Do cats amenable to education

• Do cats succumbed to the education of

Cats - independent and proud creatures that dictate their will - is like to struggle with the elements. Mikhalkov writer Elena shared their heartwarming story about the restless cat Makar, through which you can find an answer to the burning question: Is amenable to suggestion cats? Immediately issue a spoiler - it turns out, yes! But finding the leverage is not so easy. Details - in this issue ...

Do cats amenable to education Do cats amenable to education

There is a cat. The cat ten kilograms.

There is a bed. The bed high upholstered backrest width of 10-15 centimeters.

And there are cat owners who sleep in this bed.

At night, the cat jumps on the back of the bed and walks on it. At night the cat promenade. But as a cat in a past life was a cow and some features moved into the present incarnation, on the fourth or fifth best-selling, he loses his balance and squab down.

If I'm lucky, the cat falls nearby. If no luck, landing on my head ten kilograms of cat, and somehow always ass.

Do cats amenable to education

the Question: how to wean the cat out of this habit?

They have been tried:

- sticky tape laid out on the back of the bed. (As a result, they tore off from midnight opoloumevshego cat, a little without his scalp have left.)

- unloved cat scent of ylang-ylang. (The cat spat on what flavor of his least favorite.)

- tangerine peel in large quantities. (Côte disgust posshibat skin on my head, fell in behind them myself.)

What else can you do? With bryzgalku under the pillow, I was asleep. The cat runs away, then comes back. cat photos to realize the scale of the problem attached.

Do cats amenable to education

I post it in the community.

I received a lot of feedback. The two went into business immediately.

As promised, I report.

I like simple and easy to implement ideas. The proposals to nail the ledge to the bed, to the cat, to my mind, so it was convenient to her fall, had been postponed until later.

First, I took a child of six balloons, inflated and pimpochku squeezed between the wall and bed. It turned out very nicely. My husband and I admire them and went to bed.

Do cats amenable to education

slammed a shot in the middle of the night. Awake, I decided that the husband shot the cat (though the only weapon in our house - a water pistol). When turned on the light, the cat was sitting on the floor surrounded by scraps of blue ball and squinted irritably. He was given a kick balls and moved back to sleep. This was our strategic error, proving how little we know about cats.

The second and third balls he blew twenty minutes and rode, jeeringly laughing. Husband persistently asked me to remove all and end today with the experiments. While I hid the balls in the closet, the cat crept up to the largest and rapped on it with his paw.

The net result: minus four ball, minus two hours of sleep, minus eight meters of nerve fibers for two adults. Plus fun cat.

Do cats amenable to education

Then the case went to a fallback. All headboard was constructed in several layers of foil that rustled loudly. I assured her husband that now he can sleep soundly: to foil the cat finds itself precisely not - be afraid. In general, almost what happened. The cat came in a couple of hours when we went to sleep. I jumped from the cabinet on the foil. Foil rustling, the cat terribly frightened, leapt into the air and fell on the husband.

The net result: minus ten meters foil, minus forty drops of motherwort for two adults. Plus fun cat.

Do cats amenable to education

So he looked at us in the morning, while we were trying to make breakfast with shaking hands.

So, I had a problem with which I came into the community.

After the foil balls did not work, I began to think the other way: how not to let the cat of the bedroom at night.

Do cats amenable to education

The first cat repeller was used. Unfortunately, the cat did not understand that it is deterrent. But I understand the husband, who frowned, sniffed, and finally asked to ventilate the room. So I now have a deterrent men who need to - I can give.

About the same nonsense turned out a basin of water. We put it with the expectation that the cat will splatter and forget about the bed (he loves water).

Calculation of justified half: cat lapped, but not forgotten about the bed. At night, he rode up to us, shaking his wet paws. I awake the impression that they had twenty-two. he ten stepped on my face, the other ran through the blanket and sheet. Finally ringing kiss husband's nose, it tknuvshis wet muzzle from which dripping.

Do cats amenable to education

Then the husband said to hell with it, with the interior, it agrees on the shelf.

He brought the evening lacquered board with the edge fumbled two hours abused an innocent bed and finally prisobachil. I would say that it's better to have a cat falls than this figovina (from under it would be no one got out alive). But she looked at her husband's face and decided to remain silent. Okay, I think it'll sleep one night - and then I wanted her from sin. In addition, before going to bed and ran to the child she sketched her their toys. I waved and did not swear, because it reflects who relatives will raise the child if we bury under the shelf.

(I must say that I was worried for nothing: as it turned out, my husband nailed it on the conscience).

At night the cat went on the shelf. Imposingly he walked to the middle of the shelf and touched one of the paw of toys. It turned out to be an interactive hamster ", Ms Zhu Pets".

The touch of the cat's paw hamster involved. Invitingly she exclaimed: "Abuzyuyuyuyuyu-zy!" - and ran a cat, glowing love.

I'd love to tell what happened next. But I will not lie: we did not see it. And anyway the cat up in the morning is no longer seen. Hamster reached the edge of the shelf and suicides as lemming jumping off a cliff in a basin of water.

Do cats amenable to education

The result: we have removed the shelf.

On the back of the bed guard hamster now sits. The cat does not go into the room. And if he happens to see the hamster in the open door, he swells up to the size of Pallas cat and retreats in horror.

Do cats amenable to education

That's it, our hero and savior.