Why Japan's many vending machines

• Why are many vending machines in Japan

Why Japan's many vending machines

Japan - a country of amazing, and any traveler will find what he wants: the picturesque province, ultra-modern Tokyo, gorgeous beaches, ancient monuments. Having spent some time in Japan, you will notice an interesting feature - a huge number of vending machines, which simply can not be ignored. In Tokyo, for example, they are at every step along the avenues, in front of supermarkets, in residential and commercial areas.

So it is not surprising that in Japan the world's highest "density" of vending machines, and all of them in the country of just over five million units. According to the Japanese Association of manufacturers of vending machines, at 23 people accounts for about one machine. Machines sell coffee, tea, cigarettes, candy, hot food and even soup, sake and beer.

In fact, a number of vending machines characterizes Japanese culture. The Japanese, especially those living in Tokyo, work hard and appreciate the convenience and time. Next are several other reasons why vending machines are so popular in Japan.

Why Japan's many vending machines


According to Professor of Economics University of Connecticut Makichena William (William A. McEachern), declining birth rates, an aging population and a lack of immigration has led to a rise in price at the same time and reduce manpower. And the vending machines do not need to pay them only occasionally necessary to cause an employee to restock and collect the money.

Why Japan's many vending machines

High rents

Japan, with a population of 127 million people - one of the most densely populated countries in the world. And 75 percent of the country covered by mountains. And 93 percent of Japanese people living in cities. So that real estate prices sky-high, but the Japanese themselves crammed into an incredibly small flats.

The high density of population and expensive rents mean that storage space for products is not much, because many Japanese companies prefer to put a vending machine, and not to open a store.

The low percentage of crime

Japan is famous for not only the incredibly low homicide rates in the world, but also in the same small percentage of robberies. While experts are trying to answer the question why, the fact remains - in the country are very rare cases of vandalism and property crime. Vending machines are rarely break or rob, despite the fact that tens of thousands of yen are stored in them. In addition, the machines are equipped with cameras and have a direct line to the police, in case if you still something happens - for example, the device is opened.

Why Japan's many vending machines

In Japan, cash only

In Tokyo, for example, even at railway stations or the subway can not buy a ticket by credit card. Cash only. In stores almost the same story.

In the end, I have to go with a certain amount of money, and not only in bank notes, but also in coins. And Japanese highest denomination coins - 50, 100 and 500 yen (112 yen = one dollar). So that vending machines can be called a great way to get rid of stuff.

Why Japan's many vending machines

Admiration robots

Japanese are obsessed with the world of automated and robotic. In no other country does not. The Japanese are very trusted machines.