"Aphrodisiac ordered?" Or more surest ways to bring back former sexual attraction, which used a couple of hundred years ago,

At all times and ages many people worried about their sex life, especially if there have been some problems. That from happening, sex was always on the first place in each family. Today we have prepared for you a few stories about how people in ancient times struggled with the problems associated with sex life.

Some solutions such intimate issues related to libido, you will read below, may seem very strange and incomprehensible, but would still like they took place. So today we will talk about the so-called "Viagra" and its variants, which were used by people hundreds of years ago.

The ancient Greeks and onions

Yes, we all know that the bow - it is generally a panacea for all problems. We add to the variety of dishes, use as a compress for aching joints, but also make on its basis a variety of masks for hair. It raises the logical question of how the bow may be associated with sex? No, shove it somewhere it is not necessary. The ancient Greeks believed that any vegetable or fruit is a cure for the body, which it resembles. Here for example, if a person has heart ached, it was necessary to find one fruit or vegetable, which apparently reminded him, and thus eat. So onions. The ancient Greeks had a clear connection between the bow and the shape of the male testicles. To sexual power once again began to "bubble", it was necessary as much as possible to eat the bulbs. That bow was conductor of passion and activate all sexual desire in men. Of course, it is difficult to imagine how a man can find himself stalls, considering how much of it has. In addition to the simple bow could use a leek because of its phallic shape. He also served as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Sweat Gladiator

Probably each of us knows what the gladiatorial games, but most of all, very few people knew that the sweat collected from the gladiator after the battle, was something akin to a magic potion. Yes Yes exactly. What was the gladiator? This muscular man, who always has his fans. Original fan clubs were formed around one or another fighter very often. People glorify their favorites and came to watch their fights. Gladiator, who entertained the crowd, so that the fight could make a fortune. He was a model of male beauty and strength (although not always gladiators could boast of good looks). All that with one or another fighter was connected, it is sure to praise his admirers, ranging from weapons and ending with the natural fluids. Pot Gladiator collected and sold to anyone who wanted it, a lot of money. Why would anyone sweat of a man who fought, you ask? It's simple! As has already been said previously, it was thought that the gladiators had sweat by some magical properties. Many women (and men too) to add it in a variety of cosmetics.

It is believed that because of his miraculous power, it was possible to find former youth. Others used it as an aphrodisiac. The Romans had a special tool, which removes sweat from the skin fighter, and this took place in the baths. Servants purified special scraper skin from dirt and sweat, while collecting all the special jars, which are then sold. Some men simply applied the contents of the cans, while others added to food or drink. It is believed that most such women enjoyed an aphrodisiac. They mixed into their husbands this simple structure, because it is believed that in addition to the male power, their spouses will be similar to the strong and muscular gladiators.


The legendary lover of all time, Casanova would not be so if it had not used one very interesting ingredient before and during sexual merrymaking. When he sat down to eat for, then added in a chocolate mousse tart or chocolate drink a little grated ambergris. So, what is amber? It is a waxy substance that sperm whales emit primarily through defecation, but it happens that even after vomiting. Even if now you become a little nauseated, it does not worry us too. So, amber is actually worth a fortune. Today it is a waxy substance is used in the most expensive perfumes. It is thanks to him, or that the perfume has its own unique flavor. Simply put, Amber - a kind of pheromone, which affects men. Nowadays amber we conducted research on rats. Scientists have confirmed that the substance acts on males as an activator of sexual energy.