"Ugh, Pitt, you are again in the shower I did not go?" Or celebrities who disdain at times to brush your teeth and go to the shower. Part 1

We tend to think that celebrities are different from ordinary people. In the end, they are famous, rich, and they have plenty of fans around the world. In addition, they always look good, and at times even canceled, and the scope of their dialogue includes such well-known people like themselves. Although some of the Saints believe that celebrities are something akin to the gods, who are always a delicious smell, clean and well-dressed look, want to disappoint you, such earthly disadvantages such as poor body hygiene and oral, relating to, without exception, everyone.

You have to understand that celebrities - these are people just like you and me, and that is why each of them has certain disadvantages. Perhaps some will be shocked to read that some of their favorites do not always follow the rules of personal hygiene, but the fact remains. Not only famous men, but women often can forget to brush your teeth properly bathe and change clothes. This is especially problematic before shooting some romantic scenes, and that's why our colleagues can say directly that is not comme il faut kiss after, for example, a person ate tuna and brushed my teeth. So today we will dispel myths about what celebrities - it is something divine.

Brad Pitt wiped his armpits baby wipes instead of just a good wash in the shower

Some celebrities are so attractive and sexy looks that no one would never have thought of them can literally strike. For example, you would never have thought that Brad Pitt smells bad, right? And yet, according to his colleagues on the shop floor, Pitt badly about his personal hygiene. When Pitt starred in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds", he worked with actor Eli Roth, who said that Pitt simply refused to go into the shower and instead use baby wipes to wipe the sweat. Apparently, Pitt did not have time too often take a shower, he actively participated in the filming of the movie. "I have six children. All you have to do is just take a pair of baby wipes and quickly wipe the armpit. I have every day was painted on the clock, and bath treatments at this time were not included in my schedule "- shared by Brad Pitt in one of his interviews.

Zac Efron eaten tuna sandwich right in front of the stage with a kiss

It's no secret that hunk Zac Efron is the dream of many women and girls. The actor had to kiss countless Hollywood actresses during filming of a movie, as well as outside of the set. And no one has ever complained about the fact that this muscular hunk bad kisser, exactly to one point. Apparently, once Zak forgot that he had to play in a very intimate scene, and before that he ate a tuna sandwich and forget to brush your teeth. "One day, my dinner has decided to play tricks on me. It was terribly embarrassed in front of my partner "- Zack said.

Marilyn Monroe often indulges gases and rarely took a bath

Marilyn Monroe is for many the standard of female beauty and refinement. It was and remains one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and perhaps in the world, and we should not forget that this babe has been and remains a sex symbol. Countless her fans wanted to kiss her. But despite the fact that Marilyn was incredibly beautiful and sexy woman with personal hygiene in this celebrity was obvious discord. According to her colleagues in the shop Clark Gable, Monroe is not terribly fond of taking a shower or bath, and it is often forced Clark to cover the nose from the smell that came from Marilyn.


Jennifer Lawrence eat dishes with garlic and tuna to the romantic scenes with a kiss

While many men (and at times a woman) would give anything just to touch his lips to lips incredibly beautiful and talented actress Jennifer Lawrence, some of her colleagues in the shop, with whom she had a chance to take part in scenes with a kiss, very unflattering comments about this experience. During the filming of "The Hunger Games" was a partner of Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and during this period the actress zealously naminala most smelly products during the breaks between filming. Hemsworth in an interview, said: "Every time I had to kiss Jennifer, I felt a little disgust. When you look at the whole picture, it all looks quite a romantic and beautiful, but if you look at how many duplicates took one kiss her, you obviously surprised. Jen is one of my best friends, and I love her. But that's just imagine, just before shooting the kiss she comes to me and says that ate a dish of garlic and tuna sandwich and I forgot to brush my teeth. Of course this whole situation made me laugh, and I hope Jennifer will no longer do so ever. "