The actors of the series "Brigada" Then and Now

• The actors of the series "Brigada" Then and Now

In 2002, Russian television blew series "Brigade" - about the life of a gangster romance dashing 90. Four members of the organized criminal groups have become sex symbols. How are the actors "gangster saga" today?

Sergei Bezrukov

43 years

The actors of the series The actors of the series

Bezrukov's career began on the stage. In the 90s he played in plays such as "The Passion of Bumbarash", "Inspector General", "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro", "The Lower Depths", "Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man"

By the end of the 90 Bezrukov was a popular young theater actor, but the real hour of waiting for the actor on television. In 2002, screens out the gangster series "Brigada", where played a gangster Bezrukov Sasha White. To his hero actor treated with sympathy.

Later, trying to shake off the image of the gangster, played Bezrukov and Yesenin, Pushkin, and of Christ, and even went on the "light side", playing a policeman in the TV series "Land".

In the spring of 2015, Sergei left his wife Irina after 15 years of marriage. Almost immediately after the divorce Bezrukov married director Anne Mathison, which currently brings year-old daughter Masha.

Dmitry Dyuzhev

38 years

The actors of the series The actors of the series

The role of the Cosmos became an actor Dyuzheva only the sixth to work in film. And the first - main. Gangster theme Dyuzhev continued in the film by Alexei Balabanov "Dead Man's Bluff" and in the comedy "High Security Vacation" Bezrukov and Dyuzhev laughed at his gangster roles, playing the hapless fugitive zekkov.

In Dyuzheva - tragic family history. In 1998, from leukemia died 12-year-old sister of the artist Anastasia. 4 years later (in the year the release of "Brigade"), and unable to cope with the loss, with a committed father Dyuzheva, and a year later after the suicide of a spouse did not and Dmitry mother - the woman had a heart attack ... For nearly 10 years Dmitry Dyuzhev lives in marriage with Tatiana Zaitseva. The family grows sons Ivan and Dmitry.

Paul Mikes


The actors of the series The actors of the series

Just as Dyuzhev in "Brigade" Paul first tried on a major role - before that, he worked as a stuntman in "The Barber of Siberia" and played an episode in the series Tigran Keosayan "Men's Work". And just like the other actors of the main cast, the role of the gangster Bees brought Maykov wildly popular. But further career of the actor developed the least successful of all four.

Recently we have seen Maikova in the series "Treason" and "You're all I besite". Paul's rising 14-year-old son, Daniel, from actress Catherine Maslovskaya.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov

45 years

The actors of the series The actors of the series

In the movie Vladimir Vdovichenkov began acting while still at VGIK, where, by the way, did only 25 years old. At the same time Vladimir had his first prominent role - in the cult video Dolphin "Dealer".

Prior to that, he served in the Navy Vdovichenkov. After the "sea time" in life Vdovichenkova stage began experimenting with the professions, and in the end it was decided to go to Moscow - to become an actor.

First Vdovichenkov played in the episodes - for example, in the series "The Border. Taiga novel "and" Turkish March. " A little later came and starring. In the series "Citizen of the head," he played the Kohl-Afghans, and in the TV series "Brigada" - participant OPG Phil. Another notable work was the role Vdovichenkova Bones "Cat" in again gangster drama "Boomer".

Personal life of an actor was in turmoil as a professional. Vdovichenkov first married at 18 to a classmate, the second marriage of the actor happened in 20 years, the third - in 27. In 2005, Vladimir met a new love. She became an actress Olga Filippova. April 21, 2005, Olga and Vladimir daughter Veronica. Vdovichenkov parted with the girl's mother in 2014 and a year later married Elena Liadov. Relationship actors began after the shooting in "Leviathan", where they played lovers.

Ekaterina Guseva

40 years

The actors of the series

Katya Guseva debuted in cinema in a really terrible Russian thriller "Snake Spring", which, sozhalniyu, the great popularity of the actress did not bring. But after 5 years of waiting for her winning ticket - the role of Sasha White's wife in "team". The same 2002 was the year for the actress a huge tragedy in the Theater Center on Dubrovka terrorist was captured by the troupe of the musical "Nord-Ost", where she played Gusev. That evening, on the stage were Catherine colleagues from another cast member, and all three days of the terrorist attack the actress spent the walls of the theater. As a result, 17 of the troupe of actors were killed, including two children.

She and her husband, businessman Vladimir Abashkin actress brings 19-year old son and seven-year Lyesha daughter Anja.