Create a capsule wardrobe and be stylish everyday

Working in the office, a woman should look like according to the dress code. At first glance it seems that the office dress boring, monotonous and identical. But it is not so. Creating a capsule wardrobe, you'll be able to look at his clothes from a different angle. Alternating, composing and selecting the most interesting combination of colors, dull gray days can be made brighter and more interesting.

Create a capsule wardrobe and be stylish everyday

Capsule wardrobe - it is primarily a savings of time and money because you only need to put on already-prepared version of the stylish bow. It is simply irresistible. Having spent a couple of days for the selection and preparation of basic capsule wardrobe for a whole month, you can get ready for work are not in an hour and 10 minutes! Interesting, is not it?

Buying new clothes is often the case that it remains lying in the cupboard, and old things back in favor. The feeling of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear into the familiar to many women. How to avoid it?

Preparation of a capsule wardrobe: the details and nuances of

Create a capsule wardrobe and be stylish everyday

With a capsule wardrobe, you can easily pick up any outfit for any weather event, without spending too much time. Where to begin?

Start with the shoes. Consider that in the wardrobe need to hide and what to put on the shelf as everyday attire. Of course, you have to be classic shoes on average stable heels, high pumps, ballet flats and oxfords. Just four of these categories of shoes will have to supplement any of the images. The colors for the office is to choose low-key and plain, however, pumps may be of bright color, for example, to dilute the normal monochrome suit. How to deal with clothes and highlight a category? It should be expanded entire wardrobe, for example, on the bed, to visualize that and what to compose.

Select the style. For the preparation of the capsule wardrobe is important to correctly identify the style and give preference to one or two directions. For example, if most of the time you spend in the office, it will be convenient to create a capsule wardrobe, consisting of strict things separately and casual-wardrobe. Often companies have a day when employees can come in free style, which means you can use casual-things.

Seasonal things. to unload clothes, hiding all the things that are for the other seasons. This will allow more convenient to distribute the things in the closet. Least of all the space occupied by the things packed in vacuum bags.

Now, when the cabinet is free, you need to create a capsule wardrobe. Here's how:

• select from 3 to 5 pieces of each of the garment (pants, tops, blouses, skirts, etc...);

• combine colors, use the rule of three colors;

• Pick up accessories to match;

• compose your selected sets of shoes;

errors. There is no perfect things, or images. Sometimes things really are not quite correctly chosen, and the first time is quite difficult to create a base and at the same time stylish wardrobe. But that less is possible. The network can always find information on the trends of the season, on the fashionable colors and textures. Relying not only on your taste, but also on the opinion of experts, we can avoid many mistakes when creating their own style.

Create a capsule wardrobe and be stylish everyday

Farewell to useless things

Once created a capsule wardrobe, are things that you need to leave. These are the things that for some reason were not included in the established wardrobe and, in principle, not necessary. They can sell or just someone to give. It is not necessary to accumulate unnecessary old clothes. It will only take up too much space, with the result that again lead to chaos in the closet.

Create a capsule wardrobe and be stylish everyday

Capsule wardrobe is good that by changing the colors and styles of the same things, it seems a large number of them. Although in fact only 15 enough outfits for daily change of the image. Before buying new things, it is better to review the wardrobe, maybe there enough things to create a good and stylish capsule wardrobe not only for work but also for a holiday with friends.