"Ear tenants," or who were dragged into the light otolaryngologist?

Well, dear readers, today's article will be devoted to the so-called "ear lodgers", which, for one reason or another, have settled in human ears. At first glance it may seem that this is unrealistic, because not seen as something in your ear climbs quite simply unrealistic, but, despite this, you are wrong. Even as real.

When the "tenants" are felt, the first symptoms are usually very strong and almost unbearable itching headache. In order to remove the creature settled in your ear, will require medical attention. Despite the fact that all this is terribly frustrating and just disgusting, no injuries inside the ear or that creation can cause. That less, the idea that something living can sneak into your ear canal, frightened so many people so much that they decided to buy ear plugs and insert them into your ears every time before going to bed. Judging by what we have now to tell you, earplugs during sleep begin to seem not such a bad idea.

Hendrik Helmer

In 2014, Hendrik Helmer from Darwin, Australia, woke up in the night because of severe pain in his right ear. He suggested that, perhaps, all the fault of some insect that crept into his ear canal. Yes, the situation, however, is not it? The man decided that he would try to turn out horrible insect with a vacuum cleaner, but, alas, this procedure does not help. After suck it awful strange creation failed, Hendrik decided to wash the ear with a special syringe that is used to wash out the cerumen, but it is more enraged the creature that it turned out because the pain increased, and the man began insanely sick head. In the end, the man decided to wake his wife and tell about what happened to him. Of course, a wise woman once drove her husband to the hospital, where from his ear removed to light white 2-centimeter cockroach.

Radhika Mandloi

Radhika Mandloi the age of four complained of severe pain and itching in her ear and was taken to hospital in 2016. There Dr. Raj Kumar 80 larvae Mundra removed from her ear during two 90-minute operation. "If Radhika tightened with a campaign to the doctor even just for a day, the larvae may have begun literally have her brain" - said Raj Kumar Mundra after surgery. It should immediately be noted that not all the larvae eat only dead human tissue. The doctor said that the blame for the fact that in the ear of the child was got 80 larvae become unsanitary conditions in which the girl lives. Mundra suggested that due to the fact that the girl is very rarely swims, flies, literally, "flocked to the smell," which came from her body, and one of them put down the larva directly into her ear.

Kathryn McCann

Katherine McCann, 92 years old, was in a Lutheran home for the elderly in Arlington Heights, Illinois, where in 2012 bred maggots in her ear. When the elderly woman began to complain of severe ear and headaches, it immediately sent to the hospital. There from her ear doctors removed 57 larvae. Experts who have examined the larvae, found that they were in the ear uMakkann three days. nursing home was examined, but was not found hordes of flies. It is believed that this winged creature postponed larva in the ear of an elderly woman, when the latter was on a walk.

Grant Botti

This fourteen-year boy at all "lucky." Harry Botti removed from the ear that other, as the 10-centimeter centipede in 2015. It was an unbearable pain became a harbinger of things in his ear canal settled something big. After treatment in a local hospital, where the doctor and discovered these things truly terrifying creature, Botti released from "ear invader." The doctor who performed the operation, said that had never pulled such large centipedes from their patients.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous

These nocturnal insects like crickets, seeking refuge in the daytime. Unfortunately, for a single person who lives in India, such a haven for nocturnal creatures that served as his ear. This happened in 2014. Waking up in the morning, the man felt a very strong itching and pain in his right ear. The first thing he suspected, is the fact that in his ear passage has lodged an insect. Male immediately turned to the hospital, where a doctor pulled outwardly from the right ear of male 5-centimeter cricket.


In 2016, Victoria Price from Wales sharp ear was ill after swimming in soul. Initially, she decided that the ear canal is exposed to water, but when jumping on one leg did not produce results, Victoria asked her husband to examine her ear, and he said that there just have something alive, and it's completely out of the water . At the hospital, Dr. Sara Gaza has removed a large wriggling spider ear Price. Despite his experience, Victoria said that she still is not afraid of spiders.