10 reasons to love the Mexican capital

Ivan Glushkov traveled to Mexico City for the finals of the international bartending competition Diageo Reserve World Class, passionately loved the Mexican capital and made for you ten reasons to experience the same feeling.

10 reasons to love the Mexican capital

1. Vitamin T

Poetic momentum about the smell of cities, as a rule - a lie. Paris is certainly not fragrant fresh croissants, Tokyo does not smell of wasabi and ginger, and the air is not diffused Berlin mustard. But in Mexico City this boring realism fails. The town is actually soaked walnut oil aroma of popcorn. Locals call your corn fast food "Vitamin T" - because all the street names of dishes starting with the letter T.

In the morning - tamales, steam corn cakes with filling, wrapped in a banana leaf. At lunchtime on each intersection of the city leave countless carts with tacos. The best - with pork tripe, stewed pig's blood, chicken in a spicy tomato sauce and, of course, beans - sold around the skyscraper Torre Latinoamericana. At lunch - tlakoyo, Aztec still fast food, cakes of purple corn stuffed with beans. They - and other corn happiness - trade in Chilpancingo neighborhood.

10 reasons to love the Mexican capital

2. El Parnita

Everything you know about Mexican food, have to forget in the first hours of your stay in Mexico City. For example, my dear restaurant El Parnita. Chili, tacos, ceviche, beer with a slice of lime in the neck - it would seem, everything is as we are used to, but tastes differ dramatically, and, alas, did not repeat in Russia. Too different products, the climate in which they grow and, most importantly, the atmosphere in which they are eaten. In El Parnita always noise, noise, and not a single empty seat, except perch at the bar. Variety of tacos: pork offal, avocado and black beans, shrimp (say them in the restaurant every day eat 12 pounds), octopus with vegetables. Stone mortar with black pepper sauce, a neighbor, a warning in any case he was not trying to - "too spicy" - and put yourself spoonfuls. Of course, I did not listen, and put itself - but because of the blazing fire in the mouth is not felt nothing. Anyway - a real concentrated happiness.

3. Geography

Such a diversity of regions - and in the architecture and in the atmosphere, and in the guise of people - I have not seen in any city in the world. Center, Classic Old Town - Natural Madrid, with sweeping areas and pompous Roman Catholic Cathedral of the local red tuff. Around - a maze of classic colonial town, with small shops, workshops and Bartschik motorcycles and washing machines: colorful, noisy, dirty and a bit dangerous. By the way, in Mexico City does not stop to remember her mother's commandments - do not walk on the outskirts of the night and do not walk through the deserted lanes of the day. West Polanco - a copy of the top Los Angeles areas, such as the same Santa Monica, with trendy restaurants, wide boulevards and luxury shopping. To the south - an area of ​​Condesa: intellectuals mansions Amsterdam street, which is a microscopic, closed ring Boulevard for jogging and walking respectable ladies with dogs. On either side of the main, built-up skyscrapers Street Reform - natural Delhi, dingy, neglected, but extremely picturesque neighborhoods. And all around, tens of kilometers - the slums, painted with all the colors of the rainbow, neat and even picturesque, in all respects superior to their counterparts in Asia or Africa.

10 reasons to love the Mexican capital

4. Michelada

Located high in the mountains of Mexico is not hot - but the perfect tropical weather drink then poured on every corner. The simplest and most delicious version - lime juice, salt and local lager. In places with a claim micheladu begin to improve, adding to tomato juice, water, fused with seashells, sauces and condiments. The larger the institution of tourists - the greater the resulting mixture in appearance and taste reminiscent of the liquid gastritis. But you can drink adequately and there: ask not micheladu and cerveza con lima e sal, ie beer with salt and lemon, the most desired drink.

5. Templo Mayor

The excavation of the Aztec capital appear in the top three mandatory to visit Indian attractions, along with anthropological museum and the ruins of Teotiukana, but it is they, tourists often neglected. And for good reason. Firstly, it is the center, just around the corner from the cathedral. Approaching the ruins, it is necessary not to go to the left, all the tourists and avoid them right - there and the ticket office and the entrance and recessed into the ground an excellent museum of history pre-Hispanic Mexico, with a lot of artifacts.

