Curious about reincarnation

Curious about reincarnation

Do you ever felt as though you have lived before? Have you experienced ever deja vu? Maybe you once had when meeting a new person think that you know it all your life? This is the general characteristics of the process of reincarnation. If you find that you are irresistibly drawn to a certain country or culture, or, even more extreme, you have dreams in another language, this means that reincarnation has left an indelible mark on your mind.

People all over the world and at all times have believed in reincarnation. It is referred to in ancient Egypt, in Eastern religions (Buddhism and Hinduism), and now they say, and in the western world where the past lives are regularly studied by specialists and psychologists. It seems that the spiritual journey, which many people know, is not only the development of the soul, to accumulate over a lifetime, but also includes a series of lives, sometimes hundreds or more. So, let's talk details.

What is reincarnation?

Curious about reincarnation

Reincarnation - the process by which the soul is born in the physical body dies and returns to the spiritual form, to be born again in a new body. The cycle continues for thousands of years, and the soul gradually in his journey takes wisdom and experience. Thus, reincarnation - a path that allows the human soul constantly evolve.

Think about reincarnation, as the waves are repeatedly coming to the shore. Wave has a very short "life". Getting to the beach, it is mixed with sand, receives a short-term respite on land before returning to go into open water. This infinite "here and there" is something like a living sea, the body and the soul of man. Reincarnation is the cycle of life.

How does reincarnation?

Curious about reincarnation

In the human consciousness there is a creative process that divides omniscience an unlimited number of copies of itself. This happens on all levels of life, from the spiritual to the physical manifestations began. The closest possible comparison - this cell biology, the shape of spiritual mitosis, during which the cell divides, thus multiplying the opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness. There is another way of explaining, but on a grander scale: the essence separates from itself an identical version of himself, which is composed of the same spiritual DNA. The main difference is that the only entity endowed with the gift of the collective spirit and the spiritual DNA of a specially coded so as to respond only to those who possess this gift.

Curious about reincarnation

The collective body essentially remains on the astral plane, but its more pure form, its sub-personalities (as they are sometimes called) are embodied in a physical body on earth. The new soul, in fact, is the next version of the essence, though dubbed the spiritual DNA allows a new identity to gain access to previously acquired skills, hidden talents and other features of the previous essence of life.

Past Life

After the death of soul he returns fragment is embodied astral. If we consider as a family, the essence resonates as a parent with a child (fragment), the relationship between them is strong and convincing. In the end, the fragment back to the essence.

Curious about reincarnation

Absorption - it's one of the terms used to describe the process, but the essence is not the one who "digests" fragment and absorbs its nutrients (in this case, experience). A better term would be merging. Fragment fused with the essence that is the union of two energies, creating a sense of unity, but would help to individualize spirit.

Essence - this is not a bloated mass of individuals, but the collective spirit, combining a large consciousness scattered showers, which are connected with each other, but at the same time free to lead their own existence.

Curious about reincarnation

The individual soul (or fragments of fact) do not reincarnate, but they are deeply aware of other embodiments and energy are part of them. The soul, the essence of the children, as it continues to evolve through its association with an entity in its own quest for personal growth.

Once the essence is recombined with its essence, its evolving soul fragments are transformed into a new cycle, and receive a gift of spiritual possibility of replication, so at the moment it can create life as collective spirits in the reincarnation cycle. It provides endless opportunities for continued expansion of consciousness. But would not it be a steady increase in the offspring too heavy a burden? How does this process augmentation?

Curious about reincarnation

This process only looks like a heavy burden, if you look at him through the narrow focus of the three-dimensional thinking. The ability to create the soul is far beyond the linear skeleton of the human mind and absolutely amazes those who hold more traditional interpretations.

The reincarnation of the soul

To encapsulate the process, every spark of Tao gives birth to new expressions of consciousness. These expressions work in alliance with the essence and of their own accord. It is important not multiplication of offspring, and creative expression in the act.

Curious about reincarnation

For this do not need to be taken lightly. The act of self-grafting of a new form of consciousness in some respects is the same weight, and awe-inspiring as the act of creating a whole new universe.

Since reincarnation "I" exist under the auspices of the essence, but operate independently, a huge number of conscious identities (or essence fragments) will never become unmanageable. The number of cells in the human body, for example, is estimated in the trillions. They do not have conscious control, and there is no need for excessive deliberation. They are independent, but continues to operate within the system.

Curious about reincarnation

The fact that the essence of the fragment (which has now become a full-fledged entity) may repeat itself, is a continuation of the evolutionary impulse that affects my entire adult life. With each inhalation and exhalation, and the fragments are going to work with new, meaningful ways.

