Smartphones with the best cameras

Smartphones with the best cameras

Do you need an iPhone X, if the thing for you - the camera?

The pixel race is already a few years ended among smartphones - the latest surge was Nokia Lumia 1020C matrix of 41 megapixels. It became clear that the need to work in the other direction: the number of megapixels affect mainly on the size of photos, decide you print it. The quality of the photograph - depth, sharpness, contrast - affect other parameters.

For the most part in modern smartphones, they are hidden under the hood, and outside stick out only two lens camera - the trend of recent years. Experience has shown that since the pictures are better when the device connects the two images into one.

The competition took deep: one less than the value of the aperture optics (this figure is close to the letter f in the characteristics of the camera), the size of Pixley, who is smarter sprogrammiruet photo processing tools.

Smartphones with the best cameras

Google Pixel 2

Recently, Google has presented a lot of new "iron", among which - a couple of updated smartphones Pixel line. The Pixel 2 take into account the shortcomings of the first version and, in particular, have made one of the best cameras. But not at the expense of improvement of the technical part, but with the help of artificial intelligence, the main trump card of the company.

Photo shoots one lens to the matrix only 12 megapixels. But further automation begins to show tricks - and voila, Pixel 2 - number one in the rankings. How did he do it?

In Google bet on image processing algorithms. If you are using a service Google Photo, then you know that the application is regularly offers his version improve your photos, different collages and the like. And now these tricks become able and smart default camera resolution 12 megapixel few pictures, and smart software they stick together, choosing the best out of each piece.

Smartphones with the best cameras

Huawei Mate Pro 10

The new flagship of the Chinese armed to the eyeballs. Inside even worth proprietary processor (Kirin 970), but now it's about the cameras. Two of them, and they are traditionally made in conjunction with the German Leica. One (12MP) works with color, the second (20 Mn) - black and white. The main advantage of the device - optical aperture of f / 1, 6. That there is only one smart phone in our list. This means that while shooting the smartphone will capture more light from the objects and pictures will turn out even more clearly in the dark.

Smartphones with the best cameras

Sony Xperia XZ1

In line XZ1 several models - from small by modern standards Compact to the older Premium. But the capabilities of the camera they have the same: technically - one photomodule 19 megapixels. Practically - also a lot of software, including the entertainment.

For example, Motion Eye sensor. He in a separate memory 128 MB, and when the camera sees a moving object, then begins a series of shots before you press the shutter. As a result, the first time you can rightfully blame in the wrong frame of not only themselves, but also technique.

Another feature of the camera - the ability to create a 3D-model of the head, something resembling death masks of the "Game of Thrones". Then this animation can be different fun - then Sony has always singled out purely Japanese approach.

Another interesting camera mode - Super Slow video when the video is recorded at up to 960 frames per second. Here you can give free rein to imagination and nasnimat his own "The Matrix." However, not for long: just six seconds.

Smartphones with the best cameras

Moto Z2 Play with the Hasselblad photo module

By itself, the camera in this new "Motorola" is not from the top, although she, too, two lenses for 12MP and the aperture of f / 1, 7. Much more interesting is the special approach Lenovo (of this company belongs to the Motorola brand now): the back surface Moto line phones can be mounted plug-in modules. External Battery, PC Speaker, gamepad, and, of course, the photo module from another well-deserved "German" - the Hasselblad brand, which is already one hundred and fifty years, and that is little known in wider circles. But this attachment provides PhotoChances inaccessible to competitors: own matrix of 12-megapixel, 10x optical and 4x digital zoom.

Smartphones with the best cameras

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is traditionally strong in the chambers, and the line Note traditionally technically more mainstream S. In Note 8 double main camera, one shirokouglnaya 12 Mn (aperture of f / 1, 7) and the other by the same amount, but with an aperture of f / 2, 4. thanks to the latest you can play with a dynamic focus - to adjust the blurriness of the background.

Important feature: Note 8 pioneered optical stabilization immediately in both PV modules, so you can shoot high-quality video on the go, and the photo will be much less noise.

Smartphones with the best cameras

8 Plus the iPhone or the X

Why "or"? Because both models are the same dual camera module and a matrix of 12 megapixels. If, however, it is based on "eight", that with it you will, for example, will not be able to play with the manual settings on the camera - Apple relies on automatic mode.

From a technical point of view, Apple's (seemingly) have tried: a new processor A11 Bionic newly processes the image, analyzes the elements in a scene - people, traffic, lighting - and optimizes the shooting. camera software has learned to put "light portrait" - begin to resemble a photo studio covers of glossy magazines. And to shoot in slow motion, too. But here the "apple" gives Sony, giving only 240 frames per second.

Note that in the 11 version of the smartphone OSes photos to save space are converted to the new format with HEIC resolution. However, if you transfer pictures to the cloud, they are automatically converted to JPG.

Smartphones with the best cameras

LG V30

V30 - same second smartphone, with aperture f / 1, 6 (when the matrix 16 Mn). According to the manufacturer, the camera's sensor thereby falls to 25% more light than the lens with an aperture of f / 1 8. LG traditionally raises two photo module, one of which is wide. In practice, it provides excellent opportunities for landscapes. The benefit of the new software version corrected distortion (lateral curvature of the image).

Another feature of the V30 - Point Zoom: click on the desired object on the screen and the progress bar slowly zoom in or out the picture.

Nokia 8

Included in the Group of Eight is a German optics Carl Zeiss, and then once a Finnish brand that migrated under the wing of the Chinese, do not change yourself - the logo of the Germans has always flaunted on the Nokia case.

Both modules are the main camera - 13 megapixel (one color and one monochrome).

Software allows to remove the original mode Bothie: once with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. The display is divided into two parts, and it is a good tool for doing broadcasts - and the audience can see the event and commentator.

We should also highlight the Nokia 8 front-facing camera with the same matrix as in the main - 13 megapixels. A great option if your main job selfie.