Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

The biggest danger to health faced by modern man - a chair, a sofa and an armchair. Sedentary work, too much time watching television, vacation home on the couch - all this inactivity, which imposes on us the daily routine, also had a negative impact on us, as well as sandwich diet.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, women who sat more than 6 hours per day had a 37 percent greater risk of dying prematurely compared to women who spent sitting less than three hours a day, no matter how much time they spent on the treadmill.

Almost every one of us is in danger, because the modern world dictates its own terms: we spend a lot of time, we are glued to the chair, chair, couch or chair in the car. Metabolism can be compared to a machine which is idle for a long time. He begins to slow down when you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

For example: when you are walking slowly, your body burns 3 calories per minute, once you sit down and the number of processed calorie is equal to 1. At the same time, increased levels of triglycerides and blood sugar levels. Over time, if you continue to sit for several hours a day, the level of good cholesterol greatly fall, resulting in weight gain and development of diabetes, heart disease and various cancers.

However, you do not need to go far to become more active. Professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, James Levine (James Levine) has developed a program called NEAT (non-active activity thermogenesis) to combat the epidemic of seats. The program requires you to rethink all their habits and find a new and more active ways to spend the day. If you move enough, you will be able to avoid the consequences of daily sitting.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

Bonus: you can burn up to 1000 calories a day without going to the gym. In order to prove that the system works, the author of the methodology and professional coach Chris Freitag conducted preliminary testing. They are armed with 25 women worn on the body of a device called "Gruve", which monitors the level of human activity, and tracks the number of calories burned.

The task was simple: the women were asked to maximize their daily activity and add a mini-stimulus whenever it is possible to burn more calories.

The results were striking: in just 4 weeks on a diet of 1600 calories per day and thanks to the maximization of random activity every day, women lost a total of 45 kilograms. Some said goodbye to 5 kilograms. How they did it tell below.

Your extra kilos loss plan

Step 1

Calculate your calories

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

Wear monitor activity within 1 week (participants of the experiment were Gruve), to determine your baseline and the number of calories you burn each day. Only then can you move on to the next stages. This will help you analyze how much you move and also tell you where you need to make some changes that will lead to great results.

Step 2

Begin move more

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

Learn how many calories you normally burn in a day, try to increase this number by at least 500 over the next 4 weeks. This can throw off you on average about 0, 5 kg per week. Challenge yourself, find unusual ways to change their habitual actions, read 100 inspiring ideas below and choose for themselves the ones that best fit your lifestyle.

Step 3

Fight the fat

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

The focus of this program is on healthier choices throughout the day, and food is no exception. Eat a diet to 1,600 calories per day, full of fruits, vegetables, protein, limit or eliminate processed and refined sugar-containing products.

100 ways to increase physical activity


Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

1. Always put the TV remote, at least in the next room, you will have to once again go to turn on the TV or change the channel.

2. When cooking different foods that require a mixer or in baking, the part of the process follow a wooden spoon.

3. Hang wash things each family member separately.

4. sliced ​​fresh vegetables instead of buying frozen.

5. When cleaning and disposal of garbage, collect it in several smaller packages on emissions, rather than a large one.

6. Purchase a high-quality pots and pans than they are heavier, the more energy you will spend using them.

7. Paint the walls, hang curtains or do any other thing to improve the home, you are constantly postponed.

8. Stand up and run in place while watching your favorite television show.

9. When you want to say something to another family member, do not shout from the next room, and go to him.

10. Make stacking and apply makeup while standing.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

11. Talking on the phone, walk around the house or yard.

12. Wash dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher.

13. Wash your car yourself rather than at the car wash.

14. The items that you use most often, put on the very top or the very bottom shelf so that you make an effort when you need to reach them.

15. Leave your cell phone is always in the same place of the house, do not carry it with you. Every time you will have someone to call, you will once again move.

16. If you live in a private home, arrange a compost pit in the yard, it's not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

17. Help your children to clean their rooms.

18. Clean up in the enclosure.

19. Remove sheets in his yard. 20. Give the courier rest: order food and take a trip over her own.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

21. Take a shower instead of a bath.

22. Walk to the mailbox instead of checking mail while in the car.

23. Plant a garden plant or to set up indoor plants, for which you need to take care of.

24. Sami climb almost all the receipts and letters.

25. Try to bathe your dog and cut yourself instead of paying someone.

26. Instead of having to sit and read, listen to audio books while you walk, take away or walk the dog.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

27. Turn on the TV timer so that it is turned off, and you went to do something active.

28. "Hide" under the sofa a small trampoline and reach for it from time to time for fun and to further activity.

