"Discipline vs Motivation". Why is it sometimes necessary to forget about the motivation and discipline to take sides?

Many psychologists, coaches on personal growth and many others say that without motivation can not be normal life of the individual. In fact, any area of ​​life "running" at full speed, thanks to the motivation. But, unfortunately, all sorts of motivational videos, books and training work after a while. In order for a person felt the changes necessary to not a few days, and do not always change are taking place. Of course, argue that the motivation to actually plays no role in a person's life - very stupid.

We are all different, and to a certain person training can act, and it really is something to understand themselves. But in most cases, motivational training can help. Man simply can not see the changes, or changes are simply insignificant. Today we otodvinem motivation towards life as the engine of human progress and put it as "the enemy" - the discipline. What is it worse? And why do some people think that discipline - is simply slavery? Let's face it.

Motivation is like a drug for human

As of today, the Internet can find a lot of different literature, video clips from a variety of people who try to tell you how motivation influenced their lives. But why a single step for some of this kind of literature and video actually became a curse that has given rise to a great many different unmet individuals who dream about how to travel, dreamed about, but despite this, and without moving from the spot ?

Why do so many people after the absorption of a certain "dose" of motivation are becoming more and more fall into depression? The man already is not particularly strong, awakens a sense of helplessness, because that so zealously advocated by many psychologists and trainers, simply does not work. In order to move from the elementary to the "dead point", the person again begins to attend the course, go to the training, and it all starts in a circle.

Some simply can not (will?) To admit to himself that such a path does not work. What can help us to arrive at the goal that we have planned that way eleven years ago? How could budge and begin to live, not to be?

Illusions and emotions

Motivation is designed to make us certain emotions, and, of course, they have to be positive. But who have long traveled to some emotions? Motivation - a sort of easy way, which does not always work, but in spite of this, popular enough to reach a certain goal. You could even say that the motivation rather creates in people a certain illusion that everything will turn out easy. When these illusions firmly take root in the human mind, there is a tipping point, when on the way to the goal there is a certain barrier. Of course, we all like positive emotions, but the problem is that people at some point it becomes simply dependent on them.

The discipline as opposed to motivation

What is the difference between the motivation of the discipline? Well, firstly, it is necessary to say at once that discipline does not need kind of "dose" of emotions. Of course, discipline is much more complex motivations. It can not be a viewing of a video, a film, or reading a particular literature. In the beginning, the discipline in a person about a pea, and to grow, it needs to actually wade through the "jungle" of fear, despair, and all known position "do not want and can not." But if you help her, then over time it will cease from you demand attention and begin to help.

The myths that are associated with the discipline of

The first myth we want to understand - this statement many, that discipline and creativity are simply incompatible. It raises a logical question, do all the famous composers, sculptors, painters, writers and so on worked only on emotions? Just look around and you will see that most of the famous people very carefully and worked hard to their offspring was perfect.

The second myth is that discipline is allegedly incompatible with happiness. Happiness is in the details, but in order to see these details, it is necessary to do something. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, a person, for example, be sure to see the final result of their work and will be happy that he still did what he had long planned. That discipline can lead a man to the emotional states that "promotes" motivation.

Discipline and motivation at the same level

No one will be no other. Thanks to the motivation, we can outline a goal, it is how we will perform, and what awaits us in the way of fulfilling our purpose. After that the work comes discipline, thanks to which a person takes himself in hand and begins to carry out his idea. Motivation is an irreplaceable friend, because it is able to recall what human self-control, perseverance, and so on.