. Birthdays, family celebrations, matinees in kindergartens, etc. These sincere feelings and emotions are only for children, because they do not yet know how to dissemble, play in public, to dissemble, cheat and cheat. If rejoice sincerely, if have fun, then from the heart.

Children's holiday organization requires special attention, a lot of effort, imagination and the rich variety of entertainment programs. Today, high demand animation services. This profession is known since the Middle Ages, when the noble people entertained Entertainer.

Today's feature animation are reduced to be able to create an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

At first glance it may seem that nothing could be easier not. However, every child - a little person, which requires special attention. To the event were successful, the animator must be able not only to find an approach to each child, but also to organize all the children in a close-knit team. Get help from a variety of contests and games that can be assembled on the subject, age group or gender of children. The most popular entertainment for children's parties include:

Organization of children's holiday: help animators

Holiday akvagrim

There are several variants of the "game." For example, the animators special colors can paint the kids faces. Or children are given paint and a brush to paint the kids could each other. At the end of the allotted time is a contest and is determined by the most interesting / funny picture.

Organization of children's holiday: help animators


Children should be divided into two or more teams. The essence of the game is that each team selects one participant who thinks of a particular word. Without uttering a sound, it is necessary to show the members of your team hidden word. Whose team guessed faster - and she won.

Organization of children's holiday: help animators



The children are divided into pairs. The task of one of the participants in pairs to show some dance moves, the second child should have time to repeat all.

Organization of children's holiday: help animators

Chicken paw

several teams are formed depending on the number of children. All children are given markers. Showing phrase, which is not to say aloud. On a large sheet of A3 children write this phrase. However, they write down. Whose sentence to get the beautiful (calligraphy and style), the team will be the winner.

Organization of children's holiday: help animators


Children participating fun blindfolded, handed out pencils or felt-tip pens with which they paint portraits. To create the pattern discharged certain time. At the end of the game summed up and choose the best portrait-drawing.

Organization of children's holiday: help animators

The Tale of ten hands

What phrases begin children's fairy tales? Animator tale begins with "Once upon a time ..." and further narration are children. Each child invents 2-3 phrases and creating a common tale.

Children differ in activity and restlessness, so it is with great pleasure and joy to be involved in the normal catch and hide and seek. Children's disco - great entertainment program in which can participate not only children but also parents.

The main task of the animator is to make the event fun, exciting and bright. Premeditated and designed program will help you to organize a holiday and take each child.