29. Decorate your home with lots of Christmas lights.

30. The next time, when a lot of snow will fall, add yourself plus in karma and dig out the car of his neighbor.

31. Turn on the music and dance while cooking.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

32. Drink more water. You have to get up every time.

33. Squat next to his chair for 15 seconds every hour.

34. Let your desktop will have a small glass jar with water, which must be regularly filled. Discard the large plastic bottles.

35. Get up every time talk on the phone.

36. If you have scheduled a working meeting, spend it in the most remote offices.

37. Buy a plant to care for him in the office. This will make you more active.

38. Set the alarm on your computer, which will ring every hour. Every time you hear it, get up to 5 minutes.

39. Get off at the office lunch instead of having to sit and dine in the workplace.

40. Get a standing desk or Construct it yourself. The network has enough information to do it.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

41. Get a pedal car for developing leg muscles under the table during operation.

42. When you need to brainstorm, do it walking.

43. Weekly wipe the dust in the office.

44. Leave for a few minutes outside before dinner and after dinner, take a walk around the building where he worked.

45. Make friends with someone who works on a different floor, often visit a new friend.

46. ​​Stand on your feet when you open and read your email.

47. Wear comfortable shoes (or keep per se under the table) in order to move more.

48. Do not wait until the cleaning lady will take the trash, walk themselves to the dumpster.

49. Do not use the elevator, go on foot.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

50. Instead of a chair at work, use the ball for fitness and a little wobble on it in the process.

51. When sitting, tense and relax the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, also compresses and decompresses the toes.

52. His stapler leave at the other end of the table, so you had to get up to use it.

53. During a conference call, turn on the speakerphone, and paced around the office.

54. If you meet with a client in some institution, then ask him to stay at the bar, not at the table.

55. Invest in a treadmill desk.

56. Instead of having to sit and talk, ask your boss about the possibility to do the same while walking.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

57. While you are waiting for departure time, hand luggage and take a stroll through the airport.

58. Avoid as much as possible movement in the airport transit buses.

59. Wait until the waiting train.

60. When you are on a long trip stop to rest, leaving the car running through the parking lot.

61. In those days, when you're not behind the wheel, drive as much as possible.

62. Exit the bus two stops early, go the rest of the way on foot. 63. Book hotel rooms on the top floor and climb the stairs.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

64. If you get in the supermarket a few positions, take the basket instead of truck.

65. While driving to dance to the music on the radio.

66. At the checkout at the supermarket own pack their products.

67. Do some exercises for the development of the biceps with a packet from the supermarket.

68. Go shopping alone, cease to use the services of online shops.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

69. Walk to shops in your area, do not go up to them on the machine.

70. Taking their children from school or from other places, come out of the car and greet their arms, and do not wait in the car standing at the curb.

71. Do not wait until you have an appointment. Please, give an effect, and ask receptionist to call you back.

72. Make a circle at the grocery store before you go shopping.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

73. After meeting with friends, take a coffee to go and go for a walk.

74. If you live in a private home, be sure to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

75. Walk to hiking.

76. Make love.

77. Make your loved one a massage, and then ask them to return the favor.

78. nakraste her toenails yourself, it's better than to sit still during a session pedicure.

79. Organize a party at home. Cleaning and preparing for the event will not let you lie on the couch.

Simple ways to lose weight without the gym

80. Schedule active date with your partner, such as bowling or golf instead of dinner and a movie.

81. Play active games with your children.

82. If you are passionate about something, go to the thematic meetings.

83. Play with Sway dog.

84. In winter sculpt snowmen.

85. Organize a tour of the winery instead of the usual purchase another bottle. 86. Operate a volunteer in a food delivery or posodeystvuyut in housing construction.

87. Visit the museums and art galleries.

88. Go to the antique shops and exhibitions.

89. Join a group dance.

90. Start attend class active art, e.g., sculptures or ceramics.

91. Teach your children their favorite sport, or ask them to teach you.

92. Walk on clothes shopping to update your wardrobe.

93. Sami cut down their tree.

94. Go to the Christmas carols with the children.

95. Buy a standing tickets to a sporting event, among other things, so you also save money.

96. During the next cocktail party make sure that that there were no chairs, so contact and communication will be more, of course, in addition to health benefits.

97. Ride a bike.

98. Spend a day in nature.

99. Join your children when they are playing in the top box, do not be a bystander.

100. Play in the backyard badminton