"Oh, these your internet!" Or a couple of the most dumb network of online communities in which too many participants to believe that the world is not crazy

Internet has become an integral part of the lives of most people on the planet. Even if someone honestly, furiously indignant, calls world wide web rubbish pit and sincerely assured that the spare in the volunteer movement "will of God" he reads only Christian literature, do not believe him, bastard lying to you.

So, what are we? If the Internet can deservedly be considered a reflection of our reality with you, then after that, we will tell you today, you will once and for all, make sure what our world has gone mad and is rolling on the three letters.

A, we will tell you today about what to see in their own monitor some infernal sheet does not need to download Tor and get into the wilds of the most darknet. So, dear friends, we present you a selection of the most funky and crazy networking groups and communities, which account for a lot of the participants to really get worried about the mental health of our fellow citizens.


If you are at least occasionally read the news, you probably already heard about some prankster, who had married into the habit of dressing up as clowns hell out of your nightmares and walking, swinging an ax, in the evening in the park. Well, damn them if people have nothing to do, is not it? But no. In recent drama with "scary clown" just took epochal standards in English-language Internet.

And this is the unique case when a glance so even without thinking and did not tell me who in this "Diwali fight" greater fool - guys who fotkat with guns blazing and threatening to "put a bullet every damn clowns who come to me closer than a hundred yards ", or tens of thousands of activists of the new human rights movement #ClownLivesMatter, who earnestly struggling for social justice for the idiots in clown pants. You would think us gay and Orthodox was not enough.


Abortion - a matter of course, necessary, especially in a world where many people sometimes prefer to think not brains. But, guys, you're serious? Sexy-abortion? Someone is really exciting? Well, it turns out, yes, exciting, and quite a few. Online community called "sex-abortion" has several thousand members and, according to the description, "offers a safe space to search for like-minded people and exchange of erotic photos and videos of your sexual aborted fetuses."

You know, my friends, for you we went to the deed, was subjected to the risk of the nervous system and looked into the corner of his eye in this madhouse. So, I did so, the description is not lying, there's really dead embryos. Curtain.

"Animal Lovers"

Many of us love their pets, but certainly not as much as a few tens of thousands of people are a wonderful resource called BeastForum.com. Well, you have already guessed, what's the catch? No? If we picture the trailer here with Panin?

Yes, now you exactly understood everything correctly. More than 20,000 users at a forum on bestiality, terabytes of photos and videos of relevant content, dating section for those who care wants to provide "fellow sufferers" the opportunity to have fun with his German shepherd, and the useful life hacking on how to properly sleep with the animals. More than 20,000 users, guys.

"To sit behind the wheel drunk - our legitimate right!"

Yes, another group of human rights activists, but this time much more dangerous than all the gay Orthodox and clowns put together. As you quite rightly understood from the title, these guys are earnestly trying to assert its "legitimate right" to sit behind the wheel drunk. The movement includes several communities, the largest of which is the site of GetMadd.com.

Supporters of the ban on drunk driving The local inhabitants believe the Nazis, and in support of his ideas lead the sad statistics, according to which out of every 12 000 deaths as a result of "drunken" accident a little more than 10 thousand accounts for the drivers themselves. In other words, we live in a world where there is a whole bunch of idiots who sipped from a flask at the wheel of principle, and demanding to be allowed to freely kill themselves (forward and with a song!), Well, at the same time a couple more people for the company.

"Hot dead guys"

And finally, meet, CuteDeadGuys.net, network support group for necrophilia. Why the dead - it is clear why this gender discrimination - not really. In any case, the site is packed with a variety of content with the participation of those "hot dead guys" from a completely innocent "purely platonic" drawings by hand, and to outright Tchernuha and trash with photos of bikers crashed.

In short, if our readers have suddenly psychiatrists, who have long wanted to write a thesis about what some astronomical geezer, but could not find a suitable material, do not thank, CuteDeadGuys.net help you.