"I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid!", Or why it is necessary to revise its opinion on several issues

Oh, these general misconceptions! Mantoux watering can not swallow gum harmful GMO products can destroy the DNA and so on. Yes, of course, certain things need to be treated with caution, but it is not necessary to be a fanatic. Many phobias, to everyone's surprise, have a terrific property firmly established in the minds of the people, despite the fact that they do not carry no scientific evidence.

In some of them, many people used to believe even in early childhood, while others are actively starting to promote our ubiquitous media. In today's article we will open your eyes to some things that previously you might have feared to do.

1. "Okoseesh!"

Probably many have heard that if you often take his eyes, then okoseesh. We would like to reassure you. His eyes fixed to the bridge of the nose is not something absolutely terrible and harmful, but rather the contrary, helpful. This kind of charging for the muscles of your eyes, which helps to overcome fatigue and improve blood circulation.

There is another opinion that, if we reduce the eye, and at this point you're being hit on the head, you can okoset. Here, this option is already close to the truth. Earn squint you can quite independently of whether or not you take his eyes to the nose or not. This can happen just from being hit on the head, which should be of great strength.

2. No chewing gum!

I did not quite understand from where came from the belief that if you swallow chewing gum, then you will wear it in your stomach for seven years. Perhaps, once one of the parents so decided to teach her child, and thus, this tale spread around the world. So, let's see. Yes, indeed, the gum base can not be digested in the stomach, but it does not mean that she is seven years old can stick to its walls. Items that are not digested by the stomach, face quite a natural way. To chewing gum could actually harm the stomach and intestines, it needs to be there kilograms.

3. It is impossible to wet skin test

All we have heard from school nurses, who made the vaccine, that it can not be wet. I do not know why they are saying, but this is pure lies. Wet skin test can be as much as necessary, but that it is impossible to do with it, because it is to scratch, pick, smear some ointment and in general in any way injure the site. It was impossible to wet mantu only when reaction to tuberculosis was tested by applying a sample to a scratch on the skin. At the moment, this test makes disposable syringe and inject the needle into the skin, where the water get well can not.

4. Crunch knuckles can cause arthritis

This is another misconception that is very active leeched some bright minds. The main damage that can bring an action, it is cause irritation on the part of others. To date there is no evidence that this habit can somehow cause a serious and painful disease like arthritis. Of course, it is worth noting that the knuckles crunch can not be called a good occupation. cases have been recorded, when some people are already very actively engaged in this business, which led to the dislocation of the phalanges.

5. Violent video games can make a person a maniac

Of course, today's video games are, to put it mildly, not really for kids, but claim that they can make your child's future murderer, rapist or serial killer, it's stupid. Research conducted on the influence of such games on the psyche of children have shown that the maximum from the child's aggression may appear that passes as quickly as it had begun. There is no evidence that if a person loves video games with elements of violence, in real life he is inclined sovershatagressivnye actions.

6. A person swallows so many spiders in his sleep

To begin with, that the spider had just not zapolzet into your mouth just because we tossed and turned in his sleep, snoring and publish other sounds. By their nature, spiders are extremely shy creatures, so afraid that this creature can specifically crawl into your mouth, it is stupid.

7. GMO - foods can change our DNA

If you eat such a product, you need not fear that it somehow can change your DNA. In any case, whatever we eat, our body always gets someone's DNA, but that does not mean that it can we somehow damaged. The main part of it split in the intestine, and that a small part of what was left, still fall apart within days.