Rules Footballer life of Fyodor Smolova

• Rules Footballer life of Fyodor Smolova

Rules Footballer life of Fyodor Smolova

I do not know much about the grass. The fields on the Russian league is getting better - that's all I can say.

Twenty meters from my house in Rotterdam was a lake. I lived on the eleventh floor and often thought as to whether dolechu water if jump?

All children come to football clubs, to score goals, but someone has to become a defender.

My father always watched football on TV. I sat down beside him, sat there for twenty minutes and ran away, because he was dying of boredom.

I think I was six years old when his father watched the soccer match on TV, and I asked him who was playing. Played "Milan", the team in black and red uniforms, and all the players were black and white boots. A one - red. Then I asked his father: "Who is it?" - "George Weah, a striker" Milan ". - "Why are red boots?" - "I do not know." Since then, I love football.

You have to be a patriot, to enjoy the Russian football and watch it. Because the Russian football is no different from all that is happening in the country in addition to football.

If such clubs as "Juventus", sent in a series of "B" for match-fixing, it must be assumed that these games - a reality. I think this is due to the bookmakers and brokers.

Where the big money is involved, there is always room bribery and meanness. Saratov I played football on the field, where even the grass was not. Run, and you fly around the cloud of dust, even in the teeth of it remained.

I can not afford to walk in the rain without a hat.

Rules Footballer life of Fyodor Smolova

On the field, there is no place friendship. You do not you divide the opposing team on the individuals. Do you have a goal - to win. And then you can have a drink together and cola.

I do not share experiences on the negative and positive.

Every major error defender or goalkeeper leads to a goal. And all the glory and all the money - they are in the penalty area.

First tattoo I filled in 17 years. Small, on the forearm. It read: forever in my heart. I dedicated it to his parents and grandmother. Then he filled his parents' names separately, and from this made football tattoo. And away we go.

Tattoos - it hurts. Heard psychologists say it's a subconscious desire to punish himself.

Once I told my father that he had never in his life did not go to play in the first league, it is best done with football. For me it was something of a "below nowhere." I thought in those terms. Ponyl couple of days, and then woke up and thought: "That will not do."

Father once told me: "Your skin, do with them what you want."

Know how to talk football, he would say: 'taken away from me, bow-legged. "

Rules Footballer life of Fyodor Smolova

Many people think that I had to move to a new town and left the girl to start scoring. Not true. This was preceded by three years of work and self-denial. As a child, everyone is afraid of dirty ball.

In 20 years, I thought so: after a workout will go to have fun and a good sleep on the weekend after the game. It happened once, two, three. Accumulated fatigue, I went to the game and thought, why am I not running? The bottom line is that it is impossible to sleep, walk, eat everything and live healthily. At least, it is certainly not about me.

Wrong to compare any player with Messi. He is a genius. By nature is given to be the best.

I tried never to lie to his father, and he tried not to punish me. This continues until now.

Running - it certainly is not mine.

Victory happy about forty minutes, and even less - as long as you sit in the locker room.

Not the hotel, chef and planes play on the field, and the players.

If you know that your teammate is going to take the match, probably it is necessary to go and tell the club. From the standpoint of pure sport is correct, but from a human - you go and lay his teammate - despicably wrong in my understanding. But how to deal with this, I do not know.

Fabio Capello told me one important thing: "Work hard and never themselves do not regret." I am reminded of these words when the arms are lowered.

Rules Footballer life of Fyodor Smolova

Joystick for a long time I did not live.

When some guy in India can turn on the computer and play football myself - it's great.

After losing I become unbearable and I ask parents, girl, friends, do not touch me. If someone tries to cheer me up, it always ends in a quarrel. Fabio Capello has two views: his own and incorrect. So it is difficult to find a common language with him.

The only thing I'm really sorry about is that left Holland for six months before he could.

I never use hair gel.

I like to get into situations that cause me anger and hatred. I remember these feelings and try to use when needed.

Without aggression in you do not have the character of a winner, but you can bring up the aggression.

I think in the next 20 years Russia will win the World Cup.

Nine out of ten people who write bad things in my Instagram, there is no purpose to hurt me. They just need a HYIP.

It turns me on when the match collects a full stadium of fans, and when I was someone scolds.

In Krasnodar, too, there are traffic jams.

If I had one day to live, I would have jumped from the balcony of his apartment in Rotterdam and looked, I would flew to the water or not.

Get the ball into the goal - what could be sexier?