"We are not afraid of the gray wolf!" Or some of the ways of psychological protection. Part 1

Do you remember a well-known phrase that to live in society and be free from society can not? Today, we just want to talk about psychological defense, in which each of us as a member of the society of their own kind is inevitable and needs daily.

The aim of such protection in reducing the emotional tension and stress, which has already become an inevitable phenomenon in the life of modern man. So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the techniques that will allow you to protect yourself from unpleasant emotions and negative mood towards the person.

Turn on the "Gratitude"

In order to relieve the tension within themselves, caused by unpleasant situation in which you have got, and the thought of which occupy all of your emotions, and your time, we suggest you try a very powerful method, literally attracting into your life pleasant events and emotions . The practice of "Thanks" simple and efficient, like all brilliant. In whatever difficult situation you were, if you dig a well in mind and look around, there is always something for which you can thank.

So make up at least a small list of things for which we can be grateful for life, for example: I have friends; today is sunny weather; my baby is healthy and so on. After that, sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, take three breaths. Breathe in the heart (as you understand). Think of any item from your list and on a breath, say "good," and on the exhale, "I give," and so walk the entire list. If you get a feeling for whatever you do, a positive result will not take long, and possibly happen and wonder.

Start the "Fan"

In principle, the technique is very simple. For example, in the dialogue process your partner suddenly starts to release about your unpleasant jokes and inappropriate comments, but you absolutely do not want to be included in this process of mutual "throwing feces", however, feel that the plant slowly. Then you come to the aid reception "Fan". It is necessary to imagine that between you and your companion is a large industrial fan, and all the negative information, which is so "friendly" gives you the abuser, the air flow then refers to the side of the Canadian border, and not a single word does not reach up to you, because you from this boundary are in the opposite direction.

Shipment trouble in "Indigo pot"

is unpleasant not only direct communication and unpleasant conversations. It so happens that a certain situation in life in general are unfavorable and poisons your life. We offer a Hawaiian technique of psychological protection of a specific problem. it is called "Indigo pot". To change the situation, you have to imagine that you add up all your troubles, grievances and problems in the relationship with the colors of the boiler indigo, which is located at the top of Haleakala volcano in Hawaii. Then you gradually change the color of the contents of the boiler with the Indigo color of blue ice, then white, and as a result - an entirely transparent. If you get a feeling all right, the situation will change for the better.

We dive in the "Aquarium"

If you tend to react badly to attacks malevolently minded people to you, if every insulting word hurt responds in your soul, and this experience will not let you for some time after the end of this conversation, you can try the reception called " Aquarium". To do this, imagine that your opponent is inside the aquarium, between you and a thick glass wall. And your abuser-fish (and obviously not gold) says something, open round the fish's mouth and blowing bubbles, you all can see, but not hear nothing at all, and, accordingly, did not react to these "fish" provocation.

technique "5 seconds"

Let us assume for those who react quickly and practice in their everyday life awareness. The practice of "5 seconds" is also suitable for those who seek "not sticky" on the negative emotions and wants to turn a negative situation arose in rehearsal to obtain a new positive experience. The essence of the practice is as follows: at the beginning of any traumatic situation (.. You offended partner, you say nasty things complete strangers, you chastises bosses, etc.) you have 5 seconds left to turn this situation into something special, that is, we do not respond to the usual way - with tears, sadness, mood spoiled, excuse, indignation or prosecution.

Alternatively, you can spend those 5 seconds on - forgive myself that you were in this situation, and ask yourself, "What can I learn in this situation?". This is a very effective technique for herself defrauded us the situation is always empty, we fill her own emotions and experiences. And if the "catch it by the tail" in the beginning, you can change the course of this situation in a favorable direction for you.