How to make the body more flexible

• How to make the body more flexible

Stretching is necessary for anyone who plays sports, or simply care about their health. Before each workout, stretching helps the muscles to operate at full capacity and are not afraid of injuries.

How to make the body more flexible

In addition, stretching raises the general tone of the muscles and fills them with oxygen - to those who have long been chasing a relief it will be very handy. Exercises for a great variety of stretching, we also publish a few basic, which will help your body to feel at first.

How to make the body more flexible


This pose will help to stretch the front of the body and even increase the flexibility of the spine. Lie down on the mat, face down. Knees together, arms bent at the elbows. Lift the upper body, from the head sequentially. See necessary onward and upward, hips pressed to the floor. Prognuv lower back and move his head to the blades, take five deep breaths and slowly lowered to its original position.

How to make the body more flexible

The inner side of the thigh

Sit with one leg extended to the side and the other bent at the knee. The center of gravity on the bent leg. Pull the sock over the helping hand. After 30 seconds, switch legs

How to make the body more flexible



Sit down on the ground, bend your knees, feet together connecting. Apply slight pressure on your knees apart, helping to stretch the muscles. Pull the belly and relax your muscles. Then, bend forward as far as possible and take five slow, long breaths. Return to starting position and repeat three or four times.

How to make the body more flexible

The slope to the foot of

Also performed from a sitting position. Spread the legs as wide as possible, then bend one leg, holding the foot to the groin. Reach out to the outstretched leg, helping himself with his hands. 30 seconds on each side enough to properly stretch the hamstring.

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And one of the basic yoga exercises that help stretch the spine. Lie face down, then bend and lift your legs, ankles clasping hands. Feel the tension of the spine and hip. Move slowly and smoothly, with the slightest sense of discomfort - stop.