Rules of Life actor Ryan Gosling

• The rules of life of actor Ryan Gosling

Rules of Life actor Ryan Gosling

If you are a Canadian and not interested in hockey, they call you asshole.

All childhood I was a little boy from Canada, watched movies about black guys and then sobbed into my pillow.

My father worked in a factory, like all the men in our family. And I did not know what I want to do in life. And then my uncle started parody of Elvis, and life had meaning.

Uncle moved into our house when he lost all his money. He lived in the basement, but some day decided that he would make a parody of Elvis. He walked around the house in brilliant costumes, wigs and sunglasses. In truth, she and Elvis had nothing in common: my uncle was bald, mustached and with a giant mole on his face. But he had to change - and everything changed. My parents considered him eccentric, but when he tied up with the scene, it was a blow to all. Because my family returned to the familiar life in which we all have been very bored with each other

It seems to me that something is wrong.

Internet - a strange thing. Thousands of people may hate you just because you do not like corn flakes.

I hated my childhood, my body, my hair, hated it when I was told what to do. Perhaps that is why I left home as soon as possible.

Before shooting "La La Land" we Damien Shazellom (director -. Esquire) met with the widow of Gene Kelly (the actor who played the title role in the musical "Singing in the Rain" -. Esquire). She had a dog, which at the end of this wonderful evening we accidentally released into the street. For some time we ran around with Damien busy road, trying to catch her. And then Damien looked at me and said: "We can not kill the widow of Gene Kelly the dog, Ryan! That will never happen! "And we did not kill. Damien lifelong dream to shoot "La La Land". I could either destroy his dream, or learn how to play jazz piano.

My faith - it is pictures taken telescope "Hubble".

Sometimes it's better to laugh than to cry.

From childhood dream to rob a bank. But in real life, unfortunately, it is impossible: I can go to jail.

Rumor has it that the "disney" growing army of killer cats. They live in barracks on the outskirts of the amusement parks, and at night their way to attractions and kill all mice. In my opinion, a very strange decision for the empire, which is based on a gigantic mouse.

I always apologize for no reason.

My mother - a very beautiful woman, and I've always been scared to walk her down the street. Once we pass a couple of meters, as machines began to honk her one after the other.

Children deserve to be loved. And they deserve a great fathers.

When I see the clips Britney Spears, where she holds a snake around his neck, always ask yourself, "Is this all because of me," Once my mother complained her that I too often talk about sex.

First, Canada is hoping for me. Then we got Justin Bieber. Now that Canada is finally a happy prime.

For every extra word about "Blade Runner in 2049," I will blow up on the spot. So said the director, after fed any rubbish.

Ridley Scott - an ordinary romantic, in 1982 he invented the future world full of destruction and chaos. And, unfortunately, this future has come.

I recovered fifteen kilograms when ready to play in "Lovely bones" Peter Jackson. But at the last moment he replaced me another actor. And I was fat and unemployed. Each time, I hope that "The Notebook", "Drive", "La La Land", or at least something will be successful "Avatar".

The first time I saw "Blade Runner", when I was 14, that is, 12 years after the premiere. And I found nothing special: I was a teenager, who loved movies with special effects.

If the "la la Land" was shot in 1950, no one in the end would not cry.

In school, I was called a problem.

It is not necessary to attach importance to tattoos - they do not care about going to regret.

It is easy to evaluate the comedy: if you laugh, it means good. With the drama more difficult: you look and you do not understand, people suffer and it is very boring?

Women are better than men, everybody knows it.

My mother was at the ceremony "Oscar" just once. That year, she decided that the beams - a hit of the season. But on the red carpet they were all with her hair. The room we sat in front of Rachel Weisz, and she kept jumping up to see the stage, and my mom just below the slide into the chair. And I do not know what to do, but really like that it does not upset. I asked Meryl Streep: "Could you tell my mom that you like her hair?" And when the allowed advertising, she said: "You know, I, too, wanted to make a bundle. It is a pity that did not dare. " Then the mother nearly died of pride.

The best films - those that can be silent.

I no longer lonely.