If this act of creative expression was somehow excluded from the event, the spiritual impulses of the soul would still have to find the means. This study is more self-consciousness can not be denied.

Differences between the entity and its personalities are somewhat confusing for the layman. Let's look at them in more detail.

Curious about reincarnation

Many people do not understand, what is the essence differs from its fragments, which are embodied physically. In short, there are no differences. Essence - the essence. It does not matter whether you are referring to the essence of the collective sense, or those parts of it which are embodied on Earth.

Reincarnation shower

The spiritual part of the multiple forms of the same. These sub-personalities are simply a continuation of the same creature. It's not unmanageable children. Upon returning to the astral plane, the fragment will soon realize that they are part of something bigger, and often only one thought returns them to their original "I".

Curious about reincarnation

However, once a person is created, it continues to develop in its own way, while remaining part of a larger organism, known as the essence. In a sense, it created the identity of similar effect, but on a much smaller scale, and easier configuration.

Confusion comes when people try to reconcile the differences, for example: "Why does the person transferred from another life, if they do not reincarnate, and they still live in the spirit"?

Curious about reincarnation

Again, these sub-personalities are part of the essence. When the essence creates a new personality, it separates itself from the (above-mentioned process of spiritual mitosis) of the cell, but a large number of separated cells are still part of the same organism. When the treasury entity, for example, comes another life lived, the whole essence of the whole is going through it, because it is a single entity, with all its parts.

What is spiritual DNA? Is it different from the physical DNA?

The problem with the spiritual DNA compared to the physical DNA is that, for obvious reasons, the exact ratio can not be done at the biochemical level.

Curious about reincarnation

Spiritual DNA performs a similar function in the transmission of identifying the nature of the elements from one person to another, but it does not include the genetic code is developed and essence which is distilled to absorb the experience of life without contamination from other sources.

Does this mean that the new person can inherit the DNA of previous personalities?

Encoding from the spirit to the person - a process that transmits the corresponding material is always the same. If the question involves whether a thumb succession process, the answer in this case is positive. Unresolved emotions are often splashed on the surface of consciousness for recycling throughout life. However, this phenomenon is not widespread, and only the experience of concrete life can prompt response.

Why choose reincarnation?

Curious about reincarnation

The choice to reincarnate, the choice to go through hundreds of lives with complex feelings, is due to a deep desire within the spirit (our higher self) experience unpredictable, but very exciting greatness (or pain) of physical existence.

This choice is due to the desire to truly understand something, really do something his own, but it needs to look at the world through the eyes of different people with different points of view. In terms of the essence, this means reincarnation.

Curious about reincarnation

Life can not be written in a single paragraph, just as it is impossible to have an experience, based on the views of one person. The picture in this case is incomplete and unsatisfactory. Reincarnation adds the necessary measurements through the collective experience.

Imagine, for example, that your essence - is a master playwright William Shakespeare. Now imagine a scene with lots of distinctive characters, which are the embodiment of his creative mind, but with the same success could be the embodiment of the essence (his higher self).

Curious about reincarnation

Each character on the stage perceives what is happening with its unique position. Someone may look at the scene with unbridled optimism, while the other will be all taken from a position of complete cynicism. What initially seems to be a conflict, in fact, is the whole fabric of interactions between the participants - the characters, which gives rise to an understanding of the human condition, it is impossible to understand without multiple points of view.

The life of the soul

Likewise, works and reincarnation. Several lives are given more opportunities for life experiences, which controls the whole gamut of human emotions. Unlimited ways to train lead to empirical interaction with all aspects of the human condition, both light and dark. In many cases, the dark side of man can become his greatest teacher. Here he can learn compassion. How many times do we reincarnate?

Curious about reincarnation

On average, most people reincarnated a hundred times during the great cycle. However, the number of embodiments is irrelevant and does not imply the presence of something negative or positive for human. Figuratively speaking, some souls draw pencils inside-cut lines, while others go far beyond the lines.

It does not matter. For example, one person will always buy the same flavor of ice cream, and the other will always look for something new. The number of lives depends more on personal preference than by anything else. The only requirement is that the soul has passed all five stages of the empirical age of the soul, and went through accompanying each stage of internal monads.

Curious about reincarnation

Some souls think that the earth - is the wild west of the universe, and pass quickly through its implementation. Others enjoy the possibility of adventure and prefer deeper experience, which can be obtained only by a large number of lives. land law - it is an individual choice.

How much time passes between lives?

The amount of time elapsed between lives, is often based on a few things: the analysis of a previous life, lessons learned and goals achieved, as well as the necessary preparation for the next stage. In preparation going comprehension task in life, the choice of a set of obstacles to conclude "contracts" with people (including those with potential parents) and more.