6. Mercado Medellin

"The most beautiful thing in Mexico - it's markets" - says the chef Vladimir Mukhin. The best market in Mexico - is Mercado Medellin, add from myself. Here I looked at the tattooed future stars of Mexican cuisine (in the hotel assured me that even the chef of the legendary restaurant Quintonil and Pujol are bought only here), tried countless strange fruits and vegetables ( "oh, how nice you these tart tomatoes," - "you that they are now eaten raw is good that the hospital here just around the corner ") and the supporting force lemon soup -?! thick mixture of chicken, tomatoes, pepper, lime juice, and, of course, tortillas, which was served on the second floor. All kinds of souvenirs relatives, too, need to buy here: like a small Dalmatian beans, unknown varieties of chili, homemade mezcal, fried grasshoppers and Gusau - living in agave worms, grilled and milled with salt. That they need to sprinkle the notorious lime supplied to the tequila.

10 reasons to love the Mexican capital

7. Paseo de la Reforma

Another surprise of Mexico - an incredible abundance of contemporary art exhibited on the boulevard reform. This street crosses almost the entire city. However, going beyond the old town to the north, from the wide boulevard, the botanical garden and sculpture exhibition of fashion, it turns into a pretty terrible highway, surrounded by painted yellow paint garages. But you can guess when to turn back.

8. Bars

It happened, as we remember, on the bar Diageo Reserve World Class competition, and without cocktails, of course, is not complete. And indeed, the entire Central American region, from Miami to the Caribbean and Mesoamerican jungle, incomprehensible for me it is very conducive libations. In Mexico City - lots of opportunities. The best of them - bar Xaman ( "Shaman" that is) on the Boulevard reform. Colorful cacti on the walls, the ceiling bundles of corn, skull, galleries bottles with mysterious liquids and, of course, an impressive collection of tequila and mezcal. The main amusement - brand gin and tonic: a pair of dried grasshoppers, a handful of thorns, vines twenty centimeters, a few drops of pink liquid muddy banks, gin, tonic, pen instead of tubes. When you get tired Xaman - go to Limantour and Hanky ​​Panky, there is also know a lot about cocktails.

9. Naked & Famous

Another great bar - 50 Mils, old-fashioned, strict and standard cozy, entered, by the way, this year's list of the 50 best bars in the world. There I learned to cook a wonderful cocktail. I can not share the recipe:

- 1 part of mescal

- 1 part of the Italian bitters

- 1 part of the yellow shertreza

- 1 part lime juice

All whisk in a shaker with ice and strain into a martini glass.

10. Diageo Reserve World Class

Authoritative, the largest and most powerful bar competition in the world. Every year the best young bartenders from around the world in the next desantiruyutsya close cocktail culture of the city and start the match. Applicants mixed cocktails, and in addition, demonstrate the ability to prepare and select snacks, to understand the aroma and taste of beverages. They studied the Mexican tastes and culture, presented the achievements of his country's cuisine and, most importantly, have shown that they know how to communicate with visitors and captivate them.

10 reasons to love the Mexican capital

October 16 regular-season World Class starts in Russia. Applicants will have to endure three stages. First, Heat of the Moment, is dedicated to the bartender with the kitchen, and sometimes instead of it. In the second, Behind the Bar, will have to show an understanding of current trends in the bar culture, the ability to work with regional Russian ingredients, culinary and drinking traditions. In the third, Host Your Guest, will be required to demonstrate a willingness to meet with the honor guest of the phrase "and to talk about?", Because a real bartender in the first place - a psychologist, and then mixology and culinary. Of course, the jury will not be asked to the participants with a clean slate: all will begin a series of workshops and lectures by chefs, restaurateurs and famous bartenders. To participate in the competition, it requires very little thing: register on the site and inbar.ru be one of the best bartenders of Russia.