How to live a modern Robinson Crusoe on an island of plastic bottles

• How to live a modern Robinson Crusoe on an island of plastic bottles

In the late 90's Richart he moved to Mexico from the United Kingdom. Ten years ago, out of 150 000 plastic bottles Richart built his first Ecoproject - floating island. I dwelt on it.

How to live a modern Robinson Crusoe on an island of plastic bottles

It hurts to see how much garbage people leave behind, I do not mean only that they throw onto the street, but also a waste of humanity stretches trail.

I have over 20 years dreamed of living on his island. And as much I wanted to find a solution - how to use many of the materials recycled. In my opinion, I came up with a good idea.

How to live a modern Robinson Crusoe on an island of plastic bottles

I take plastic bottles to large landfills and dumpsters. Empty bottles are fastened together and placed in nets fruits. I put it all in a wooden frame, top - film and wooden flooring. Atop sheathing poured sand and silt from the bottom. It turns out that something like a sandwich. Ultraviolet light does not fall on the plastic and does not destroy it.

I built a pretty high house with a jacuzzi, planted mangroves - they quickly germinate, bonding platform roots, stabilize and provide shade.

My island is built on 70% of recycled materials, I called him Dzhoysksi.

Dzhoysksi island with a garden - this is my third island. The first two hurricanes destroyed. At first I Robinson in mainland coast of Mexico, and then I moved to Isla Mujeres. Why Isla Mujeres? Firstly, it is the only island in the world, called the Women's Island. Look at the map - the outline of the island like a fish. Head - in the south, where there is an ancient Mayan temple on a rocky promontory. Here come the girls with a shaman to meet the sun, and pray for the occurrence of pregnancy. And north of the island looks like a fish tail: the tail moves, so all dance (disco, and the bulk of the hotels are located here). But my Dzhoysksi - in the womb of a pregnant fish .... Securely protected from storms and tribulations.

How to live a modern Robinson Crusoe on an island of plastic bottles

On Dzhoysksi garden grew a few years: palm trees, fruit trees, herbs, tomatoes, melons, lemons ...

A small island with a squat house, where I live now, you can pull on the rope close to the great, but you can let go away. This island I built recently.

All the convenience, I moved into a new house. It is fully self-contained, there is a bedroom, a kitchen with gas stove, solar panels, wind generator, compost composting toilet and shower. Biotoilet provides fertilizer for the trees and in the shade under the platform of the island settled underwater inhabitants - a new ecosystem.

I then constructed rainwater harvesting, why buy the water if it is pouring down from the sky?

It is strange that the sand under your feet swinging, but do not be afraid, we are not failures in the sea. It may seem that this holiday - to live on their island paradise. But physical work a lot - especially in the early years.

My house is built of plywood, bamboo, wood, palm leaves and tissues, in tropical climates materials quickly deteriorate. big house collapsed recently. Waves from passing boats chatted platform in different directions and gradually shifted the foundation of the house.

How to live a modern Robinson Crusoe on an island of plastic bottles

I have two adult daughters, two sons and seven grandchildren. Every three years, I go to England, sometimes come home to me.

In March 2013th through the Internet, I met Jody, a former top model. I was 60, she 47. We liked each other, and life in a tropical paradise on your own island seemed to her attractive. We were happy. Now I live alone.

I make music (sing their own songs) and art. Demonstrates his art object floating tour. Previously on the shore I was my raft for eight people (also from the bottles) and classified.

For 50 pesos, people received a tour, cake "by Richart Soua" of the solar stove and tea Jamaica (Hibiscus). Oh, I forgot to warn you that my cake ready, you need at least a year (laughs).

On my island had drifted to shore and someone robbed him last week. this happened the first time. Stolen tools and ropes. I do not know who did that. My friends and I traveled the island in a safe place. A huge relief! A man who lives on the island of garbage, many seem at least strange, but I have a more liberal view. We together with my island adapt to the changing circumstances of life.

What is the most difficult? Not all understand and support me. But faith and the help of friends to help stay in a good mood. My philosophy is: enter as strangers, but as friends Leave Your.

I am free and therefore happy. Here, a huge space for creativity of the architect and artist, and if you get tired of standing in one place, I move my house to where I like it.

A person can live in harmony with the Earth: consume less, use garbage to build these islands. They provide shade for corals dying from global warming, and new places for people overpopulated planet.

I tried to collect money for the creation of eco- and art objects, like my island, but not too successful.

In life there are ups and downs. But the main thing in it - peace, wisdom, love and fullness of joy.

Everyone is trying to find the way to heaven. People open your eyes and see!