Little-known facts about Stephen King

The name of Stephen King's familiar, perhaps, to everyone. He is so prolific that a stack of books of his authorship may well reach from floor to ceiling.

Little-known facts about Stephen King

The Hollywood writers scoured his works far and wide in search of subjects for the film adaptation, which is why many are familiar with him through books and the films. So who is hidden behind the loud title "king of horror"?

Together with his wife Tabitha King owns several radio stations

Little-known facts about Stephen King

King big fan of rock and roll. He and his wife own a company called "The Zone Corporation", which combines the three radio stations in Bangor, Maine. One of them is devoted to rock music, other politicians, and the third is the creativity of the King.

The first version of the novel "Carrie" King sent to the basket

Before win world fame, King barely made a living by working two jobs and trying to publish stories in magazines. In a moment of despair, he threw the manuscript of "Carrie" in the trash, but the wife found her and convinced the King to finish the product. "Carrie" was the first of the novels published by horror king and gained popularity quickly.

He likes to play a small role in his film adaptations of

On the works of King shot a lot of movies, and he is always happy to appear on the screen. The writer has played no less than 14 roles in films and mini-series.

Alice Cooper claimed to be a clown Pennivayza

Little-known facts about Stephen King

Alice Cooper was not averse to playing an evil monster called Pennivayz in the miniseries "It", but the role eventually went to Tim Curry.

In the 80s at King had drug and alcohol problems

Already a popular writer got into a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. He tried to drown so unpleasant childhood memories, but gradually the dependence prevailed over him. Only family intervention helped King to overcome the problem.

The king of horror afraid to fly

It turns out that the one who strikes fear, he has many phobias. For example, he is afraid to fly. And yet it scares the possibility of creative crisis.

King decided to start writing after reading one of the books HP Lovecraft Howard

Little-known facts about Stephen King

Well, that explains a lot.

together with Michael Jackson King removed his short film "Ghosts"

Little-known facts about Stephen King

Few people know that Michael Jackson and Stephen King worked together on the short film - a supplement to the album Jackson's "Thriller". However, the movie came out not too good, and tried to forget it.

can not stand the movie "Shine", filmed by Stanley Kubrick

"Glow" The film is considered one of the best of its kind. He liked and Kubrick, and fans of the King. More surprising, that the King himself did not like the film. The writer compared it to "a large luxury car that has no engine."

The King child witnessed the death of a friend under the wheels of the train

One day a little, Stephen went to play with a friend who lived near the railway. When he returned home, he was pale as death. Later, the mother learned that he saw his friend knocked train. The writer himself does not remember anything about the tragedy. Some believe that it is a psychological trauma has pushed him to write horror stories.

It gives autographs on books only, and only during the book presentation

Little-known facts about Stephen King

Anyone who will come to him at another time or send books to sign, get nothing. He signs the book only on book presentations.

In 1999, the writer hit by a car


18 years ago, King seriously injured while walking, falling under the wheels of the minivan. Obviously, the driver was distracted at the moment of impact. Later, with the help of a lawyer King bought a car and was about to smash it with a sledgehammer, but changed his mind.

Block own book

Little-known facts about Stephen King

"Fury" - one of the earliest works of King, published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. After several incidents of school with the use of weapons, the participants of which were inspired by the "Fury" King asked her to withdraw from public access.

Suffering from triskaidekaphobia

Little-known facts about Stephen King

This slozhnoproiznosimoe word means fear of the number 13. According to the writer, he never finishes the job at the thirteenth page, and continues to write on, until you reach a safe room.