Curious about reincarnation

The time spent on the astral plane, also runs efficiently. This is the place where the souls between lives recharge, heal emotional wounds left over from a previous life

As a rule, if the soul lingers on the astral plane for too long, it is not good. In this case, the soul loses its connection to cultural achievements, in danger of becoming an anachronism, and the emotional ties between all the fragments that are still involved in the reincarnation cycle, may lose their strength.

birthday in a past life

Some souls, often due to lack of experience or the desire for more spontaneous experiences can reincarnate very quickly. In this case, all the options are available. Neither experience is not wrong, because there is something to learn from every experience.

Why do not we remember our past lives?

Curious about reincarnation

In fact, you can remember past lives, some of the moments we dream, we feel them when experiencing deja vu when we encounter people who may have known in a past life, because it seems as if familiar with them all my life. Also, past life can manifest itself through a variety of interests, hobbies and talents.

Nevertheless, there is a fundamental reason that past lives are not obvious element of our conscious memory: incarnate again the soul is the essence of the pristine copy. That is, a new person is more pure aspect of nature, which does not bring the remains of the collective memory of waking consciousness.

Curious about reincarnation

These memories lie on the surface of consciousness, and some did remain inaccessible. Young children, however, sometimes retain memories of his last past life, but those memories fall outside of consciousness, as the priority of a new life.

Since access to these memories is very indirect, they are usually something is, for example, of deja vu. Past life regression also work as a trigger. Call information about past life may be like how taste buds work.

Curious about reincarnation

While eating some foods cause more severe reactions than others, and may also cause the association neglected culinary favorites, revealing deeper layers of memories of a past life.

This analogy is not to suggest that past lives are consumed and digested, it suggests that the memories that evoke associations may help to recall the favorite food of the past life or take a significant person from the past. Do you have a basic consciousness of the soul, which is independent from the call, the role of man, his interests and hobbies?

Curious about reincarnation

The idea of ​​the main consciousness is correct. The vibrational energy of any spark from the spirit tends over time to attract an experience that defines its core. Some experience caring for the benefit of any person, and at the right moment the spark becomes a magnet for those kinds of experiences in which she wants to focus on.

The soul journey

If those experiences do not come naturally to the soul, they are going to be looking for her. This creates a consciousness that focuses on a set of experiences that corresponds to the desired intentions and ideals.

Curious about reincarnation

Become understand the basic consciousness is as simple as follow the natural impulses that repeatedly come to the surface during the day. They are very visible when one observant and rather self-conscious.

Do we always reborn as humans?

To answer this question, it is important to understand how the great cycles work.

Technically speaking, the reincarnation ends when the soul completes a series of incremental life on the planet. All life is meant to expand the range of experience of the soul and strengthen her spiritual development, progressing through the prospects, painted stages of its age (infant, child, young, mature and old).

Curious about reincarnation

However, the journey of the soul at this stage does not end there. Soul from the physical world is moving into the higher dimensions, sometimes referred to as planes of existence (the astral, causal, mental, and messianic buddhaicheskoe). At the end of this cycle occurs reunion with God. You can then start a new cycle to another planetary system.

The decision to start a new grand cycle does not come easy and requires considerable effort. As soon as inkarnatsionny cycle, the soul can no longer jump to another galaxy in the middle of the road and incarnate in the body of an alien, as in this case, its settings to another system will not be correct.

Curious about reincarnation

The gradual adjustment occurs over time when a new soul, usually girlish form, adapted to the requirements of the new system. Most of the souls who are just starting to cycle, take a new planet for a test drive, so to speak, but as soon as the desired state is reached, rarely, when the soul renounces obligations. Life on another planet is always possible to examine in the next great cycle.

In some past life regressions, some people see themselves as non-humans or aliens. This suggests that the number of past life on the planet has been inconsistent, and that there was inkarnatsionny jump from one planetary system to another.

Is it true?

Curious about reincarnation

As already mentioned, the incarnation cycle runs from the beginning to the end. Deviations are rare. The exception would be the sudden disappearance of life forms or the destruction of the planet on which they live.

Past lives, future lives

If the soul would be technically capable of, it could physically migrate to another planet, and in the new location would have happened transformation fragments. But the jump from one planetary system to another is extremely rare, even if the soul can not properly acclimated in a new body.

Curious about reincarnation

This can be compared with the attempt to connect the device to the wrong network. First, the connector does not fit, and the disparity between the levels of stress lead to a short circuit. Perhaps the comparison somewhat exaggerated, but the problem is similar in nature. And the system will feel incorrectly configured, and the soul will feel strange.

How is the evolution of the soul? This is a linear or vertical progression?

