"Let me tell you a story about fairies," or both in different countries describe this "cute" being?

All of us in childhood, "met" with the fairies, not in the literal sense of the word, of course. Probably each of us, our mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, or the Pope read a variety of fairy tales at night, where the main persons involved are always the love and magic. Magical characters were weight, and including them were fairies. What we imagine when we hear the word "fairy"?

Most likely, each of us in his head at once there is the image of a cute girl with colorful wings on his back. She is always smiling, and holding her little magic wand. All this, of course, is good, because the psyche of young children to ruin the real stories of fairies - not quite comme il faut, but we are with you not small. Today we will tell you the real stories about fairies and their appearance, which have been collected from around the world. Sit back, for now the fun begin.

Leanham - Chi

Leanham Chi, which is known to many in the Isle of Man is considered to be a fairy-vampire who preys mainly on women, but women do not get round. It was believed that Leanham - Shi turned into a very attractive and sexy girl who seduced his body man, got on her way. If it is turned out, the victim became her lover. In the event that a person could somehow resist the charms of this insidious seducer, that he understands very unpleasant fate, or to be more precise, Leanham - Shi brutally attacked his victim, and drank from it all the blood.

Those who become lovers, or lovers of this creature, is also not particularly succeeded. Fairy-vampire gradually sucked out of them all the vitality and energy through sex. In the end, it turned into a lifeless victim vessel and died a horrible death. The blood of all the few who could still resist her charms, she kept in a special pot. It is believed that from her she prepared a potion that allowed her to remain eternally young and sexy. Among other things, Leanham - Shi became a muse for their lovers and mistresses. Those started to compose for her songs and love poems.

Gun Senah

Gun Senah became very well known, thanks to the many stories that wandered from Ireland to Scotland. Translated name of the fairies means "lover", which is directly related to its "activities" among women. Gang-Senah - a male version of the Lanham - Shi, except that on this creature could conceive a mere mortal woman. It was believed that Gan-Senah - a very handsome young man, who knew how to dress, and attracted both men and women.

He did not often go to people, on the contrary, the best place was secluded cave or old forgotten house for him. Gang-Senah loved to win women's hearts, and it is very well managed. It was believed that this creature seducing a woman and fall in love with, making, thus, submissive slave. If Lanham - Shi had sex with his victims, the Gan-Senah costing just a kiss, after which disappeared.

Some claim that after his victim went mad and died, while others were convinced that the girl kissed "fairies" became pregnant and gave birth to a very beautiful boy, who later took away myself, "hero of the occasion" in their abode where taught how to seduce girls.


From Scotland came to us another legend about the fairies. Shvag - an evil fairy who became such due to the fact that during his life was vain, jealous and selfish man. It was believed that on the hunt this creature never left alone. Shvagi always flew a group in search of prey, which very zealously tortured, and then lifted off the ground and thrown down. Shvagi not had sex with his victims, their purpose was pleasure by killing and bullying.

It was believed that these creatures can "blur the mind" of man and make him kill his own kind Prefab Shvagami poisoned arrows. In order to somehow protect themselves from these creatures, people covered the windows in their homes, which goes to the west, because Shvagi usually flew from there. In addition, people understand that these creatures came to hunt one more feature - a stinking corpse stench that emanated from their bodies.


Berberoka was considered the most dangerous race of fairies, who lived in the lakes and rivers of the Philippines. They hunted, primarily fishermen, who often fell asleep while fishing in the middle of a lake or river. They caught their prey very sophisticated and in a strange way. It was believed that Berberoka sucks all the fish out of the water, and when frustrated fisherman, gathering all their gear, returned to the shore, the fairy spit on him all the fish, which was previously absorbed. After that, these creatures are tightened person on the bottom and eat.