Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

Dictators, tyrants and terrorists seem to us monsters that have no soul. And more terrible to find out that they had family, many of whom shared their views. The sad fate of the spouse of the most influential dictators of the past - in our material.

Eva Braun - the wife of Adolf Hitler

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

17-year-old Eva Braun met Hitler in 1929 in Munich, where she worked at the shop. At first she did not recognize him, of who is visiting them actually told her studio owner.

Between them quickly there was sympathy, and every time you visit a 40-year-old Hitler never missed a chance to make a girl a compliment or give a pleasant trifle. At times they went to the movies, having dinner together and went on a picnic.

"Allow me to invite you to the opera, Miss Eve? - I asked her Hitler. - You see, men are always around me, so I can appreciate the happiness to be near to the lady. "

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

In 1930, Hitler ordered a trusted person check whether Eve Aryan, and, receiving an affirmative answer, he continued seeing her, though not in a hurry to get married. Their relationship is almost always described as platonic as Hitler, according to biographers, she was far from the romantic aspirations, claiming Married to Germany.

During the election campaign of Hitler in 1932 Hoffmann, owner of the studio, sometimes he took with him "his little laboratory assistant Eva Braun," "which Hitler was pleased to see in the evening at the table, to digress a bit." The fact that Hitler was married, almost no one knew. Eva Braun never attended a formal dinner and was not presented to the general public. Twice she tried to commit suicide, but both times - unsuccessfully. According to Hoffmann, Hitler regarded Brown as the only "attractive girl", no more. In 1945, the couple committed suicide at the same time. This time successfully.

Elena Petrescu - the wife of Nicolae Ceausescu

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

Elena was not only faithful companion of the Romanian dictator, but was by no means the last roles in the political life of Romania.

Elena Petrescu was born into a peasant family. She dropped out of school early, could not finish my studies, and its only good marks stood on needlework. Along with his brother, she moved to Bucharest and began to work as a laboratory assistant, and later got a job in a textile factory. In 1937, Elena joined the Romanian Communist Party, and two years later became the present-communist underground fighter. There she met her future husband, recently released from prison.

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

After the Second World War, they were married, and the career of Helen went up the hill. Despite the almost complete lack of education, Elena has won several academic degrees, and later became the head of the Romanian Academy of Sciences.

Helen often ridiculed because of her illiteracy. It is sometimes called a scornful nickname "Codoi", referring to her alleged mispronunciation of the names of CO2 chemical compound. "Codoi" really is a Romanian word. It means "big tail". Husband almost idolized Elena, with its submission to call her "mother of the nation".

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

During the revolution of 1989 the couple Ceausescu fled the capital, however, the Army managed to hold them off. The couple were sentenced to death, and the sentence soon resulted in the execution. Body left lying in the "Steaua" stadium.

Nazhva Ghanem - the wife of Osama bin Laden

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

Nazhva became the first wife of a terrorist and founder of "Al-Qaeda", despite the fact that it was the 15-year-old cousin. It is rumored that she was the only woman he loved. In addition Nazhvy bin Laden had five wives. Nazhvoy they met when she was only seven. In her autobiography she wrote about that time: "He was very serious and conscientious boy was proud, but not arrogant, was sensitive but not weak, was indecisive as a chaste virgin." He courted Nazhvoy long and beautiful.

any electronics in the house was banned Bin Laden: TV, telephone, air conditioning and refrigerator. If children receive as a gift a toy, then Osama broke it. He purposefully grow out of their children's terrorists.

Once, to test the strength of the children, he ordered to kill their puppies and monkey. Another time he hunted small puppy gas and watched as the dog dies.

Nazhva recalls how once in the 90's, bin Laden brought his entire family, including fourteen children, and went along with them in the Sudanese desert. There he ordered his sons to dig a hole in the sand and lie there, including a two-year baby.

According to the plan it was the preparation for the coming war between the West and Muslims. When the children complained that they are cold, my father ordered them to dig in the sand and so warmed up. According to the wife of Osama bin Laden, he always spoke to his sons that they must be ready without hesitation, that at any moment to become suicide bombers.

Nadezhda Alliluyeva - Joseph Stalin's wife

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

has a tragic life and the wife of Stalin, who could not stand living with him, and she passed away. Nadezhda Alliluyeva always burdened with the role of "first lady", she wanted to be independent and free. The family Alliluyevs always warmly welcomed by Stalin, Hope's father was very supportive of him during his exile in Siberia. In 16 years, Hope fell in love and went with Stalin administer revolution. A year later, they were married in 1918. But their relationship evolved unevenly. Once she tried to leave, because her husband insisted that she should take care of children, but when it knew Lenin, he said that all the issues will settle itself - did not want to dismiss Hope.

She tried to be self-reliant and independent, tried not to ask money of her husband. Hope was jealous, and Stalin, according to the memoirs, he gave many reasons for jealousy.

November 7, 1932 "party bosses" gathered in the home of Clement Voroshilov - marked the anniversary of the revolution. On this day, Hope hair cut, made a perm and wore a black dress with embroidery. All noted the extraordinary beauty of Stalin's wife. One of the guests made a toast "for the beautiful ladies", all drunk, but hope. Stalin threw his wife in orange peel and shouted: "Hey, you drink!" But Alliluyeva said: "I do not" hey, you "" - and ran into the street. So the situation recalled Stalin's daughter Svetlana.

The next morning, the housekeeper found his wife dead Stalin - she shot herself in the head. They say that before his death, the hope of leaving her husband a letter, but that it was written and whether it was because no one knew.

Rachele Guidi - the wife of Benito Mussolini

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

Rachele was not the first figure in the Italian fascists, and, unlike his mistress Clara Petacci, escaped punishment.

Rachele was born in an ordinary peasant family. She met her future husband in 1910, when the servants worked. But four years later, he married another woman - Ida Dalzer. This marriage did not bring her happiness. Why parted Benito and Dalzer - is unknown. All papers were destroyed, and the first wife of Mussolini was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where she died of a brain hemorrhage. In 1915, Mussolini married Rachele. The couple had five children. During the fascist regime Rachele portrayed as the ideal model of the Aryan wife and mother.

Spouses dictators of the past and their destiny

She remained faithful until the end of Mussolini. But April 28, 1945 she was not with Mussolini when he and his mistress Clara Petacci were captured and killed by Italian partisans.

After the collapse of the regime Rachele fled from Italy, but was captured by Italian partisans. However, after a couple of months, she was released by the Americans.

Rachele later opened her own restaurant, has written a book about the life of Mussolini and received a pension. After the execution of Mussolini she begged to give her body for burial.

Rachele died deep old woman in 1979.