"Am I dead ?!" or eerie ghost stories of victims after mass disasters

All sorts of horror stories and "bedtime stories" about the assorted ghosts, monsters and other supernatural party has long taken its rightful place in the modern "folklore." However, some visitors beyond the grave, is firmly entrenched in the pages of tabloid and other thematic resources, not so much afraid of his nocturnal voyami and the clank of fetters as that terrible overtones, which is credited to their origin.

I do not know whether or not faced heroes of today's article with some otherworldly forces, or was it just nonsense inflamed consciousness afflicted with post-traumatic stress syndrome, but today we decided to make our readers portsieyvechernego fiction bedtime on all sorts of ghosts and other inhabitants of the other world, where people allegedly They met after the tragic and bloody mass disasters.

Passengers who do not pay the fare

After the devastating tsunami in 2011 devastated the Tohoku and carried away with a life of more than 16, 000 Japanese, many of the taxi drivers in the cities most affected by the disaster, began to tell stories about the strange and mysterious passengers. A local journalist, who decided to collect all these stories together, counted no less than hundreds of taxi drivers who had to ride in the cabin of his dead car. The most interesting is that the first night, passengers are quite normal, so much so that drivers do not just let them in entering the passenger compartment, and even start the counter and makes a corresponding mark in the journal trips.

For example, one of those drivers told about how the night shift in his car sat a young girl, who asked to take her to an area completely devastated by the tsunami. When the man asked, surprised at the passenger's destination address and reasonably noticed that there where she asks to go, left in ruins, she was horrified to look at him, asked: "How is it? Am I dead? "And then vanished in the darkness. I do not know whether the Japanese taxi drivers had to burn gasoline, rolling ghosts who, needless to say, do not pay the fare, but many superstitious drivers at that time or refused to go on the night shift, or have decided to look for a less stressful job.

"Help me, they want to burn me!"

"Ghost passengers" from Japan were not only drowned, which made themselves felt such an unusual way. After the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, has completed kilometer to collect lists of the dead in Thailand, many relatives of the victims began to complain about the police in the strange phone calls.

Grieving relatives claimed that the hours of 2-3 nights in their homes suddenly start ringing phone, and by lifting the handset, they did not hear anything, except the heart-rending cries and moans of their deceased relatives, who pleaded to save them from the flames of hell crematorium. Although the police have not found a crazy phone bully who could entertain such a cruel way, stories about strange calls charged to the imagination jokes and traumatized by the loss of loved ones.

"Just give me my fucking luggage!"

Another story, worthy of a horror movie, was played after the collapse of the DC-10 flight in the vicinity of O'Hare airport, took the lives of all 271 passengers on board and several others on the ground. Lone drivers on the highway leading to the airport, noticed strange lights and shadowy figures, and residents of neighboring houses in addition to the noise of planes taking off had to put up with another surprise attack.

In particular, many local residents told how in the middle of the night someone started pounding hard, or call them at the door. Looking out the peephole, frightened Chicagoans saw a dark human figure with a face completely hidden shadow. The question "Who are you and what do you want?" The figure of a polite female voice asked to admit her for a few minutes to call because her flight was delayed, and the house waiting for the children and the husband, or angry male voice demanded finally return "fucking lost baggage". As soon as the poor homeowner to open the door and continue to ask questions, like ghostly figure immediately melted into the night.