"Happy kids" or several stories about how kids stories almost brought to a heart attack some people. Part 2

In the last part of the article we told you about the "pearls" that children were given to their parents, teachers, uncles and brothers. Today we have decided to continue this topic and tell you even more fun, but at the same time scary stories that sounded kids. Thus, we present the following selection of stories from users of the popular Reddit network.

"Who said that?"

"That day I decided to call the bath to my daughter bathed. Wife went to her mother, and in the house, we were alone. Immediately I say, that my daughter at that time was 7 years old. Suddenly, I felt a shiver ran through his back. I got the feeling that me somebody is watching closely. Yes, I'm a grown man, but not a little frightened. I heard that someone ran down the hallway, and when turned around, I saw how my little girl innocent eyes looking straight at me and said: "Who said that?". Frankly, the hair on my head stood on end.

In order not to show his fear, I tried, as if nothing had happened, ask her what she meant, and she said: "Did not you hear that someone whispered. Something like this ... ". And then I hear very scary sounds, which publishes my beloved girl. To be honest, at that moment my blood ran cold, and I could not say anything. After she finished, then, as if nothing had happened, he went on to play. I still shudder to recall that moment "- EyeLikePie.

"Ted Bundy was a heavy smoker,"

"When I came to his mother with her daughter, we somehow accidentally switched on the topic of smoking. Our conversation heard my five year old girl. At some point, she said: "Ted Bundy was a heavy smoker." We looked at each other, and a daughter, after a moment, continued: "But then he found a new passion ...". And then I was speechless for a split second. How could she know what a Ted Bundy, the hell ?! "- Cealdi.

"I was talking with Mary"

"My daughter as a child was very fond of children mobile phones. Once it fun with someone talking on it, and I decided to ask who it was. She looked up from a toy phone and so simply said, "Mary." I was wondering who it was and I decided to ask her. My daughter said that it was an elderly lady who lived on our street, and died a few months ago "- Missat0micb0mbs.

"I'm going to bury you in the basement of the"

"The seven-year nephew was sitting on the stairs that led to the second floor of our house. When I approached him, he said: "I'm going to bury you in the basement." We did not have a basement, but that somehow does not help "- Ironstonesx.

"What happened to your face?"

"One day I was walking in the park and saw one boy is afraid to approach the squirrel to feed him. I walked over to him and sat down next to him on his heels. The boy looked to be about 5 years. Next to him stood a mother, and I offer them my help. When I started to tell him that nothing bad will happen if he comes to the squirrel, he oddly began to look at me. At first I did not pay attention to it, because I thought that the boy hesitate. All the questions that I asked him, he did not answer, and still continued to look at me with eyes wide open. Then, in the middle of my proposal, he abruptly handed me his little hand and very easily touched my cheek with his fingers. "What happened to your face?" - he asked in a whisper. I do not know what to say. Which week I'm worried about is that this child may see my future in which I get in a terrible accident, and that she cripple my face. Although it is likely that I'm just a freak. I do not know that this is worse "- ohno_not_another_one.

"The devil is alive!"

"I work in the library and at home I usually have a huge stack of books that need to be put in order (glue, etc.). As I sat with her son, the book suddenly fell behind us, what struck me, because I always put them in such a way that they can not fall. My child is sharply turned to me and whispered: "The devil is alive!" "- coughdrop01.

"I can lick your cheek for a long time, and you do not wake up"

"I once worked in the camp, and a girl 8 years old came up to me and said:" You are very fast asleep. " I slightly misunderstood and asked: "Excuse me, young lady, what?". The girl smiled and replied: "I can lick your cheek for a long time, and you do not wake up" "- gavrillagarcia.

"Jesus asked me if I wanted to go home,"

"One day my daughter told me that she was talking to Jesus. When I asked her what the purpose of this conversation, she said, "Jesus Is constantly asks me whether I want to go home to hell." Probably, it makes no sense to tell how I was stunned "- kpertyd22.

"The time has come to kill her,"

"My daughter is very fond of the fairy tale" Snow White ". One day she went to the mirror and said, "Light of my mirror, tell me ..." Well and further in the text. I listened to all this, I decided to pin a little above it, and squeaky voice replied that it was Snow White. My daughter's face immediately contorted grimace of evil, and she replied: "It's time to kill her" - beanburrito55.