Soul Evolution is rarely linear. The changing dynamics, depending on the physical embodiment - it is a real game changer. Most souls have their favorite combinations, as well as the ones that they like the least. The least favorite lead to very unexpected and sometimes catastrophic consequences. The soul can live the life of the saint in one embodiment, and the life of the murderer in the other.

Curious about reincarnation

You play the role of a lot of factors, but the most unwelcome combination of characteristics as well as the imprint of the parent, family education and the prevailing conditions of development can lead to unplanned uprisings darkest ego in man. Such aspects are undermining the original intent of the soul and leave traces of karmic debt, which is balanced in later life.

How do the simultaneous life on reincarnation?

Simultaneous useful life for a thorough examination of experience with the greatest possible number of prospects. If the essence of a keen interest in a specific historical time-period, it can generate more lives during this period.

Curious about reincarnation

From the consumer point of view, it is the way by which the entity can get more bang for the same investment. The more of their fragments entity sends to the world is, the more experience she gets. There are many reasons why this form of fragmentation takes place.

past life regression

For example, instead of having to send a courageous scientist for the study of dangerous medieval campaigns of the war, the essence can send four, thereby increasing the volume of the four available knowledge.

Although we should note that these four, for example, are born and grow away from each other, as well as the entity does not intentionally send them all to their deaths. Such people eventually give you more experience nature.

Do the simultaneous impact on the life of an increase in the number of lives in the great cycle?

Curious about reincarnation

Yes. Simultaneous life counted as a separate temporal experience.

If reincarnation is real, except the suicide would not be a convenient way to avoid the pain of suffering?

Pain and suffering - it's always something that will happen. This soul knows even before the moment when the decision to incarnate on a planet similar to Earth. This is not something that is not seen, or what is ignored. Most of the souls who travel are well aware of what they subscribe.

Curious about reincarnation

The problem of suicide (though this is a personal choice) is that this very act is contrary to the original intentions of the essence. Before the start of the Incarnation is the so-called contract that gives man life from beginning to end, except fatal accident or unforeseen disaster.

Suicide is tantamount to deploy the machine in the opposite direction and begin the journey again. However, in this case, the original route will no longer fit, so any parallel items, such as agreements with other souls which play a decisive role in the organization of lucrative opportunities, fading.

Curious about reincarnation

Life after the suicide, is usually confined to the chase, colliding with the same problems and failures that led to the suicide. But this time, things are not so simple, it is much more difficult.

Create lifetime comprises a plurality of component parts, such as the aforementioned agreements, along with other important life plans that need to be carefully coordinated.

Suicide is not only destroys one life, and could potentially disrupt the life of other people's plans. Of course, we plan for contingencies always act, but suicide is devastating. This ultimately creates more problems than it solves.

Curious about reincarnation

It should not be seen as a punishment. After the suicide of the soul is an imbalance that is created and quickly implemented in the next life, to run the show.

What role does karma in reincarnation?

We can say that karma is a means of controlling and balancing the soul. For many lives the soul can take actions that will greatly interfere with other people's choice, will destroy pre-inkarnatsionnye agreement, life plans, and the choice of free will.

Curious about reincarnation

The killing of another person is a clear example of karma, but it can be any other action that has irreparable harm to the soul and its ability to choose. karma Act creates a karmic debt. When this energy imbalance is created between the two souls (and in some cases several) necessary rebalancing of the entire system. Here's how it works with reincarnation.

First, a karmic debt to be repaid before the end of the cycle of incarnations. Repayment of the debt does not have to be in the format of an eye for an eye. Perhaps more advanced the payment of choice for the more experienced souls.

Curious about reincarnation

You are, for example, can be a heart surgeon, and to your surprise, get a third world country, to save the life of a dying child whose parents can not pay for medical expenses. If you can save a child, your karmic debt is considered to be extinguished.

Second, karma - it is an opportunity to learn. Man is always to learn something on the basis of the choice made. He learns that every choice has consequences. Growth opportunity should not include suffering, and to give the ability to distinguish between the choices that lead to the suffering of the elections, which are a joy. This is one of the most important lessons that can be learned only. Is there any value in that, when a person catches up with unspent in a past life karma?

We do not see the value in it. The choice was made by another person. Punish the new man for the choices made in the previous incarnation is neither useful nor positive lesson.

Of course, at some point karmic imbalances will be resolved, but that the imbalances in the energy level, rather than the actual crime. Shame someone for something that is beyond his control, is tantamount to cruelty. The uselessness of such a "lesson" speaks more about the offensive nature of the event.

Do not you spank your child for what he is in a past life provoked a revolt against the Roman Empire. The logic is the same.